SienaRose – Mommas Gamer Gets a Blowjob

I am working around the house and notice you are wearing your headphones and into your game. I am feeling flirty and I have you pause your game to let you know I wanna play with YOU. I tell you to just continue playing while I give you a nice dirty talking cock and ball worshipping blowjob mixed in with some hot titty fucking! I absolutely love your cock and I show you how much I love worshipping it until you finally explode all over my facing, covering it! NOW you will be able to concentrate so much better while you continue your game!

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SienaRose – Your Mother Is A Slut

It’s the weekend and I come wake you up because I don’t want you to waste the day! As you head down to the kitchen you spy on me getting dressed in my lingerie and my new, pretty red dress with matching heels. Your father is supposed to take me out to lunch and I am wanting to look damn good for him because he hasn’t been paying me any attention and I am in need of some serious affection. I come into the kitchen all dressed up to go out to lunch but I am shocked that he is wearing his golf clothes and he is blowing me off AGAIN. You compliment me on my pretty outfit and it cheers me up a little, your always such a sweet boy to your mother! I decide to go ahead and catch up on some household chores. You have been watching me all day and can’t you just can’t take it any longer once you see me wiggling my ass while doing the dishes so you sneak up behind me and press your cock against my ass- I grind back against you, thinking that your father came home early for me. Of course I am shocked when I realize it is you but I quickly tell you that I haven’t had sex in a long time and that I am so horny! Before long I am on my cock hungry knees sucking you and admiring your hot cock. I get up and take my dress and panties off, showing you my sexy lingerie- I make you lick mommy’s aching pussy before climbing on top of you, riding you virtual cowgirl right in the kitchen floor where I cum soooooo desperately hard before draining your balls in me!

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Siena Rose – Stepmom Blows You

I’m you step-mother and I just came home from work . I see you jerking off so I come in and close the door behind me because I am overwhelmed with lust for your big cock. I tell you that your cock is way bigger than your father’s and that I REALLY want it in my mouth. I come over to the foot of your bed and slowly strip to my lingerie, talking dirty to you. I climb up on the bed and you let me stroke, worship and suck your cock. I’m so hungry for your load-suddenly my cell phone rings and I pick up the call – its your father. But I make sure I keep your cock in my hand and I talk sweetly to him before hanging up. I can’t wait to get you back in my mouth – I suck you until I make you cum all over my tits and in my greedy mouth, I don’t want to waste a drop of your big, hot load. After all, I’ve never had a cock this big nor have I seen so much cum!

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Siena Rose – Moms Panty Fetish Punishment Part 2

I have come home from work and I sit down, talking to you while mindlessly fidgeting with my scarf that you really like. I see you looking at my legs so I uncross them and recross them to show you a flash of my pretty red panties. I tell you I have to take a shower and I leave the room. I come back in, wearing only my robe and I start looking under and around the couch for something I “lost”. You can see I am wearing a buttplug. Finally I get up, go through my purse and take out a dildo and a pair of panties. As I stand up my robe opens, flashing you my naked body. I leave them room as if nothing happened. Later I return wearing my nightie and a cute pair of panties. I have the laundry basket and I ask you to strip down so I have enough clothes to do a load of laundry. I hand you a pair of pink panties and tell you that you can wear those. I leave the room again and you realize I dropped a pair of the panties I was wearing earlier. You pick them up and sniff them and before long you are finding a trail of panties to collect all the way up to the bedroom. I later walk into my bedroom and catch you jerking off with all of my panties and scarves. I tell you that you took the bait – I knew you had a weakness for these things just like I do. I tell you about Aunt Aubree’s panties and your sisters undies as I tease you with them, making you stroke and sniff them before I lean back and start stuffing my panties into my pussy while you stroke your cock to me!

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Siena Rose – Mother Needs Your Cock

I sit you down to discuss the last time we fucked and you let me know you want more. I protest and end up sucking your cock and fucking you in various positions until you cum inside me.

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Download Siena Rose - Mother Needs Your Cock.mp4

Siena Rose – Moms Panty Fetish Punishment

I am your mom and I didn’t realize you were hiding in my room when I came in to change and start the laundry. I take my clothes off leaving my panties and stockings and put on my robe. When I come back to my bedroom with the laundry basket I catch you masturbating and sniffing the panties I left on the bed along with my scarf. I’m angry, call you a pervert and other nasty names- and then I tell you I am going to punish you so I tie your hands with my scarf so you can’t make a mess. Then I tell you a secret – Mom likes panties and scarves too. So now you’re helpless to just sit there without stroking your cock while I torment you with seductive talk about stealing my sister’s panties and scarf so I can masturbate with them. It must run in the family. I continue to talk to you while I touch myself and sniff my precious items, telling you how good they smell with pussy and perfume. But I make it even worse on you – I tell you my daughter just came home from cheer practice and that I have her sweaty, wet panties too. I masturbate, panty stuff, wipe my juices and sniff everything. Once in a while I am nice and give you a chance to take a big, pungent sniff. Doesn’t it make you wonder what I do to you at the end? You will end up with a mouthful of nastiness, sweet son.

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Download Siena Rose - Moms Panty Fetish Punishment.mp4
Download Siena Rose - Moms Panty Fetish Punishment.mp4

Siena Rose – Taboo Mother Seduces You

You’ve come into your Mother’s bedroom as I am putting on my nightgown. I approach you and tell you and ask if you have still been masturbating to me? Are you still having incestuous thoughts about me? I tell you that I have been giving it some thought and I’ve been thinking about it and that tonight I’m going to make your fantasy come true. I lay down on the bed and talk seductively to you as I slowly take my panties off and spread my legs for you. The taboo talk in this vid is heavy – discussing how I want my son’s bareback cock in my ovulating pussy. I tell you that I want your seed, that we have great genes together. The entire time I am spread with closeups on my face, tits and pussy – there is no penetration nor virtual sex here. Only pure taboo talk and seduction as I pleasure myself watching you stroke your cock to me.

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Download Siena Rose - Taboo Mother Seduces You.mp4

Siena Rose – Fucking Away Your Shyness

Custom: You are outside talking to your cameraman about what you plan to do and explain you want to do it with a young boy. You admit that you are hesitant at first, but would like to know how it feels. You said you’ve heard from your friends who have babysat this little boy that has a big penis and are curious to find out. While talking to the cameraman you see the boy shooting a basketball and start talking to him (you looking down at the camera height difference). You start talking how he is working on being a starter when he goes to Highschool next year. He asks what’s up with the camera and you it’s for a documentary or something. You start flirting with him asking him if he has a girlfriend as responds that he’s shy to talk to girls. Ask him if he needs a ride as you say it’s supposed to rain and take him “home” but it’s actually your house. He says it’s not his home and you tell him the real reason why you have the camera and that you are going to fuck the shyness out of him. You bring him in and tell him to wait as you put on something more revealing. I come out wearing sexy lingerie and have redone my hair and makeup. I talk seductively to you and then tease your cock with my hands and mouth, telling you this sensation is similar to what a pussy will feel like. Then I climb on top of you and ride your young cock until I make both of us cum.

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Download Siena Rose - Fucking Away Your Shyness.mp4
Download Siena Rose - Fucking Away Your Shyness.mp4

Siena Rose – Taboo Blackmail

I’m your mother in this POV style romp! You spy on me having sex with my boytoy and confront me the next day about it. I try to deny it but you’ve filmed me on your phone and you threaten to rat me out to Dad. I plead with you and you tell me the only way you’ll let it go is if I recreate everything I did with him for you. I protest and tell you that mother’s shouldn’t do that with their sons, it’s wrong! Finally I realize this is the only way I can keep from ruining my marraige so I agree. I go change into the lingerie I wore for him and then I strip it off for you. I tell you we don’t have very long because your father will be coming back home soon! I sit down on the edge of the bed and proceed to give you a blowjob before you tell me to lay back because you want to eat my pussy. Then I tell you if you want to fuck me then do it. We fuck in several positions. I tell you that you can’t cum in me because I’m not on birth control. We both cum in the end and I realize you didn’t pull out! I tell you that we can NEVER speak of this again and I grab my clothes and hurry out of the room!

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Download Siena Rose - Taboo Blackmail.mp4

Siena Rose – Mommys Afterschool Snacks

Another naughty taboo vid! I wanted this one to have a Stepford Mom vibe to it…Mommy baked cookies for you and whipped up some nice buttercream frosting so you could have an afterschool snack. You say you didn’t have a good day at school so I offer to suck your cock again to make you feel better. Since you didn’t want the cookies I decided to put that frosting to better use so I frost your cock and take my time cleaning it all up for you. I suck your cock loudly and talk to you real sweet like a good momma. Then I tell you we changed the rules and you are now allowed to cum on mommy’s tits. I take them out and titty fuck you before putting it back in my mouth. Then I stroke you off and make you unload your young cum all over my chest and tits like a good boy.

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Download Siena Rose - Mommys Afterschool Snacks.mp4
Download Siena Rose - Mommys Afterschool Snacks.mp4