Lucy Alexandra – Mommy Still Loves You

Mommy Roleplay, JOI, Taboo, Silk & Satin, MILF

You’re playing up and jealous that I’m going out that evening, I know just how to pacify you, do you want to play with mommy’s big tits, suck on my nipples, oh no, that’s made you hard, let me help…

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Lucy Alexandra – Step Mom Seductress

Mommy Roleplay, JOI, Taboo, Silk & Satin, Pussy Play

Your dads home late again, you’re walking by my room and I ask you of your plans. I inform you I’m a bit neglected and ask in a not so subtle way for attention, make me feel beautiful…

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Rae Knight XXX – Sharing A Hotel Room With Mommy

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It’s so difficult when we travel, hotel rooms vary and sometimes we must share a bed. Climb into bed honey, mommy will be there in a moment, I am just trying to find my panties! Give mommy a goodnight kiss and climb into bed. Oh dear……is my round, juicy ass giving you an erection? I can feel your hardness right through your jockies. Here, mommy will slip off the panties. Put your young, hard cock in mommy’s ass crack. You will never fall resting now. Your penis is way too hard. Here, take everything off and get close to me. I can feel your hard penis my goodness. Let me masturbate you. That will help it go down and then we can rest. Does mommy’s hand feel good? I bet it does. Let me get totally naked. Look at mommy’s massive tits while I stroke you. Where would you like to cum? On my face? Tits? You’re going to ejaculate. That’s good…..look at my tits and spray them honey!

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Rae Knight XXX – Mom Will Help You Study For Sex Ed Exam

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You have been studying for 3 days and nights in the office and mommy is getting concerned you haven’t taken a break. So Mommy brings you a snack to give you a break and asks what in the world your have been studying so hard for. You hesitate and tell her not to worry, that you are fine. She insists….asking you to show her your laptop, maybe she can assist you with your studies. You tell her no…that you are doing fine and need no help. She keeps insisting and now is getting annoyed that you wont show her your laptop. Finally, you lie, and tell her you are studying for a sex ed exam. She tells you that she is very good in that subject!!! What chapter are you on? She pulls your laptop from you and now you are exposed!!!!! She looks at your laptop and sees that you have been watching taboo porn for 3 days straight!!!!!! Shocked!!! Is this what you have been doing???? Is this how you see your mom??? You try to deny it but the computer doesn’t lie!!! She sees everything! Clearly mom and son’s going at it…..You tell her that she is your mom and that is not how you see her. But she tells you that she has to look like a mom and act like one…but you didn’t know her back in her youthful days!!! Does mommy have to show you??? I still have it!!!!! Come in my bedroom….daddy isn’t home….let me show you just how much mommy still has it going on!!! You go into her bedroom….your cock is already stiff and now your real fantasy is about to come true….mommy starts stripping….slowly exposing her huge tits and amazing ass in her full back satin panties.. You had no idea you mommy had such a hot body…but now is your chance…daddy isn’t home….mommy doesn’t like fucking him anyway…..she needs a young, hard cock that is full of cum!!!You love the fact that mommy wants you….she begs for you to stick it in….bareback…..leaving your seed deep inside her ovulating womb…..she wants to crawl into bed later with daddy , but with your seed swirling around deep inside.

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Kylee Nash – Horny MILF Propositions You

You’ve been doing some work for the hot, older neighbor lady. You’re done for the day, but she wants you to stay and talk. She tells you she knows you give the money to your family because your parents are struggling financially. You’re such a good boy, doing whatever it takes to help out. She asks if you’d like to do a little “extra” to earn even more cash. Oh, you’re saving yourself for your future wife? Isn’t that cute! But you don’t really want to have no idea how to please a woman on your wedding night, do you? It’s good for a young man like you to get some experience, and there are things we can do while keeping you a virgin. There, it’s not so bad letting your horny MILF neighbor suck your virgin cock, is it? Of course, if an ambitious boy such as yourself really wants to get ahead in life you’re going to need money for college, and there’s an easy way for you to get those much-needed funds. It’s just going to mean you’re no longer a virgin…

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Snsultry – Daddy Cheated So Mommy Goes Taboo

Hazel has recently found out that her husband has been cheating with his MOM! She can’t believe it! How could he be fucking his own mother! However, when she explains the situation to her sons she looks down and notices both of them have boners. She hasn’t been laid in a while so maybe it’s that, but her sons all the sudden seem very appealing to her as well. She decides if her husband can do it, maybe she can to. Time for mommy to teach these boys a few things.

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Kathia Nobili – You Are Mommy’s Wedding Night Lover

What is it my baby boy! You know it is my wedding day…I’m marring your father! Yeah…sweetheart…I know how much you love all that satin on me! Believe me…..mommy will have a big surprise for you tonight! Good evening my baby! Look at mommy! Do you know why I was booking your hotel room just right next to my? I want you to be my wedding night man! And now tell me baby…do you like mommy all dressed up in wedding dress?! Mmm…sweetie…Of course mommy loves you the most and now….I want you to take me my baby boy! Right here…like this! I know you love to feel mommy’s satin all over you…..and now….in my wedding dress….ohhh baby, you have a lot of it! Let mommy tease you at first..making your cock nice, hard for me and then….let me feel your hardness my baby! It been all day….all day I was thinking about this moment…..when you will fuck your mommy in her wedding day! It so ..well…wrong…..but I need you inside me my baby! And I know you wish the same! Then take you mom baby! Just stick your hard cock inside me, feel how mommy’s pussy getting so wet for you! Ohh….you are so naughty…well…Mommy just sit on the top of you, sure…and ride your big cock! You wanna see me…my face how your make me goading your cock! And feel that silky satin all over you my baby! Mmmm…you are just the best lover of my life my son!!! But in this special day…I want something special from you! Mommy wants you inside…all your warm cum my baby! Cum…cum inside me my son!!!

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Tara Tainton – Do Not Do Things Like That to Your Mother

How dare you… We used to have such a great relationship. I knew I could always trust you. I raised you to be such a nice, respectful man. And you… walk right into my bedroom, pull out your cock, and… and think you can just reach out and TOUCH me?! No, you WILL NOT do things like that to your mother. You’re going to go to your room, finish yourself off alone… I DO NOT CARE how many times you claim you can only orgasm in my presence now. That won’t last, that will all change. This nonsense is all going to end now. …but not the way either of us can predict.

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Rae Knight – Secretly Wanting My Son

I went into your room before you got home from lacrosse practice and found naughty taboo porn left open playing on your laptop!!! It’s just been us since step-daddy left so I have been very lonely. You came home from lacrosse practice and jumped into the shower. Little did you know, I have been secretly watching you naked in the shower and rubbing my swollen clit to your hard, young cock!!! I approach you after the shower to tell you what I saw and that you don’t need to watch that anymore!!! I think we can fulfill each other’s needs and desires!!! I am very lonely and very horny, just like you. I will even let you in my tightest, naughtiest hole!!! Give me a very naughty anal creampie!

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