RheaSweet – Mom And Son Almost Caught

Caught, Family, Mommy Roleplay, POV Sex, Taboo

I’m so happy that my son has come home to visit for the holidays. It feels like so long since I have seen him. He sure has grown up into such a handsome man. I’m sure all he’s getting lots of attention from the ladies. He tells me I look nice in my nightgown. Oh this thing? He sure is being sweet. It sure is nice to have a young handsome man around telling me I look nice. I tell him I should go get changed, but he pulls me into him. Something has gotten into him… and it feels like something has gotten into me also. The way he’s looking at me and touching me feels so good, but it’s so inappropriate. Still, I can’t say I don’t like it. Mothers and sons shouldn’t be doing these kind of things. Plus the entire family is just outside the door. Someone could walk in at any minute. Can you imagine what they would say? But my son is so hard for me. And he’s making me feel so wet. I just have to feel my son’s cock for a minute. Just a couple of strokes. Oh, he is so hard for Mommy! Well, I can’t leave him in this state. Mommy will take care of him. I have him lay back on the bed while I pull his huge cock out. As I’m stroking it, I can tell he wants to see Mommy’s titties. I pull out my titties and ask my son how they look. I can tell by his reaction that he loves it. Imagine if someone walked in right now and saw Mommy stroking her son’s huge cock. Oh, I have to taste him now. I get on my knees and suck my son’s cock. He tastes so good! I suck on his cock until I can’t take it anymore. I think we should risk it. I think I want him inside me. I need my son’s cock in my wet pussy. I climb on top of my son so he can see Mommy’s ass while I ride him. He throws me on to the floor and fucks me. It’s taking all I’ve got not to scream out in pleasure. I feel I’m getting close to cumming. So close, but I hear someone coming! My son doesn’t slow down. He fucks me harder, and I can’t take it anymore. I want him to cum with me. I cum so hard all over my son’s cock, and I can feel him throbbing as he fills his mommy up with his cum. Oh no, now someone is opening the door! Hurry we have to move! I put my slip back on as his father comes in. I keep my husband busy while my son’s cum is dripping down my leg. Whew! Did he suspect anything? I don’t think so. I don’t think he knows his son’s cum is in Mommy’s pussy. Well, that felt amazing. I will be thinking about this all day.

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RheaSweet – Sons 18th Birthday

Family, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Taboo, Virtual Sex

It’s my son’s 18th birthday, but I find him sitting alone in his room. I walk in and tell him he’s missing the party. I ask him what’s going on. He says he keeps getting distracted. Yes, there are a lot of pretty girls out there. But there is someone in particular that he has feelings for. I tell him he should tell me. I’m his mom, so maybe I can help. He looks embarrassed. Wait, me? He has feelings for me? No, this is wrong, and he is old enough to know that. Maybe this is my fault, and I’m a bad mom. Maybe I shouldn’t have shown so much skin while he was growing up. And maybe I breastfed him too long. But no, this is not okay. I can see him getting hard as he talks about it, but it’s not okay for him to pull his cock out! He says he has only one wish for his birthday. He wants my mouth wrapped around his cock. Well… he should know what a good blowjob feels like. Reluctantly, I get down on my knees. I shouldn’t be doing this. But I just WANT to so badly! He has such a big cock. He must take after his father. Though my son’s cock is a little bigger. I eagerly suck on my son’s cock, getting it nice and wet. I can tell he loves his mommy sucking on his cock. His cock is so yummy. I tell him I want to see him shoot that cum out of his cock. I tell him cum for his mommy. He erupts and shoots loads of cum all over his mommy’s face and titties. His cum tastes so good. I put his cock back in my mouth and taste his cum as it drips down my face. I think we are done, but my son insists on being inside of Mommy’s pussy. Well, it is his birthday, so just this once. I bend over on my son’s bed and feel how hard he still is for Mommy. I tell him to slide that cock inside of Mommy. He feels so big! I tell him to fuck his mommy harder. He fucks me hard from behind. I feel I’m going to cum, and I cum so hard all over my son’s big cock. I flip over on my back and slide my son’s cock inside of me. I know he loves feeling Mommy’s wet pussy wrapped around his big cock. I tell him to fuck me hard again, to keep fucking his mommy. I’m going to cum again, and I tell him I want him to cum with me this time. As I’m cumming, he pulls out and shoots another huge load of his cum all over Mommy’s face, titties, and even some in my hair. Mmm, having my son on top of me, soaked in his cum. I tell him happy birthday, and that this is quite the birthday gift!

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RheaSweet – Mommy And Son Cravings

Mommy Roleplay, Taboo, Family, POV, Virtual Sex

I was getting dressed in my closet when I notice my son standing behind me. I had very little on except a pair of panties. Startled, I immediately tell him to to leave since I am basically naked. He is way too old to be seeing his mother naked. My son refuses to leave and confesses to me that he wants to see me naked. I tell him how wrong that is to think that of me that way. In response, he pulls down his pants and reveals his huge cock. I was not expecting his cock to be so big.

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RheaSweet – Mommy Allows Son

Mommy Roleplay, Family, Taboo, Femdom, Virtual Sex

I noticed that my son disappears into his bedroom every time I wear a dress around the house. I decided to investigate and see what he is up to. Entering his room I can tell he is up to something. After sitting down on the bed it becomes obvious that my son is turned on. Knowing my son is aroused starts making me feel things that I shouldn’t. I couldn’t help myself from encouraging more.

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RheaSweet – Mommy And Son Bedtime

Taboo, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Virtual Sex, Family

I walk into my son’s room to check on him before bed. He asks me to lie down with him. He’s getting a little too old for this, but one more time is okay. He looks embarrassed and says he has a question for me. He asks if it’s true that I used to breastfeed him. I tell him that yes, it’s true. He says he’s really curious and wants to know what it’s like. Well, he’s definitely too old for that now, but one more time couldn’t hurt. I pull out one of my breasts and put it up to his mouth. I massage my breast so he can get a bunch in his mouth. Suddenly I see him getting hard. How can my son be getting hard sucking on Mommy’s boobies! He says it’s because he’s curious what a pussy looks like. Oh, I can’t ever say no to my little man. I guess it’s best that I do it as his mother. Okay, I tell him to get between my legs and teach him how to touch Mommy’s pussy. I get so turned on that my son actually makes me cum! Now he says he wants to be inside Mommy. Oh, that’s too far. But since he made me cum, I guess it’s only fair that I make him cum. Just this one time. I pull him on top of me and guide the tip of his cock into Mommy’s wet pussy. He gets very excited and I tell him to slow down and not get too carried away. Ooh my son likes being inside his mommy. Yes, Mommy’s pussy is so wet because he made me cum. He wants to cum inside me, but I tell him that’s not a good idea. But he should pull out and cum all over Mommy’s titties. He pulls out and shoots his cum all over Mommy’s titties, and even gets some in my mouth. I need to go get to bed now before his father realizes that I’m missing.

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RheaSweet – Sons Hard Cock

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I could tell my son had been distracted lately. I see his hard cock pulsing in front of me. He has been doing nothing but be on those dang websites. There’s no way he can focus with his cock throbbing like that. I wrap my hand around his cock and know what I need to do. I start stroking him hoping that we can take care of this quickly. I can’t believe how hard he is.. I uh.. um keep focused. After a few minutes pass I can tell its not working as his cock continues to throb at me. I know what I need to do but I warn him that this will be the only time this ever happens. I wrap my mouth around his hard cock and start sucking. I admit, I got a little carried away. My son pushes his cock deep into my throat and lets his cum fill my mouth. I had no choice, I had to swallow his cum.

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RheaSweet – Son Cums In Mommy

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Mommy is in the kitchen putting dishes away when her son comes in. He has a look on his face that his mother hasn’t seen before. He takes out his cock and starts stroking it for his Mommy. She tells him no but he keeps going. He pulls her in to make her touch it then flips her over and shoves his cock inside her. Mommy begs him not to cum in her but he does anyways, hoping to get his mommy pregnant. After he cums he isn’t finished with her. Son puts mommy on her knees and makes her suck his cock and taste his cum.

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RheaSweet – Morning With Mommy

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I hate going to bed alone when my husband is away on business. My sweet son decided to keep me company. It felt so nice laying next to him all night. We cuddled and a few times I felt him get hard for me, probably helped that I was naked. I knew when we woke up that I could give my son a proper thank you for keeping mommy company.

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