Missbehavin26 – Mommy Loves All Things Taboo

script: All pov. Please wear sexy shorts and a tank top when you get into the bed. You can use a dildo for the bj, but you don’t need to for the simulated sex unless you can still make the pov feel real. Use my name (Jonathan) throughout. You’re my mommy . You come into my room and tell me you’re lonely, you ask if you can get into bed with me tonight. You get under the covers and give me a hug and quick kiss on the mouth. You cuddle me and tell me how much you love your boy. You kiss me again, this time a bit longer… you pause, and you tell me you want to talk to me. You tell me that you’ve been alone since my father died. You tell me you don’t want anyone else because you like things that are… taboo. You explain that taboo means forbidden. You tell me that you’re really turned on by the idea of …. The idea of having sex with someone you’re related to just turns you on so much. You think that I’m a handsome boy now and you want to try something. You take out your boobs and tell me to suck on them, like when I was small. You slip your hand into my pants and kiss me, passionately. You tell me that you can’t believe how big your son’s penis is. You’re proud that you made that penis. You say this is wrong for a mom and son to do, but it’s turning you on. You start to suck your son’s cock. Getting more and more turned on. You say we definitely shouldn’t have sex, because that’s i…, but you want to. You want to commit this wrong act. You love your son and you want to make love with me. You guide me on top of you, lovingly, motherly. You tell me you want it, you want to feel your son’s penis in your pussy. You made me, and you want me to make love to you now. You can’t believe how big it is, and when it slips inside you you can’t believe how good it feels, it’s so wrong, and that makes it even better. I fuck you for a bit, and you say that you want to tell me a secret. You like taboo so much that you fucked your own father, and that he’s my father too. I’m not just your son, I’m your little brother too. You tell me you want to feel my cum inside you, you want your son to impregnate you. A son’s cum should never be in a mother’s pussy, but you want it, you want me to get you pregnant. We cum together and I fill you with cum. Afterwards, you’re very loving, you kiss me and tell me that we can make love anytime we want. We can be mother and son lovers, and you’re going to have my…

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xxxCaligulaxxx – Hands on Teacher Perverts You

You are innocent, cute and you have your first erection in my class! What am I to do? Luckily for you, I am a very hands-on teacher and used to dance to pay the University, so I give you a lapdance to help you cum, which you do, but you are still hard! and I cannot let you walk the hallway like that, so I give you an oral you will like for once and then ride you until you cum again and your – not so little- problem gets resolved.

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