RheaSweet – Son Convinces Mommy

I’m finishing breakfast with my son, when I notice him looking at me intently. He wants to ask me a question but is too embarrassed. I am his mother, and he can ask me anything, no matter how embarrassing. He confesses he is having certain feelings in his private parts while around Mommy. My sweet boy is having completely normal cravings. But as his mother, those feelings are inappropriate. He is so curious and insists to know what a female body looks like. Can I show him my body? No, I can’t, it’s so inappropriate! But he is afraid if I don’t show him that I don’t love him! As his mother he needs to know I still love him. He wants to see so badly, but I can only show him a quick flash. Then we will never talk about this again. I pull up my dress and show him Mommy’s body underneath. He likes it! I must admit I’m happy to make him feel loved again. He wants to feel Mommy’s titties that used to feed him? Okay fine, but just this once. He used to suck on them anyway, so what’s the difference now, right? Now he wants to know what a pussy tastes like? No, that’s too far! Fine, just for a second. Then we’re done, and you make sure you never tell your father! I can’t believe we’re doing this. It’s fine though, right? I’m his mother. It’s best for me to teach him, right? He likes the way that Mommy tastes. Wow I can’t believe my son is actually making me cum! Now it’s only right to make my son feel good after making me feel so good. I lay back for him to be inside of Mommy. It’s going to be really hard for him to fight cumming, but I will will help guide him. He is doing so good! He wants to cum inside of Mommy. I don’t think that’s a good idea at all, but he can’t control it and cums side of his mother anyway. It’s okay, Mommy will take care of it. Let’s get cleaned up before his father walks in and sees this.

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RheaSweet – Mommy Helps

Mommy has a feeling that you were up to something in your room. Your mom walks in as your stroking your cock. Surprisingly she isn’t mad. She approaches the bed and reaches down to wrap her hand around your throbbing cock and starts stroking you. At first you don’t know how to feel about it but your mommy tells you not to worry and that she wants to help you cum. Your mommy lowers her head towards your cock and starts licking and sucking you. You feel yourself getting close but mommy tells you not to cum yet. She wants to suck on you a little longer. Mommy is excited that she has gotten you so hard. She starts asking you if you want to cum on her face and if you want her to taste your cum. Your mommy starts telling you to cum for her over and over. You can’t help it and explode cum on your moms face and tongue.

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Rhea Sweet – Mommy Lets Son Play

I was hard at work when my son came up to me and wanted some attention. I told him I was working but he kept standing there, looking down my shirt. I could tell he was thinking up something very naughty. He reached down and started rubbing on my tits then pulled off my strap to let my tits fall out. He kept massaging them. I had lots of work to do so I just ignored it and let him continue. He started sucking on my nipples, I could tell he was really enjoying himself. Next thing I know he is reaching under my skirt and feeling my pussy. He pushed my legs apart and started licking all over her. Sucking on mommas clit. I couldn’t help but let out some moans, it was very distracting. I lay back in my chair so he can have more but I continue working. All of a sudden my son pushes his little cock inside me and I couldn’t help but put my work down and enjoy it. I encourage my son to fuck his mommy and took his cum inside me.

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RheaSweet – Bath time with Mommy

Mommy is scrubbing her little man in the bath when her son asks her to get in with him. She hesitated because her son is getting a bit too old for that. Mommy decides that she will get in but this will be the last time. She crawls into the tub with him and starts washing her son again. Son wants Mommy to soap up as well. Mommy notices that her son is getting hard for her. Her son asks his Mommy if she would touch him which surprises her. She tells him no but he keeps asking “Please Mommy”. Mommy knows that this will help her son so she gives in. Mommy starts touching her son and stroking his little dick. She can tell that her son is really enjoying it. Her son starts looking at Mommy’s lips and wondering what it would feel like to slide his dick inside his Mommy’s mouth. He asks his Mommy if he can try it. Mommy say’s yes and her son slides his dick in her mouth. Mommy can tell her son is enjoying it with how much her sons dick is pulsing in her mouth. Mommy can tell her son is going to cum soon. She opens her mouth and takes her sons cum down her throat.

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RheaSweet – Son makes Mommy

Mommy is going to the bathroom and her son is watching behind the door. He pushes his way into the room and pulls his cock out. Her son makes her suck his cock and taste his cum. After he finishes he decides he has to feel mommy’s pussy. He bends her over the counter and has his way with his mommy.

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