Noelle Easton – MILF Horse Play

Cleaning up after my son’s sleepover, I am startled by the little brat staring me as I’m bent over. I playfully ask what he’s up to, to which he responds “I want to play horsey again!” I giggle and sigh… he is so relentless. It is beginning to turn me on more and more how badly he wants me. I know he won’t stop until he gets what he wants, so I give in and start undressing. The look in his innocent eyes makes me even more horny for him. I start sucking him and am surprised by how aggressive he is! He’s begun to know exactly what he wants, and he makes me do it. Before long, he has me bent over the bed, roughly plowing me as I remind him how wrong this is. I tell him this time is really the last, but that only seems to make him pull my hair and thrust into me harder. We both cum and he finishes inside me, then mischievously trots back off to my son’s room.

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Tara Tainton – Of Course You Can Ask Mommy Anything You Want

I’ve only wanted to be the best mother, the best mother I can possibly be. That’s what my son deserves. I’ve always promised I’d be honest with him, always encouraged him to come to me with any questions. Anything at all. And… he has. But parenting is always full of surprises. I could’ve never guessed just what my policy would mean, what my son would have in store for me. I didn’t know he could hear what his father and I talk about – what we do – after he’s been tucked snuggly into bed and we finally get our time alone together. Maybe I shouldn’t have answered my son’s questions? Maybe I should’ve sugar-coated the answers? Maybe I shouldn’t have demonstrated just to help him understand…

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Kitty – Only Young Cocks Make Me Horny

She was very glad to found these article “Spontaneous Erections of Young Boys” by a famous female scientist, to use it for her next sex education class for young boys. She likes boys cocks of all age, they just must get hard in front of her! That’s why she wears these outfits btw. Not to hard to achieve an erection as she shows her legs, plays and strokes her black pantyhose legs in front of you. She also says what she don’t like. Ladies don’t like saggy and hairy old men with saggy and hairy old cock and balls… Her dirty talk turns her so much on that she instantaneously has to grab her pussy under her pantyhose and masturbate over her young boys fantasies! So make your cock big eliminate those hairs from your private parts to jerk off as she masturbates and orgasms in front of you!

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NoelleEastonxxx – Boy Scout Seduced By Cougar MILF

When my neighborhood boy scout shows up at my door selling cookies, I knew I had to have some even though my husband wasn’t home to pay. I invite him in for a glass of water and he nervously obliges. I strike up a conversation, hoping he will get comfortable with me. I love younger boys… the curiousity and eagerness always turns me on. I know I shouldn’t tease or fuck young boys but I simply can’t help myself when I see how their eyes bulge out of their heads when they see my big tits and my womanly curves. I love teasing him, his eyes widen with every piece of clothing that comes off. I can’t help myself, another young boy will lose his virginity to me today, I’m going to titty fuck, suck, and fuck him POV until he cums for the first time all over my pussy like a good little boy.

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Noelle Easton – Training My Young Son To Please Mommy

Sorry for leaving you in your sisters room while we were busy, little boy! She was learning something very important, and I want you to learn too. Teaching her how to suck cock made me want to suck a young cock, and who better than my own son! I want to wrap my lips around it, you can squirm all you want, but I’m going to hold you down! You’re no match for your mommy’s power! You’re so small and soft, you’re my youngest yet! Your sister was so good, I wonder if you’ll catch on as quickly! Determined to find out, I strip your little boy underwear off and slowly push my body down onto your smooth young dick. You stare up at your mommy’s tits bouncing in your face as I grind and bounce on you. Squirming as I slam my ass down on your sensitive, developing cock, your body fills with a strange feeling. Telling you about all the dirty things we did to your sister with your young dick inside of me makes me cum so hard! You’re going to be a perfect good little boy for your mommy, aren’t you? I might even let you join in next time with your sister or some of my young dick loving MILF friends!

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Download Noelle Easton - Training My Young Son To Please Mommy.mp4

Emmas Secret Life – Milf Seduces Her Sons Friends

Oh hello boys. (perky and sexy) My son’s not here right now I just sent him on some errands. Do you want to wait for him? (your robe keeps opening up) he’ll probably be a while though. You’ll have to excuse the state I’m in I was just going to take a hot bath. (You start to get seductive, remember that these are boys who get excited in a strong breeze lol) You show them into the family room. Make yourselves comfortable. Is there anything that I can do for you while you are waiting or anything that you want? (that dam robe keeps opening up ) Oh my! I’m so sorry boys I think that I’ve accidentally made you all aroused, me in just my robe. Little old me in just my robe and absolutely nothing underneath. Tell me boys have any of you been with a woman yet? A woman who can educate you about sex? Be honest now it’s OK I’m here to help you. Come over here boys take those cocks out and don’t be shy. Let me see them. Oh my what wonderful cocks they are. I forgot just how very hard young cock was. You see I was actually a good girl back then.. ) You suck each of them. Mmmm you’re all so hard. Then you walk towards the sofa, turning around you drop the robe, sit back and opening up your legs saying, do you like what you see? Don’t you think I’m just yummy? Ok who’s going to be first? Oh and don’t be shy or afraid to to cum inside. I’m on the pill and I haven’t had young cum in a long time. They each take turns ending in a creampie. You encourage them to not be shy. They’re all so enthusiastic but you do your best to make sure that they don’t cum too quickly. Afterwards you exclaim how you’ve forgotten just how much cum a young cock has. Well boys I hope that you all have enjoyed the experience and if you keep this our secret I’ll be happy to continue these little adventures, singley or all together again. ?Remember that this is our secret and if you keep it a secret there’s plenty of fun to be had for all of you.

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Download Emmas Secret Life - Milf Seduces Her Sons Friends.mp4

Noelle Easton – My Sons Bully Pt 2

My son’s young bully and I have reached an agreement for him to stop being such a brat to my young son. I hear my son come in from school while cleaning the kitchen and cooking dinner. To my surprise, he has a guest with him – the young former bully. My lesson must have worked because now they are actually friends! A bit embarrassed, I greet the boy and we tease each other and flirt before I send the off to play video games before dinner! I sit down to check my emails and before long, the young boy is in the kitchen with me. He begs to play again but I tell him that it was only a one time thing and that we shouldn’t have even done it. He doesn’t seem to understand how wrong it is, or maybe he just doesn’t care, because he slips off his cartoon underpants and begs. Seeing that he isn’t going to go away until he gets what he wants, I reluctantly lean forward and put my lips and mouth around it. He gets so excited that he starts humping my face and moaning with delight. He keeps shoving my head down onto him trying to gag me with it, and before long, he orgasms while holding my head tight against his trembling little body. He runs off to go back to his friend as I wipe my mouth and face. Hearing silence from the boys, I start cleaning up the mess in the floor. I didn’t notice the young boy sneaking up until he jumps on my back begging to play “horsie” and rub himself all over me again. I told him that I already gave him what he wanted, but he is already undressed and shoving himself into me. I give in and enjoy the young innocent cock inside of me, humping me hard in doggy and pulling my hair until I cum and send him back off to go play with my son.

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Download Noelle Easton - My Sons Bully Pt 2.mp4

Noelle Easton – My Sons Bully Pt 1

Having observed my innocent young son being bullied by another boy, I decide to take action. Telling on him just won’t do the trick. I’ve heard what a spoiled, young brat he is, so I’ll have to teach him a lesson on my own. I sit the young bully down and demand some answers. My tone grows more stern as he gets a bratty attitude with me. I can tell this boy isn’t going to be taught easily. He seems to be staring at me and not even listening to what I have to say! He seems to agree to be nicer to my son, so I lean forward to give him a hug and comfort him after being so harsh with him. To my surprise, the young pervert starts kissing on my neck before I could pull away! I reprimand him but slowly start getting turned on by the boys brave advance. Ashamed at how turned on such a young boy could make me, I shy away. But then I get the naughty idea that we could make a deal. I tell the boy that if he stops bullying, maybe we can play around and do some adult games. I see how aroused he is getting, and can’t help but to pull down those cartoon underpants and get a taste of that young, hairless cock. I tease his smooth penis and hairless balls before pulling up my skirt and taking my panties off to shove my pussy into his face. I push it back onto his little mouth and wet tongue and grind, shake, and twerk all over that cute little face. He rubs himself all over my wet pussy, even sticking it in when I didn’t even tell him to! By the time I’m through with him, he won’t even have the energy to bully my son anymore!

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Download Noelle Easton - My Sons Bully Pt 1.mp4

Noelle Easton – Slutty Mommy Stories

Your slutty older Mommy motions you into the room, dressed in a short tight skirt and a busty top. She knows you’ve seen the naughty things she does with men. You’ve noticed Mommy undressing and playing in the bed with men as you peek through her doorway. You think you’ve been sneaky, but I’ve seen you every time, and I’ve been showing off extra for you. Now, I want you to watch me undress as I tell you about the nasty things I do to men and then we can practice. We can practice by taking off your cute cartoon underpants and me touching you. Your young, innocent body is tingling as I run my hands up and down your smooth developing penis, wrapping my motherly lips around it and stroking it until you finally cum.

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Rose Black – Your Horny Tipsy Aunt

Older Woman / Younger Man, Sex Ed, MILF, Taboo
Your aunt has been staying at your house for the weekend to celebrate a special girls’ weekend with your mom. She’s absolutely trashed and has been napping on the couch for the last hour or two so you took the liberty of “exploring” her room. You’re looking through her panty stash when she stumbles in nearly oblivious of you in the middle of the room. Oh my goodness! I didn’t see you there! Hey, is…. is that a boner in your pants or do you just have a boner? You have a boner. When my sons were that age it happened all the time. My life is just full of dicks! Oh, boy, did you know your mom could party? She is making me look like an inexperienced young one again oh my goodness! I think she’s getting ready for us to go out again tonight but I need to find clothes. Are you in my panties? Ah, that explains the boner. It’s been so long since I was with a cock that young. Mmmm….. I should find a refill for this wine. What do you think I should wear tonight? Is me licking this bottle giving you a boner? It must be so much fun to be your age. Boners at your mom’s sister’s panties and at watching her suck a wine bottle neck. If you were a little bit older, I would show you exactly what I can do with this tongue. Are you old enough to know about vaginas? Since your cock is hard, it’s clear that you must know about erections. Your mom would get mad if she knew, but I can teach you about vaginas. Watch what happens when I put this bottle between my legs. That’s what I would do with your penis. Ah, yes, inside just like that. Now let’s keep this a secret. You’re old enough to have sex, but I don’t want your mom to catch us and get mad. It will be more fun if this is special, just between us. Play with me before she’s ready to go out and I’ll let you keep my panties for later.

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