Jocelynbaker – Date Night With Mommy

It’s Friday night and your date stood you up! What an awful way to start the weekend. You head back home and slam every door on your way in. Women can be SO difficult some times. You’re in the guest room when Mom rushes in to ask if every thing is okay. You knew you should have been more quiet on your way in, now you have to explain what’s going on. You quietly say that you were stood up and don’t want to talk about it. Just as you suspected Mommy immediately tries to console you, assuring you that you’re the most handsome boy in the world and that any girl would be lucky to have you. She suggests maybe you hang with her tonight, just cause your day started off wrong doesn’t mean it has to end that way! You’re bored and don’t really have anything else to do so you agree. You both head to her room where she attempts setting up a movie. Your mom has never been the best with technology and after a few minutes realizes the rental expired, looks like you won’t be watching anything tonight. Just as you’re about to leave Mommy slips her night gown down to expose her soft breasts. They are glorious, you know this, but you also know it’s wrong and you turn your head. Mommy pulls your focus back to her and encourages you to let her take care of you. Why waste your time with these immature girls when you have Mommy right at home? You’re tell her it’s wrong, that you two can’t be doing this! But as her hand strokes your cock, she whispers something that feels so right can’t be wrong. You melt and in that moment you’ll let her do anything. She lays you down and takes your big cock into her mouth. Taking her time with you, she worships from the tip to the balls. The act of Mommy touching you alone is enough to make you cum, but before you shoot into her mouth she playfully mentions you can fuck her, too. You tell her you don’t have a condom but she wants it raw. She mounts herself on top of you and slips your dick inside her wet hairy pussy. Her hole swallows up your dick and with each thrust you’re closer to the biggest orgasm of your life. She begs you to fill her up and hearing Mommy beg for YOUR cum makes you explode with your dick twitching with every shot. After a few seconds you slip yourself out of her and immediately your cum is dripping down her pussy and ass. She wants you to get a nice close look at the mess you made and you don’t resist. As you’re down there she mentions you should NEVER date again, not when you two can do this.

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Tara Tainton – Your Teacher Wants To Know If The Rumors Are True

You’re a straight-A student who’s found yourself in detention for failing an exam you know you aced. And now, you have the audacity to confront your teacher and demand to know why she failed you undeservedly. But you’d never guess the truth. Lucky for you, she’s okay with sharing it. For a price. For a little exchange. You see, there are rumors going around the school – among the girls – that YOU have the biggest cock of all the boys. And teacher wants to know if the rumors are true. In fact, she demands to see it. And more.

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Goddess Stella Sol – Mommy Domme Wake Up JOI

My silly boy drifted off on My bed again while I was away and you know it disappoints Me to find you here after a night of jerking with no pants on. I know how you love sniffing My sheets and pillows in search of My scent and the sex that I have had here. Newsflash, I got to hear you talk in your dreams this time. It is so cute that you are so addicted to My body. Sniff My ass, stare at My tits, make yourself completely hot and bothered. In fact, I’ll even let you cum because it is so endearing to know the power I have over you. Know that you are so lucky to have Me as Step-Mommy, so cum for Me while I stare at you and then get out because I want My bed back

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Download Goddess Stella Sol - Mommy Domme Wake Up JOI.mp4

Araisyours – Mommy’s Satin Slip

Instructional, Mommy Roleplay, Riding, Silk & Satin, Taboo
Mommy crawls into bed to wake you..I want you to kiss mommy’s pussy hunny…please? It’s okay son, mommy will show you how…watch my face as I orgasm from my sons’ lips…you’re such a good lay back down for mommy and let me make you feel good too hunny…

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