RheaSweet – Mommy’s Cookin Impregnation

I know how much my son loves when I bake up goodies for him. I am making his favorite today as an extra special treat. I was baking in the kitchen when my son came in to see what I was doing. I was wearing just my apron with nothing underneath but black stockings and heels. Just for my special man. My son was very excited to see me in my outfit and making his favorite treat. I asked him if he wanted a taste and he said yes. That’s when I got the idea to spread it on my body for my son to lick off of me. I drop the top of my apron and spread his favorite batter all over my nipples. My son gladly starts licking and sucking away. I am enjoying it so much I decide to put some batter lower on my body. I ask my son if he wants to lick the batter off of his mommy’s pussy and he jumps at the opportunity to taste his mommy. My sons face, in-between my legs with his tongue licking and sucking on mommy’s clit. It feels so good that it makes me cum! My juices dripping onto my sons tongue. I want to give the same to my son so I tell him to pull out his cock and start stroking it for mommy. I watch him pull out his all ready rock hard cock. He wraps his hand around it and does as mommy said to do, stroking it up and down. I direct my son to slide it inside of his mommy’s pussy. He enters me and I gasp with pleasure. I can tell that my son is all ready fighting off cumming. I ask my son if he wants to cum inside of his mommy. He answers with worry of getting me pregnant. I tell my son that I want to get pregnant by him. I want him to cum inside of me more than this moment so that I know for sure I will get pregnant. That makes my son lose control of holding his cum back and pushes his cock as deep into his mommy as he can and shoots his huge load into his mommy.

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RheaSweet – Mom and Sons Secret

I was working at home today and getting slightly frustrated with work. My son came into my office when I was yelling at my computer. He asked me if I was okay. I tell him everything is fine and that work is just getting to me a little today. I admit that I am also not happy with my sons father. I tell him it’s nothing serious but that mommy is just feeling a little neglected. My son offers to help me but I tell him that its not okay for mommy and son to do such things. My son comes closer and moves my legs apart. He starts rubbing on mommy’s pussy. I try to say no and that we should not continue but he ignores me and keeps touching and teasing my pussy. It feels so good that I can’t resist anymore.

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RheaSweet – Mommy Helps

Mommy has a feeling that you were up to something in your room. Your mom walks in as your stroking your cock. Surprisingly she isn’t mad. She approaches the bed and reaches down to wrap her hand around your throbbing cock and starts stroking you. At first you don’t know how to feel about it but your mommy tells you not to worry and that she wants to help you cum. Your mommy lowers her head towards your cock and starts licking and sucking you. You feel yourself getting close but mommy tells you not to cum yet. She wants to suck on you a little longer. Mommy is excited that she has gotten you so hard. She starts asking you if you want to cum on her face and if you want her to taste your cum. Your mommy starts telling you to cum for her over and over. You can’t help it and explode cum on your moms face and tongue.

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RheaSweet – Sons Boner for Mommy

I was drying off my son after his bath and as I got lower and lower I started to feel something poking through the towel at me. When I went to dry his legs I see his hard little peepee staring at me. I explain to my son that its inappropriate to have thoughts like that around his mother but he tells me its because of me that he is thinking naughty thoughts. I try to tell him that its not okay to think those things but it doesn’t help. He’s hard penis is throbbing at me in desperate need of a release. My son begs me to help him. I can”t help but feel bad for him in his condition so I agree to help this once.

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RheaSweet – Son Feeds then Fucks Mommy

My son came up to me while I was relaxing on the couch and he had the look like he wanted to feed. My sons is a bit too old to be breastfeeding still but he loves having mommy’s nipples in his mouth so I let him. As my son starts feeding, his hand starts to go down mommy’s pants. My son tells me that he really wants to know what mommy’s pussy feels like. With some hesitation, I let him explore Mommy’s pussy. He then decides that he really wants to taste it and suck on it like he sucks on mommy’s nipples. My son enjoys mommy’s yummy pussy but wants more. My son wants to slide his peepee inside of mommy. I love my son very much so I let him get his fill. I was enjoying my sons little peepee so much that I accidently cum and as I’m cumming I tell my son to cum inside of me and like a good boy, he does.

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Rhea Sweet – Mommy Lets Son Play

I was hard at work when my son came up to me and wanted some attention. I told him I was working but he kept standing there, looking down my shirt. I could tell he was thinking up something very naughty. He reached down and started rubbing on my tits then pulled off my strap to let my tits fall out. He kept massaging them. I had lots of work to do so I just ignored it and let him continue. He started sucking on my nipples, I could tell he was really enjoying himself. Next thing I know he is reaching under my skirt and feeling my pussy. He pushed my legs apart and started licking all over her. Sucking on mommas clit. I couldn’t help but let out some moans, it was very distracting. I lay back in my chair so he can have more but I continue working. All of a sudden my son pushes his little cock inside me and I couldn’t help but put my work down and enjoy it. I encourage my son to fuck his mommy and took his cum inside me.

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RheaSweet – My Perverted Step Mom

I’ve noticed my step mom looking at me.. different. I caught her staring at my crouch the other day for so long, my dad was right there! I don’t know how he didn’t notice. I was watching tv the other day when my step mom walks in front of the tv fresh out of the shower and her towel dropped. I swear she did it on purpose. I don’t know, just the looks I get from her and how she stretches in front of me all the time. I was just waking up for the day when my step mom came into my room. She sat on my bed and told me that my dad had just left on a business trip for a few days. She was excited because she has something to show me. She stood up and pulls her robe back to show me her naked body. I couldn’t hold back and my cock started to grow. Her body is just.. so delicious. I tell myself I have to resist. She is my step mom and what if my dad found out! As I am trying to fight off looking at her perfect pussy, she comes closer putting her pussy right in my face. I feel precum shoot out of my cock as she shoves her yummy pussy in my mouth. I can’t believe it, my step mom is riding my face and I’m rock hard. I quickly let the thoughts of reason leave my head and dive into her wet, juicy pussy. Her juices dripping down my chin and the sides of my cheeks as I lick and play with my step moms clit. She starts getting louder and louder then cums on my face as my tongue is inside her tight pussy. My step mom moves down to my cock pulling him out of my boxers and before I can object she shoves him into her mouth. I almost cum the second I feel that tongue dance on the tip of my cock. I try to fight off cumming because this has gone too far but my step mom gets on top of my cock and starts rubbing it on her juicy wet pussy then slides it inside. It took everything in me not to cum with her tight, juicy pussy surrounding and squeezing my cock. My step mom starts riding my cock back and fourth, in and out. I can’t take it anymore so I start bouncing her up and down, giving it to my step mom the way she deserves. Giving her every inch of this hard cock. She starts telling me to cum inside her and before I can push her off she drains my balls into her pussy. All my cum gushing into her and dripping down my balls. What did I just do.. I just fucked and came inside my step mom. Fuck, it felt damn good.

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RheaSweet – Mommy Catches Son and Daughter

I went to tell my son that dinner was ready but when I walked into his room I found my daughter sucking his cock, I couldn’t believe it! Doing that sort of thing under my roof and without me! They don’t know it yet but Mommy can be just as bad. I tell my daughter that if she is going to be sucking cock, I better make sure she is doing it right and I sat on the bed waiting for her to continue. She was very hesitant which I understand so I started to comfort her. I tell her to give Mommy a kiss and that seemed to help relax her. I ask to see and play with her little boobies. Mommy hasn’t seen them in a long time. I am so turned on to the idea of her sucking my sons cock so I bring up the idea of having her suck him again. My daughter seemed much more willing to wrap her mouth around her brother for me. I can tell my son is loving it so much. I suggest that she should climb on top and slid her brother inside and she agrees. My daughter takes off her panties and slowly slides her brother inside of her. She loves it and so does he. I can’t help but play with myself while I watch my son and daughter fuck in front of me. I start wondering what my daughters pussy juices taste like on my sons cock and ask if she wants to ride her brother face while mommy has a taste. She moves to sit on her brothers face and ride his tongue over her clit and I take my sons cock and finally get to taste my daughters pussy juice along with my sons precum. My daughter starts saying that she is going to cum so I urge her to cum on her brothers face. She can’t fight it and cums in his mouth and down his chin. I am so turned on watching my daughter cum on my sons face that I decide its my turn to cum. I slide on top of my sons cock letting my wet pussy drip down his balls and ride him until we both cum. My daughter telling my son to fill up mommy’s pussy.

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RheaSweet – Son Fills Mommys Ass

I have been fantasizing about the last time me and my son were together and touching myself to the memories isn’t enough. I need him again. I can’t stop thinking about his peepee inside me. I love it so much when he cum’s so much for Mommy. I am his Mommy, I know how to please my son the best. Better than any woman will ever be able to. I am doing his future wife a favor by teaching him everything I know about pleasing a woman and how to be pleased. My son will have a very high standard thanks to his Mommy. He was very eager to be inside his mommy again when I suggested the idea. I tell him to cum on Mommy’s tits but honestly I really wanted my son to cum inside of me. I tell my son of my want to have him fill mommy up but he is worried about getting Mommy pregnant. I ask him if he can get hard for Mommy again and if he would like to fill up Mommy’s ass instead. My son instantly gets hard for Mommy again as I start stroking him and talking about him stretching Mommy’s ass. My son gives me another huge load and it starts pouring out of Mommy’s asshole.

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