Sarah Vandella – Mom Collects Sperm Sample For Rent Payment

Conor Coxxx sits on the couch as his Mom, Sarah Vandella, sits on the couch with him… and tells him about her bad day. Sarah lost her job today, and they have been behind on rent. Sarah doesn’t want to go back to her old ways of making money – so she tells Conor he needs to prove he’s a man. Sarah tells Conor she needs his semen, because a lot of people will pay top dollar for it. She gets on her knees with a collection cup and strokes Conor’s cock until he cums for her. Sarah collects all of Conor’s cum and gets ready to send it off to be sold.

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Sarah Vandella – Mommy Needs Cum

Daddy is out of town, and mommy is so horny. I see the way you look at me, and I know you sneak into my panty drawer. Daddy is gone for a few more weeks baby boy and mommy needs to be filled up. I know you want mommy’s holes. Come fuck mommy, and give me that seed hunny.

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Sarah Vandella – Stepmom transforms from frumpy to humpable

Something has to change around this house. Ive become the frumpy woman I swore I would never be! There must be a different way to exist than cleaning up after you men in the house. I have to always wear my workout clothes because cleaning up after you pigs is quite the daily workout. One day I am going to get so fed up feeling frumpy and you wait, a major change is coming.
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Sarah Vandella – Rubbing stepmommys feet

Your step mom Sarah had a long day at work and her feet are killing her. You sit with her and she cannot resist taking off her shoes. Would you like to rub her feet? She is so pretty and you want to help her. When her feet are free of her high heels, you can feel your dick start to get hard. You know that you should not touch her feet, but you cannot resist. You take her foot into your hand and step mom asks if you might have a bit of a foot fetish.
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