Raylene – Your dad isn’t having sex with me anymore

This is certainly not what I expected. How can I have sex with my own step son? This isn’t going to happen. Didn’t you look to see who you were hiring on the website? Look, I don’t pass judgment because I am certainly not in the position to judge. I need to make some extra money and your Continue to download »

Raylene – Friends mom caught you in my own house

I thought you were with my son heading to the liquor store. I can’t believe you are here in my house and jerking yourself off! What kind of excuse did you give my son so you could stay here and relieve yourself? What made you think it’s ok to be at your friend’s house and jerk off in his mother’s bathroom? I am kind of grossed out by this yet kind of turned on that you find me so attractive. Is it my huge tits, my long hair, my pretty face? Well since I found you and know what you are doing you may as well finish yourself. I’ll even help you cause I am flattered to be your object of lust.
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Kylie Ireland and Raylene – Your stepmom and her sister both suck your dick

Your stepmom confides in her sister that she has been secretly banging you. But they don’t know that you have been listening to the whole conversation!
When they realize that you have just been standing there, your Aunty starts to tease you but soon demands to see the cock that her sister has been secretly fucking.
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