Reya Reign – Mommy Loves Sucking Cock

Mommy has something to tell you… I have a bit of a problem. I LOVE sucking cock! And it’s been a few days… What if mommy sucked YOUR cock? Would you keep my secret and not tell your father? I promise you’re going to like it when mommy’s lips lock around your dick and mommy gags on it! You’re going to love the feeling of my spit slathered around your hard cock as my hand jerks up and down. The combination of my mouth and my hands push you to the edge as you cum into mommy’s mouth and watch her swallow every drop of your load!

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ReyaReign – Be Mommys Valentine

Mommy has been so lonely with your father not around, especially on a day like today. You’d hate for mommy to be alone on Valentine’s Day, she looks so pretty in her pink lingerie. Mommy asks you to be her Valentine, you are her special boy after all! You would never pass up an opportunity to be with sexy mommy, not like your father! Your eyes widen when mommy spreads her legs for you and pulls her lingerie to the side, telling you to please her with your mouth. You want to make mommy feel good today don’t you? You can feel your mouth salivating at the thought of what mommy would taste like. You use your tongue to flick her clit and slide it in and out of her pussy, tasting her sweet juices and making her moan in pleasure. Now that mommy is nice and wet, she wants you to put your cock inside of her. She can tell it’s hard from the taste of her pussy. You fuck mommy in missionary, pounding her into the couch before she turns around and rides you in reverse cowgirl. Her juicy ass bounces up and down on your cock until you can’t hold back the cum anymore, and you release your load deep inside of her. Watching your cum pour out of mommy is the best way to spend your Valentine’s Day!

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Reya Reign – Mommy Services Your Morning Wood

Mommy comes in your room to wish you a good morning, and is quickly distracted by what she notices under the covers. She grabs your morning wood through the sheets, telling you about how dad doesn’t get many of these anymore. She strokes your cock and assures you that she’ll take care of that boner for you before putting it in her mouth. You know daddy is just outside, but he won’t notice as long as you’re both quiet! After she wets your hard cock with her mouth, she turns around and rides you reverse cowgirl. Mommy’s pussy is so tight first thing in the morning! She flips around so you can see her juicy tits as she continues to ride you. After mommy cums, she tastes her juices on your cock and sucks you off until you shoot your load in her mouth- her lips locked tight around your cock. She opens her lips as spit and cum gush out of her mouth and pours all over your stomach. Mommy loved servicing your morning wood!

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Reya Reign – Impregnating Mommy Virtual Sex And Creampie

Mommy Roleplay, Impregnation Fantasy, Taboo, Virtual Sex
You’re surprised to see mommy in the living room wearing nothing but a bra and panties. You want to look away but you can’t- mommy looks so sexy! She tells you that daddy’s out of town again, and how lonely she’s been. She wonders if you could do her a favor. It’s been so long since mommy’s felt cum inside of her! She wants you to impregnate her. You feel your cock start to harden, you can’t stop it. The thought of fucking mommy then releasing your seed deep inside of her makes you horny. She takes her bra off and squeezes her big tits together, asking you to suck on them. After tasting her nipples, she takes off her panties and gets into doggy position on the couch. She wants you to slide your cock inside of her and you gladly oblige. Mommy’s ass slaps against your hips as she takes you deep inside. You sit on the couch and mommy mounts you, her big tits bouncing as she rides you. After she cums, she turns around and rides you from behind. She begs you to impregnate her as her ass bounces up and down on your cock. Wanting nothing more than to shoot your seed deep into her womb, you explode inside mommy’s pussy and watch as your massive load drips out.

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Reya Reign – Stroke To Mommy’s One Night Stand

ReyaReign – Stroke To Mommy’s One Night Stand
Taboo, Mommy Roleplay, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction
You love hearing about mommy’s dates, so mommy’s going to tell you all about her hot one night stand! The very thought of mommy being pleased by a man makes your cock hard. Go ahead and stroke yourself as mommy tells you how her date took her home, spread her legs open, and fucked her on his bed. You’re sure to cum when mommy goes into detail about how she mounted her date and rode his cock until they both came- and how she even let him cum inside of her!

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Reya Reign – Fuck Mommy And Suck On Her Toes

Mommy was just thinking about you in the shower… About how much she loves you… And how much she wants to share herself with you. It’s okay, you can look at mommy’s tits underneath this towel. You can see it all! Doesn’t mommy have pretty feet too? Mommy can tell your cock is getting hard, why don’t you let mommy have a little taste? Let mommy suck on your cock before she turns around and lets you fuck her from behind. Then spread mommy’s legs while she lays on her back so you can fuck her sweet pussy until she’s moaning and begging you to cum inside of her while you suck on her toes!

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Reya Reign – Mommy Teaches You

Your teachers have told me your getting picked on at school for getting too many boners, and I’ve noticed you’ve been getting them more often at home as well. Don’t worry, mommy will teach you what to do! Your father and I think it’s best if I show you how to take care of those pesky boners myself. Mommy got her own dildo out to demonstrate, now you take your cock out for mommy. I can see you’re getting hard staring at my chest. That’s okay! Mommy will show you her boobs. Now grab your boner with your hand, and do exactly what mommy says. Follow what mommy does to her dildo. Spit on your cock and stroke faster, mmm yes just like that. It’s going to start to feel really good, your toes are going to curl, and your muscles will tighten. Keep going! Do just as mommy says and you’re going to shoot cum out of your cock and take care of that boner, are you ready?

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Reya Reign – Bedtime With Mommy Part 2

Mommy comes to tuck you in again after daddy goes to bed. She can’t stop thinking about the last time she came to visit you, and you can’t either. She tells you how badly she wanted to touch your cock, and asks if she can touch it tonight. You gladly let her as she caresses your cock, making it hard in her grasp. She starts to stroke up and down as your eyes roll back, it feels so nice to have mommy’s hand wrapped around your cock. Mommy gets her juicy tits out for you again and your cock throbs even more. After giving you a hand job, mommy tells you she wants to taste you and asks if you want to feel the inside of mommy’s mouth. Of course you do, so you let her go down on you. Her tongue swirling around the tip of your dick sends sensations you’ve never felt before. She starts to suck and spit all over your cock, making a big, wet mess on your bed but you don’t even care. Mommy’s mouth feels so good! She sucks you off until you can’t hold it anymore and you release your hot cum inside of her mouth. You watch as your cum spills out of her mouth and she swallows what’s left, licking her lips and savoring the taste. She tells you how much fun she had before sneaking back to bed with daddy.

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Reya Reign – Bedtime With Mommy Part 1

Mommy comes to your room to say goodnight, but forgot to knock on your door and caught you jerking off. She assures you that masturbation at your age is totally normal with all those hormones flowing through you. Feeling bad that she interrupted your jerk off session, she offers to help you finish it since daddy is already asleep in bed. At first you’re shy when she tells you to take your hard cock out, but mommy encourages you to stroke it for her as she starts to tease you with her hot body. You’ve always known your mommy is sexy, and you can’t believe she’s here with you now telling you how to jerk off to her! She even takes her big tits out for you before shaking her ass and finally showing you her pussy. Mommy gets so turned on by you stroking to her that she starts to touch herself, begging you to cum to her. She knows you’ve jerked off to the thought of her before, so there’s no reason in holding back. After begging you to stroke hard and fast for her, you cum right in front of mommy as she watches your cock twitch with pleasure. Mommy tells you she wants to tuck you in more often, then heads back to bed before daddy wakes up and notices she’s gone…

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