Rachel Steele, Sara James – In the Closet

Rachel and her sister Sara were modeling their new lingerie for each other. Rachel had a son named Vic. He was 20. Vic was a mommas boy. He studied all the time and never wanted to do social things. Rachel felt sorry for him so she babied him. Rachel heard a noise come from the closet. She opened the door and there was Vic, his cock in his hand and her panties in the other! Rachel made him lay on the bed and explain. Vic was so embarrassed. Rachel finally got the truth out of him. He had a crush on her! He loved sniffing her soiled panties and cumming on them. Rachel decided to relieve his cum filled balls. She loved him and felt sorry for him. They pulled his shorts off and began to suck and stroke him as Rachel spoke softly to him. Rachel allowed him to fuck his Aunt Sara until she came, then he was allowed to fuck her. Rachel laid down and spread her legs open. She encouraged him to slide his finger in and jerk off. Then she told him to slide his cock in her. She told him he felt better than his father ever did. Vic fucked her hard until she came. Because he was so young he was still hard. Rachel and Aunt Sara sucked him off into their mouths. Rachel took his load and snowballed it with Sara. Vic was in heaven, he finally had his dreams come true. Rachel made him promise to keep it a secret.
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