NicoleBelle – Mommy Teaches You About SexEd

I am helping my son with his homework, which turns out to be sex-ed. I start talking about the female body and eventually think the best way would be a “hands on” approach. I start getting naked and showing him my body. Show him my breasts and tell him that he used to suck on them as a littleboy. Then show him my pussy and tell him it’s where he was born from. I can tell this turns him on and I ask him to get naked since I haven’t seen him naked in a long time…

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Feel Better Blowjob

Your girlfriend got mad at you the other day. She got so mad, because you couldn’t hold in your load while she was sucking you off, and you shot right down her throat! It was an honest mistake, but she was so mad she told you that you cum too quick and your cock is too small–hitting below the belt, the one thing you’re self conscious about. You can’t stop thinking about it, wondering if its true, so you went to the school nurse and got out early to go home and mope. When you walk in, your mom is on the couch, and she can tell something is wrong. “Come on honey,” she coaxes, “you can talk to me.” So you lay it all out, and after talking a little, you feel a tiny bit better, but…you’re not convinced. Your mother is just trying to make you feel better. “No,” she says, “I’m really not. You had that little nudist phase a while back, and well…there is nothing to be worried about in that department. And cumming too quick? Well, that can be changed. You just need practice…”

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LongHairLuna – Mommy Claus Teaches Son To Fuck

Includes: POV Doggy, Mommy Roleplay, POV Sex, Christmas, Kiss training. Word in the Christmas Village is someone doesn’t know how to pleasure a woman. Being a good mother, and seeing how much you struggle, I teach you how to fuck, all the ins and outs, the dos and the don’ts of sex. We cant have anyone tarnishing the Claus name, after all, its your fathers job to empty his sack around the world, and you’ll be expected to do the same. Oh you thought he was delivering presents? You have so much to learn son.

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Erica Lauren – Keeping her Step-Son out of Trouble

Erica Lauren – Keeping her Step-Son out of Trouble Part 1
Erica is very concerned about her step-son. A step-mother of one of the girl’s from school found a “dick pic” on her step-daughter’s phone and says it is from Rion. Erica wants to be sure it was not her step-son sending those kind of pictures

Erica Lauren – Keeping her Step-Son out of Trouble Part 2
Erica expected her step-son to start masturbating more so he would have more control around girls and stop getting into trouble, but another call from another girl’s step-mom shows he is up to his old tricks. It’s for his own good that she has him use his young lust on her instead of some young girl his age

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Helena Locke – Teaching Her Step-Son Not to be Awkward

Helena Locke – Teaching Her step-son not to be Awkward Part 1
Helena loves her step-son Rickey more than anything, but circumstances have made him really awkward around girls. he’s at the age where getting along with girls becomes very important so Helena knows she has to help him so they go on a “date” to the movies and she picks an empty theater

Helena Locke – Teaching Her step-son not to be Awkward Part 2
Rickey is a lot less awkward, but Helena wants her step-son to be flat out confident, to know he can make any girls he meets satisfied in bed, and she realizes that she has needs to satisfy as well

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Helena Locke – Finding Out His Step-Mom Did Porn

Helena Locke – Finding out his Step-Mom did Porn Part 1
Rion comes in to have a really awkward talk with his step-mom. His friends sent him a link and when he opened up he saw things he never expected, and Helena handles it in a way that Rion never expected. She makes him realize there is nothing wrong with how he really felt when he saw what she was doing in the videos.

Helena Locke – Finding out his Step-Mom did Porn Part 2
Rion’s relationship with his step-mom has really changed since finding out that she used to do porn. Helena is so happy to show her step-son her sexual side

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Cyndi Sinclair – Teaching Her Step-Son the Oldest Profession

Cyndi Sinclair – Teaching Her Step-Son the Oldest Profession Part 1
Cyndi has been making sure that her boy Alex has never gone without anything, but times are getting tougher. At his age there aren’t a lot of jobs he can get that will help much, especially while he is still in school. She knows one thing that he could do that would make a HUGE difference, and from what her friends say about her handsome boy, he might have what it takes. She approaches the topic slowly but finally gets down to it. Cyndi is going to teach her step-son to be a male escort

Cyndi Sinclair – Teaching her Step-Son the Oldest Profession Part 2
Alex has been doing great with his training but Cyndi wants to make sure he has everything she has taught him perfected so he will be ready for his first client. Older woman know what they want and Cyndi is going to make sure her step-son knows how to give it to them.

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Lily Lane – Giving Her Step-Son Confidence

Lily Lane – Giving Her Step-Son Confidence Part 1
Lily is worried about how her step-son doesn’t go out on dates and stays home all the time. She thinks that if he was more confident about girls he would just do better in everything in his life

Lily Lane – Giving Her Step-Son Confidence Part 2
Lily has noticed that her step-son has been very nervous around her, which is the opposite of the confidence she wanted to give him, She comes in to talk to him and explain that what happened is totally natural and he should be proud of how good he is with women.

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kristenwylde – Mommy Teach You How To Date And Fuck

My lil son likes a girl at school, he wants to talk with her but doesn’t know how. So he ask his mommy for advice. Mommy is gonna tell him how to approach her and talk with her. And you know what? It worked! He has a date and he is afraid cause don’t really know how to act. But mommy is here to explain everything, how to kiss, what are the female body parts, how to masturbate himself and how to masturbate a woman. Mommy showed how a female orgams looks like by masturbating herself. And teach how to jerk till his son cum over her tits and body. She even teach him how to fuck. A full lesson to have a great date and fuck experience!

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Tara Tainton – A Sleepover at Aunties Teaches You How to Make a Woman Come and Come Again

I had such a nice day with you both. What fun pizza and a movie is with my two favorite boys! Now, I think your idea of calling up your mother to see if she’d mind you napping over is a GREAT idea. What’s that? Of course, I remember what I promised you on your last visit: you can ask me ANYTHING. Anything at all, and I’d be happy to answer. Or show you. Or invite you to feel. Is that what you’re curious about this time? You’d like to see me nude? I completely understand how strange it is having only seen naked women on the internet; that’s NOTHING like the real thing. Especially to reach out and… touch. And what a perfect time it may be to teach you how to make a woman FEEL really good, since you’re already gently stroking my furry pussy. Truth be told, I’m getting a bit carried away with my own lessons. Seems like the natural time to show you what it’s like to have sex altogether. Now, who’s the lucky one whose lap I’m going to bounce away on and who’s going to be caught watching and invited to continue jerking and come all over as you run your fingers over yourself AND my warm skin??

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