Sloansmoans – Mommy Is Your First

You’ve waited up for me. I’m surprised to see you awake, it’s so late, but I’ll be honest… I’m so happy you are. It’s been a long night out for me and coming home to my son is a treasure. I’m loose and relaxed after a good time and perhaps this is what leads me to seduce you. Sensually, gently, motherly. I know you’re a virgin… but tonight’s the night that changes. I love you, son…

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Sloansmoans – Mommy The Therapist

I come to tuck you in at night and give you loving little pecks. You mean everything to me, son. I love you so much… though I did catch you in my home office earlier this afternoon. You had a curious look on your face. I decide to ask you about it. I remind you I’m a therapist, that you can talk to me about anything. You bring up the books you found… that special, forbidden, taboo word you’re unfamiliar with was written across nearly every book. I tell you what it means… and I begin to confess to you how I’ve become obsessed with that particular category of patients. I explain how I’ve encouraged my patients to parttake in those most forbidden, most taboo acts and some have even led to conception. I start feeling so tingly talking to you about “it” that i have one more confession: I’ve fantasized about what it would be like for me to commit those acts with someone I love, someone I’m close with and furthermore, to be bred by them… more specifically, you. I sensually, gently, begin to seduce you after several minutes of talking. I feel your hardness and I know you must feel the same way I feel. I tell you that it’s okay, I’ll take care of you. My mouth finds it’s way to your massive cock. I’m stunned at your size. I sensually kiss and lick your cock in the most motherly of ways. I tell you this is how I was meant to love you. But… I need more now. You hesistate but i reassure you. Having sex is instinctual, all you have to do is move your hips to the rythym of the sensations you feel. I lay before you and guide you into me. Being filled by you is pure ecstasy. Our sex is more intense, stronger, more meaningful because… well, you know why. I moan your name and when you start to feel funny I tell you that it’s time to breed me. Time to fill my womb. Time to impregnate me…

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Thelochnesscumslut – Mommy Gets a Facial

Mommy has a little bit of a favour to ask of you, sweetie… Mommy is just… craving your cum! Don’t worry, mommy will help, teasing you and encouraging you. I see you’re hard and excited, so please, go ahead and stroke for mommy. Just watch as Mommy strips down and teases you with my ass. And for the big ending, I was thinking you could give me a nice big facial!

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Sloansmoans – You Belong With Mommy

Please tell me why you’re upset… Mommy’s here to take care of you. We’ve shared a bed since your Father left, our bond is special, unlike any other. Suck on mommy’s tits and reminisce. It’s time you felt my love, my darling. Feel where you came from. Look into my eyes. Thrust deeply into me. You have my love forever. I need you and you need me. I brought you into this life… welcome home my sweet boy…

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BuddahsPlayground – Cum in Mommy

Come in here and see me for a minute sweetie, we need to have a talk. It’s about your new girlfriend. Honey, she isn’t right for you. I am the one who has there since the day you was born, and I carried you for 9 months, there’s no one who knows you better than me. I can tell that you’re nervous so you calm you down . Come here, I want to show you what I can do for you. I begin to seductively remove my top and bra and tell you that you used to suck on these breasts and I confess that it actually turned me on. Then I continue getting undressed and show you my pussy, and I explain that’s where you came from and you need to go back in there. I ask you to unzip your pants and pull put your throbbing manhood. I begin to stroke your cock, remarking how big it’s gotten since the last time you saw it. I then tell you that I made that cock and there’s no one who could treat it as well as you can, and you start to give you a blowjob. After a couple minutes I climb on top of you and start riding your throbbing dick. All the while talking about how you are back in the pussy you came from. I finally let him cum in me and then explain that if he dumps his girlfriend he can have this every day.

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Sloansmoans – Mommy Proves Her Love

Watch as mommy comes into your room and instead of tucking you in, she straddles you and tells you that she wants to show you how much she loves you. She removes her robe to expose her beautiful, perfect tits and she feels how hard you are for her. She begins to ride you as she dirty talks in a very sensual way throughout her riding and grinding. Her tits are constantly in view and they bounce in front of your face just like you them to. She tells you that you need to be quiet because Dad is in the other room… She is so continues to ride you until she starts begging you to cum inside mommy’s pussy. She won’t stop riding until you give her every last drop…

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Mama Fiona – Naked Naughty Mama Sensual JOI

Your mommy is a *very* naughty MILF. I know how turned on my son is staring at my sexy body. I know how much I turn you on babyboy. I’d love to fuck you, but tonight, I want you to stare. I want you to stare at your moms perfect naked body while I instruct you on what I’d like to see you do with that big, hott, hard dick of yours. You love that anyway don’t you hunny? I love when your precum for me, I love when you stroke that dick for your mom. I love that you stare at me all the time and I love that I can get your attention whenever I want it, just by giving you that naughty look. We know what we’re doing is naughty but we don’t care! I just know how much it turns me on to watch my son stroke his big hard dick for me. Can’t wait to see how hard you cum, baby boy…

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Goddess Fiona – Giving Your Stepmom Your Virginity

You’re going to your prom and are having some anxiety about prom night. You MIGHT have sex with your girlfriend but you’re kind of scared because what if you suck at it and she dumps you!?!?!? That will be *sooooo* embarrassing. We chat for a good while about all of this before I have a great idea – I know I’m your “step”-mom, but look hunny I have caught a nice little glimpse of your cock here and there, and I am…. Actually pretty impressed. You think I’m really sexy anyway don’t you? I always see your hard dick on the way to the shower after passing by my bedroom. I know that its all from me! Anyway… why don’t you let your hot MYLF stepmom help you out? I can show you a few things… show you the ropes…and come prom night you will be blowing your girlfriend AWAY with how amazing you are in bed! You are eager to agree and well, before you or I know it I have my stepsons nice big girth cock in my mouth and then I’m riding you nice and hard before begging you to cum deep inside your stepmothers pussy. Do you even WANT to go to Prom now???? You can always stay at home with your dear sexy stepmom.

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Goddess Fiona – Let Momma Help You

You are my son and you had a bad day. Whats wrong hunny? It turns out that your girlfriend actually dumped you for cumming too quickly. Aweee! MY baybee boy??? Hunny I’m sorry! Thats really lame. She doesn’t deserve you! And as your stepmom, I’m desperate to help you feel better, any way I know how. And I think that, the best way… is if you get a little practice under your belt. Let momma help you by giving you a nice, very very sensual hand job and blow job, telling you I’m proud of you for lasting so long, and how as your m0m I am more than happy to help my baybee boy get better at lasting. Lets end the night with a very sensual, wet and oily titty fuck! I know how much you love your mommas titties. You are doing such a good job at lasting hunny… no girl will ever break up with you over this, ever again. And you will always have your hott and sexy momma to take care of your needs, of course.

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