Rose Black – Mommy’s Treat Box

MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Upskirt, Dirty Talk, Taboo
Your mother is too short to do hard to reach house chores alone. This year you’ve been tasked with helping her decorate the house for the Halloween party but time is running short. As she hangs ornaments and spooky decorations, you get a direct view up her Halloween micro-skirt. You’ve waited until the last minute to help hang the decorations in the guest bedroom so your mother is already dressed up to prepare for guests to start arriving. It’s like she doesn’t even notice how sexy that mini skirt is. It lifts up as she reaches up the step ladder and flashes off the g-string thong underneath. It’s so wrong, but you reach to finger your mother’s pussy anyways. You’ve been staring at her upskirt for long enough that it’s made you painfully aroused. You snatch off the tiny scrap and dive in mouth first for a lick of her unprotected pussy. She knows it’s wrong but moans against your tongue and thrusts in time with you. You shouldn’t be attracted to your mother this way but she tastes amazing and wants your cock so badly even though she struggles with her sexual response to you. There’s still enough time before the Halloween party and your mother’s costume could easily hide anything amiss. Guests won’t be arriving for at least another 20 minutes and you could just lock the door for a minute before anyone noticed you were missing. This horrifyingly taboo act is too much to resist as your mother pulls her thong aside and demands you fuck her. Your mother can’t hide how much she wants to break this taboo with you and lets loose like you’ve never seen before. She shouldn’t be enjoying fucking her son this much but she cums hard and encourages you to ejaculate on her hairy pussy. Mother rides you until you’re about to explode and then lays back and spreads her pussy under her slutty kitty costume. You both moan in pleasure when you squirt semen directly onto her pussy. Hopefully none of the guests have noticed you haven’t answered the door yet.

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Rose Black – Growing Big For Mommy

Mommy Roleplay, Yoga Pants, MILF, Masturbation Encouragement, Dirty Talk, Taboo
Oh my sweetie! I see you really are growing lately. Your pants look tighter than ever! I’ve been so busy with your new schedule though, so if you want my attention, then you’ll need to do something for Mommy too. Your erection really does seem to be growing quite massive, but you’ll have to agree to rub Mommy’s feet later. When Mommy makes you feel so good so often, even sneaking around with you behind Daddy’s back, it’s only fair to make Mommy feel good too. I’ll give you a quick timed jerk off, with plenty of teasing to make you super hard, but only after you agree. Mommy has needs, and my teasing comes with wanton risks. You need to cum for my tight yoga pants and natural, creamy tits, so jerk it fast and hard. You’ll cum, but you’ll also sneak back to cum for Mommy again later too. Your taboo needs for Mommy’s bare feet and milky breasts will keep you running back every time.

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Rose Black – Your Horny Tipsy Aunt

Older Woman / Younger Man, Sex Ed, MILF, Taboo
Your aunt has been staying at your house for the weekend to celebrate a special girls’ weekend with your mom. She’s absolutely trashed and has been napping on the couch for the last hour or two so you took the liberty of “exploring” her room. You’re looking through her panty stash when she stumbles in nearly oblivious of you in the middle of the room. Oh my goodness! I didn’t see you there! Hey, is…. is that a boner in your pants or do you just have a boner? You have a boner. When my sons were that age it happened all the time. My life is just full of dicks! Oh, boy, did you know your mom could party? She is making me look like an inexperienced young one again oh my goodness! I think she’s getting ready for us to go out again tonight but I need to find clothes. Are you in my panties? Ah, that explains the boner. It’s been so long since I was with a cock that young. Mmmm….. I should find a refill for this wine. What do you think I should wear tonight? Is me licking this bottle giving you a boner? It must be so much fun to be your age. Boners at your mom’s sister’s panties and at watching her suck a wine bottle neck. If you were a little bit older, I would show you exactly what I can do with this tongue. Are you old enough to know about vaginas? Since your cock is hard, it’s clear that you must know about erections. Your mom would get mad if she knew, but I can teach you about vaginas. Watch what happens when I put this bottle between my legs. That’s what I would do with your penis. Ah, yes, inside just like that. Now let’s keep this a secret. You’re old enough to have sex, but I don’t want your mom to catch us and get mad. It will be more fun if this is special, just between us. Play with me before she’s ready to go out and I’ll let you keep my panties for later.

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Rose Black – Fuck Mommy’s Horny Pregnant Pussy

Taboo, Mommy Roleplay, Pregnant
Mommy is 8 months pregnant and about to pop any moment now. All of the pregnant hormones are making her so horny that she constantly sneaks off to masturbate and fucks daddy whenever she gets a chance. The non-stop fucking has left her milking colostrum all over the place whenever she cums. Mommy thought she was alone when she took a break to masturbate and prop her feet up when you stumble in and catch her fingers deep in her pussy. Your erection pops up before you have a chance to think about it. Mommy notices and doesn’t hesitate to lay back and spread wide open, begging for you to fuck her pregnant pussy and fill it up with cum. As you fuck her, she moans, whimpers, and orgasms, dripping thick pre-milk from her large nipples as she quivers on your dick. Her pregnant hormones are relentless and she makes you fuck her bareback until you blow a massive load of cum right inside her. Just be sure to hurry away and clean up before daddy gets home so you don’t get caught and you can come back to fuck mommy again later.

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