Sloansmoans – Mommy Finds Out

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I’m cleaning your room one day and I find your journal… little do I know what I’m about to read. Countless sick fantasies written about bondage, and gang bangs, and impregnation. And what is even more repulsive is that they all involve ME. You watch me get used by all your friends and you always finish me off with a creampie. I’m sickened by this and I can’t believe you could possibly have those thoughts about me. I’m angry and upset and I start to get a headache as I scold you. You hand me a pill and… next thing I know I wake up naked, with my arms tied over my head. I struggle and beg and plead with you to untie me but my cries are no use. You use me, fuck me, make me beg for your cum and by the end I’m exhausted and worn out. But now… I’m yours. Days later I prove to you that mommy is all yours now by writing my own sick fantasy and by seducing you into fucking me again. I ask to be tied up and call you my dirty boy. My body is all for you now and I prove it by turning into a cum-begging mommy…

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Sloansmoans – Your Daddy Made Me Do It

Watch as your mommy comes to tuck you in one night. She kisses you on the lips and tells you that she needs to tell you something. (The conversation lasts about 7 minutes) She begins by telling you that her and daddy have a very adventurous sex life and that she likes to do whatever daddy tells her to do. She really shouldn’t be telling you this, but as her and daddy were having sex the other night he asked if she would ever want to do things to you, their son. She was horny at the time so she said she would. Right before daddy made her cum, he told her that she needed to seduce you. She agreed because she was so horny. After she came she felt bad and guilty because she didn’t think she could ever do anything with you. But as time went on she started getting really turned on at the idea of being with you. She starts kissing you, passionately, like lovers do. She asks to see your cock and she can’t believe how big it is. She starts touching it begins to get so, so turned on. She kisses you over and over again. She then tells you that she wants to try more with you. She says that maybe she wants to do what daddy asked of her. She stars sucking your cock and is so horny for you that she apologizes but says that she wants you to make love to her. She gets on her back and guides you into her pussy and as you start fucking her she gets more and more turned on for you. She can’t take how good it feels. She tells you she’s about to cum and notices that you are too. She asks you to cum inside her. She begs you to breed her. She cums with you and kisses you sweetly afterwards. She then tells you that you can’t tell daddy that you came inside her because that wasn’t supposed to happen. She doesn’t care though, she hopes that you made her pregnant…

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Sloansmoans – Mommy’s Mistake

Son has a headache so mommy gives him some tea to helps him feel better so he can get ready for school. Mommy comes back and realizes the tea she gave him was Daddy’s tea, an herbal erection inducing remedy. Oops, mommy made a mistake! Now his cock is huge and he has a big boner! Mommy then decides she needs to help him because he cannot go to school with this hard boner. She first decides to go topless and show off her sexy beautiful tits for visual stimulation to help him. When she realizes this is not making the boner go away she decides to help him by stroking his cock to her sexy tits. Still he cannot release and he’s so hard and big now, Mommy says she knows how to solve the problem. Mommy gives him a wet and sexy BJ with her gorgeous mouth until his cock gets harder and bigger and ready to explode. She then takes his load all over her face making a big mess and now he’s ready to go to school. Mommy says sorry for the mistake, but she had a nice morning with her son. It’s their little secret.

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Sloansmoans – Making Mommy Your Wife Instead

I love you so very much, son. So much so that I think about you while I masturbate. I plunge my fingers into my pussy as I cry out for you and the thought of you makes me cum quickly. I can’t help myself… One day i’m in the kitchen and see you come home iwth the biggest smile on your face. You tell me you have news and I listen eagerly but when I hear the words come out of your mouth I’m in shock. dissapointed. angry. Saddened. You’re getting married? I tell you your making a mistake but ultimately know it’s your life. I walk away in a fury. I run to my bedroom and tell myself that I must do soemthing to stop this. I’m so emotional at the thought of some skank trying to take you away from me. I must do something big. I go through several outfits looking for something to wear- something you won’t be able to resist. It needs to be perfect… later on I call you to my room and tell you that we need to talk. I tell you again how wrong she is for you, that she doesn’t deserve you. I go on and on until finally I confess that I think your needs can be met here at home. I slowly tell you that I can fulfill your needs, yes, even your sexual desires. I take off my robe and reveal my sexy lingerie underneath. I tell you to look at me, look how hot I am, look at my boobs you used to suck on. You can’t say no to me. All of a sudden I’m on top of you, grinding on your cock, telling you to keep fucking your mommy. I’m all that you need. You don’t need her. I talk dirty as I ride you until I slow down and get serious. I wan’t you to promise you’ll leave her. She can’t fuck you like mommy can. You agree and I ride faster and harder begging for your sperm, begging you to make me pregnant. i want your seed, son. Fill mommy’s pussy. Make me your wife. Of course, you cum inside me like a good boy. I thank you and immediately grab your phone to call your girlfriend. I tel lher whats happened, how she lost and it’s over between you two. I don’t think she belives us so I send her a pic of my pussy but still, that’s not enough. I tell you we need to make a video to send her. I get on my knees and take your cock in my mouth as i record myself blowing you. I tell you to cum to prove that you love me and I catch you cumming in my mouth on camera. It’s perfect. I send the video and tell you that our life together begins now…

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Sloansmoans – Cum On Mommy’s Tits

Watch as Mom catches Sammy masturbating in his room. She is so embarrassed at first as she scolds him and tells him to cover up. But then she starts feeling so terrible for walking in on him that she tells him to continue… Though she is reluctant at first, Mommy starts getting really horny at the sight of Sammy stroking his cock. She knows he sneaks glances at her huge tits all the time so she uses this information to tease him further. Mom decides she wants to help Sammy finish. She gives him a handjob and titty fuck, at which point she begs Sammy to cum all over her tits…

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Sloansmoans – Mommy Indulges

I’m laying in bed one day alone- I have the house all to myself tonight. But then there’s a knock on my door, son is that you? It is. I’m surprised to see you because you’re supposed to be out on a date. I notice you’re upset and I ask you what’s wrong. You don’t want to tell me at first but eventually you admit to me that you can only get hard for one person, and one person only. And that’s… me. I’m shocked at first, but then I slowly begin to share that I too have fantasized about you. As soon as I admit this I get cold feet and tell you to leave, this is so wrong, I shouldn’t have told you this. Instead you push me back towards the bed. Now that you know we have the same forbidden feelings for each other, you need to have me. I’m reluctant though. I tell you that it’s wrong, we could get in trouble for this. Yet my body is responding differently. I put my hand on your cock and feel how hard you are and begin to unravel. I admit to you that I know what you want and I know what you need. While you love every part of me, there’s one thing you want the most: my tight, virgin asshole. I strip for you and put my ass in your face. You want to eat it all up. That’s it honey, fuck my ass with your tongue. I’ve not allowed anyone to have a taste, perhaps I’ve been saving myself for you… I grind my ass on your face and talk dirty until I’m satisfied and need your cock deep in my pussy. I straddle you bounce on your dick until we both explode. From now on, my ass belongs to YOU.

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Sloansmoans – Meet Your New Mommy

Watch as you and your mom come over to my place for a po*ol party. I’m your mom’s best friend and she’s told me everything about you and your mom’s “special relationship”. I don’t necessarily believe it all but then I walk into my room to grab something and I catch you standing there with a pair of my dirtiest panties in your face! Now I know that the stories are true. You are a little pervert! You go to leave but I block you in. I know all about your fetish for dominant women and now that you’re here alone with me I want you to jerk your cock as you sniff my panties. I start teasing you by showing off my sexy body in my bikini and I talk dirty about how you love sniffing my dirty panties. Your’e reluctant to keep stroking but I get the best of you. I then start teasing you more and tell you how I bet you want me to get my bikini all dirty for you too. I take off my bottoms and begin to masturbate and I rub them all over my pussy just for you. All the while I’m dominantly teasing and seducing you. I get them all nice and wet and tell you that you better keep stroking your hard cock for me. I take it even further by telling you to come over and start eating my pussy. You are hesitant and say fine but that’s as far as you’ll go. I laugh and tell you that we’ll see about that. You lick up my pussy and I know you love my flavor on your tongue. After a few minutes I take my bikini top off and rub it all over my asshole. I shove it up my ass several times and then drop it on the floor and I just know that you’re going to pick it up to sniff it all up. I tell you that after you’re done smelling my bikini I’m going to put it back on and wear it in front of your mom just to prove how much control I have over you. You try to leave again but I don’t let you. I get on my knees and grab your cock and shove it in my mouth. You try to fight back but it’s just a BJ… plus you don’t have a choice. You’re getting weaker and weaker for me. You bitterly enjoy my sucking and I tell you that I want more. I push you down and hop on your cock (POV cowgirl sex). You tell me you can only fuck your own mom and I laugh and say that I’m your new mommy now. I own you and you’re my good boy! I tell you that I’m going to use your cock for my pleasure and I cum twice. I tell you that I don’t care who can hear us because your new mommy doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else. I then tell you that it’s your turn to fuck me. I lay back and spread my legs for you (missionary POV sex). You’re still resistant and you’re almost hate fucking me at this point but I just tease you about it. I tell you that I know you love your new mommy and that you’re going to cum deep inside me. You love your new mommy. I then tell you to cum for mommy, cum for new mommy, over and over again until you fill me up…

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Sloansmoans – Mommy Rewards Hardwork

Watch as mommy waits for you to get back from your long, hard work day. She’s so proud of you for working so hard that she wants to reward you and help you relax. She strips out of her skimpy outfit and and teases you by gliding her hands all over herself. She tells you that you can have all of her… she then surprises you by giving you yummy blowjob because you’re such a good boy…

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Sloansmoans – Gold Digging Stepmom Wifes You Up

Story begins after I’ve finally finished divorcing your father after he stepped down CEO of his company passing it on to you, his son. Since I had nowhere to go after being put out by your father, you invited me to stay with you. I visit you in your bedroom and watch you get horny for me. I tell you that I’ve seen your porn history and you kink is to give up control to dominant women. That’s why you’re with me, after all. I remind you how tomorrow is our wedding day and begin to have my way with you. I make you cum 4 times. I start by giving you a handjob with lots of dirty talking about all the dead beats I’ve left broke and homeless. I tell you about my old secret and how we used to cuckold all the time. The excitement has you prematurely ejaculating. I’m not finished with you. I then move on to a blowjob. I tease you and edge you mercilessly and tell you how sexy it would be if you came deep inside my throat… which you do… eventually. I can’t help but want more so I give you a titty fuck and handjob combinations. I playfully admit that I’ve been with loads of guys and seen all kinds of dicks. Somehow, all the cock I’ve taken turns you on… The more I talk, the harder and bigger you get. This drives me wild and you love it too. So much so that you cum as I’m tittyfucking you. Lastly, I mount you. My big tits swing in your face as I whisper about what a slut I am. I tell you that your future wide is not the innocent flirt you thought I was. I beg for your cum deep inside my pussy. I want you to creampie me and impregnate me. I ride you so hard and fast and when you’re close to cumming I change my mind and hop so you spunk all over yourself. I laugh and tease you. It’s so easy to manipulate my step son and soon to be husband…

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Sloansmoans – Gold Digging Stepmom Dominates You

I’m your gold digger stepmother and I knowingly seduce you since you’ll be inheriting your father’s position as CEO. I’ve been cheating on your father with different men at my secret job as a masseuse. You pay me a visit and I begin to seduce you. I dominate you as I give you a handjob and blowjob, making you to cum twice for me. I tease you incessantly and bring you to the brink of orgasm several times before I let you cum. I become so horny for you that I ride your cock (cowgirl POV) and beg you to impregnate me. You can’t resist so you release your seed into me and that makes me laugh because I tell you I’m on the pill and you fell for it like all men do.

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