Elouise Please – It’s Just A Dream StepSon

It’s just a dream, step son. Just relax, you’re having a very nice dream. You’ve always fantasised about having your step Mums mouth wrapped around your cock, haven’t you? Mmmm, you taste so good! I’m going to have to get on top of you too. Don’t worry, this is just a dream remember, enjoy and don’t tell anyone.

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Nicole Nabors – Mommies Nice List

You sneak into Santa’s house and find Mrs. Claus (mommy). She’s startled and wonders how you got in!? You tell her your trying to get off the naughty list and onto the nice list. She sits you down to talk to you on how to do so but you keep staring at her boobs! Good boys don’t do that! She leans over to find you name on the list and to your surprise she isn’t wearing panties and you see her pussy! She notices you have a boner getting larger and larger in your pants. She can’t send you home like this.. She lets you stare at her boobs while you touch yourself. But it turns her on and she shows you her pussy so you can jerk off to her. This is our secret okay? She gets overwhelmed and wants you to fuck her like a good boy. She rides you cock, cumming all over you and moaning. Your definitely on the nice list now! Your gonna get everything you wanted this year!

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ImMeganLive – Fucking Your Babysitter

I come over to watch you and your parents leave. I even brought over some video games for us to play, however I get a call from my boyfriend. He breaks up with me over the phone and you then comfort me. I tell you how sweet you are for trying to make me feel better and ask for a hug. Your face ends up in my chest and you get noticeably aroused. I push you away when I feel it and freak for a moment. But I quickly realize, that despite your age, you have a big cock. I lean in and start rubbing you (Implied). Then I tell you that one thing that would make me feel better would be if you use it. I then start to grind on you slowly with lite moans. I increase my speed over a very short time and moan louder. When I start to feel worm I pull down my dress and bra. And continue to grind. I tell you I can’t handle it any longer and have to have you inside me. As I slide down on your cock (implied) for the first time my face shows how much bigger it is then I expected and let out a have moan. I ride you hard and I am about to cum on your cock while dripping all my pussy juice all over your balls. It got you right on the edge and want to cum with me, I tell you not to worry, you can cum inside of me I’m on the pill! I then cum so hard on your cock while you are filling me up! I was shaking as I kept cumming on you. I notice how loud I was and blush looking away while I catch my breath. As I calm down I then realize how bad it was for me to do that with you yet can’t help to smile and say maybe next time we can do this again.

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Pink Drip – Mommys Bribe

You’re going to be late for your first day of College! You better get up! I barge into your room and try to get you up…but then something catches my eye. Is that…morning wood? You definitely didn’t get that big dick from your Father! Mommy just couldn’t help herself, she needs to see it…and taste it…andddd ride it?? You just up after feeling your Mom’s lips on you, I bribe you with your dream car and that fun trip with your friends completely paid for if you give me what I want…if you cum in me, I’ll just blame your Father!

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Brea Rose – Step Mom Takes Your Virginity

You have just gotten out of the shower and are getting ready for your date tonight, I come into your room talking about your date and I tell you I have a suggestion. Why don’t you jerk off beforehand, as I know you are a virgin and if this is your first time, you might cum too quickly. I tell you I could give you some “inspiration” as long as you don’t tell your father. I strip out of my dress and out of my lingerie and play with my pussy while encouraging you to jerk off for me. I tell you all about the first time I fucked your dad, and how he cheated on your mom with me. I then have a better idea, why don’t I take your virginity, seeing as though you are already jerking off in front of me? I get on your cock and ride you, saying really filthy things (Sex is all POV boobs and face in shot only), I cum on your cock and then I beg you to cum inside of your step mom, don’t be scared of getting me pregnant! I ride you harder and faster encouraging you to give me your virginity and empty your balls for me, you might be too tired for your date afterall.

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Jessica Starling – Catch Mommy Masturbating Riding POV

You just caught mommy rubbing her wet pussy! You won’t tell anyone, will you? You’re not supposed to see this… but mommy is still SO horny. If you promise not to tell anyone, mommy can slide her wet pussy up and down your hard cock…

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RheaSweet – Mommy Wants Son

I woke up thinking only of my son and how much I knew he would enjoy waking up to his Mommy stroking him. I waited until my husband went off to work then quickly changed into something I knew my son would love. I crawled onto his bed and he was all ready hard. I bet he was dreaming of me. I start stroking my son and teasing him with my tongue in his little cock. My son gets even harder for me. I get him very close to the edge but he tells me to stop before he cums. My son tells me that he wants to be inside of Mommy when he cums. I climb on top of my son and push him inside me. I ride him for a bit but I know what will really make him cum and that is if I turn around so he can see my ass moving up and down on his cock.

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