Jessica Starling – Mom Takes Your Virginity

You mommy always said she’d take care of you — and now is no exception. Mommy knows her baby boy has never had sex before. She knows he’s nervous, and he needs mommy to guide him. Mommy approaches you in sexy black lingerie. She’s going to take her sweet boy’s virginity tonight. Mommy pulls out her big, natural tits and invites you to suck on them. She moans while you tongue her pretty pink nipples. Mommy feels her baby boy’s cock getting hard, and she pulls it out and begins to tug. Mommy is getting you ready for her pussy. When you’re ready, she lays you down on the bed and slowly lowers herself on your erection. Mommy’s pussy feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before — wet and silky. She rides your cock slow at first, and builds up faster and faster. She then alternates between fast and slow riding, to make sure her baby boy’s virgin cock doesn’t cum yet. Mommy then invites you on top of her. You eagerly pump into her wet pussy, watching her tits bounce with each thrust. Mommy then begs you to cum inside her pussy, and you fill her up with the first creampie you’ve ever given. Mommy’s baby boy is a natural.

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Cum In Mommy – Reya Sunshine

You’re in for a treat tonight, because mommy is in a giving mood. I tease you in my tight, sheer dress.. giving you a sensory overload by filling your imagination with dirty details while allowing you to feast your eyes on my luscious breasts and tight pussy. I love how worked up you get for mommy, so I start to go to work on your cock with my mouth. I suck, lick, and slobber all over your cock while keeping eye contact. I decide I’m not done teasing you, so I lather my already enticing body up with oil to send you over the edge. I know you love seeing mommy’s voluptuous breasts and ass covered in oil. I then hop on your cock and and ride you in multiple positions like only mommy can. I give you a cum countdown and tell you to cum inside of me.

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Midnah – Moms Dirty Cunt

My son is always spying on me while I’m in my room alone, particularly when I decide to touch myself. Mommy always notices when her son is watching, she courses him into her room and tries to turn him off by calling herself dirty names like, whore and referring to her pussy as a cunt, eventually her son can’t say no and slides inside his mommy. It feels so weird to both of them but so good at the same time. She rides him until they both cum.

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Download Midnah - Moms Dirty Cunt .mp4

Julia Jordan – Teachers Rewarding Cunt

Teacher invites her favorite student at home. She wants to show him how much she loves having him in her class. She wants to surprise him and is dressed so sexy – short black skirt, white blouse, heels. Her reward shocks him – she offers him a view to her gorgeous ass, her stunning MILF cunt, her fantastic legs! And the boy does not wasting his time – he starts licking, kissing and sucking her ass and cunt, making her so horny that soon she invites him in her bedroom and fucks him riding style very hard until the boy cums deep in her horny mature cunt!

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Araisyours – Mommy’s Satin Slip

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Mommy crawls into bed to wake you..I want you to kiss mommy’s pussy hunny…please? It’s okay son, mommy will show you how…watch my face as I orgasm from my sons’ lips…you’re such a good lay back down for mommy and let me make you feel good too hunny…

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Scarlett Belle – Lessons With Stepmom

ScarlettBelle – Lessons With Stepmom
Mommy Roleplay, POV, Riding, Bouncing Boobs, MILF
It’s a big night for you – you’re finally going out to a club! But you need to borrow your stepmom’s car, and she wants to give you some advice before you leave. In fact, she wants to give you a hands-on demonstration! Before you try to get laid tonight, let your stepmom give you some real life experience.

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