Sherry Stunns – Mommy Shows David How To Make A Baby

Today he asks his mommy where babies come from, and she is more tan happy to help. But he won’t get some lame birds and the bees story… She gives David a brief overview of her anatomy, and how things work. This just makes him even more curious. So being a god mommy, she decides that showing him exactly how it works is her best option. David’s mom puts his penis in her mouth, and gets it nice and hard. She explains that this is how she likes it. Now that he is hard and ready, mom slips it inside of her… and it looks like David is a natural! He fucks her good and deep with his virgin cock. Before he even knows what is happening, he lets loose a huge load of cum deep inside of his mom! She can feel how much he came and how good it feels leaking out of her. She congratulates him on a job well done as you can see his big load leaking out of her. Such a good boy!

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Sherry Stunns – Mom Likes Porn Too

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