Sydney Harwin – Little Dick For Moms Pussy

This video is a continuation of “Little Dick For Moms Mouth”, taking place a few nights later, where mommy calls you to her room again to suck on your balls and tug on your cock, but this time she wants you to experience full on sexual intercourse with her. She is apologetic as she fucks you, but explains that she just can’t help herself when shes around you.

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LatinSandra – The Bully Has A Secret

I decide to go over to your house(my son’s bully) dressed in only a coat with lingerie beneath it. When you answers the door I walk inside and get straight to the point. I know you are the school Alpha who bullies all the wimpy, students, including my son but I’ve come to cut a deal with you. If you promises to stop bullying my son, you can have your way with me and fuck me with your big Alpha cock anyway you please. I drop to my knees to suck your big Alpha dick only to see that you are actually packing a FAR from big and Alpha cock. OMG! It’s the cutest and smallest thing I have seen. A deal is a deal so I am going to let you fuck me anyways, or at least try and I am going to encourage you to fuck with that cute and small dick of yours. Promise me to stop bullying my son and you can TRY to fuck me with that little dick of yours. I can bend over and you can try to hump me from behind, if it doesn’t work then missionary it will have to be. OMG, there aren’t many positions we can do with that small and cute dick of yours. I’ll even let that little dick of yours cum in me, I mean how much cum can it actually unload? Come on, keep going, keep on fucking with that small dick I kinda like it in some way. Don’t be shy, keep pumping me with that little dick of yours until you unload in me. This is my first time ever with such a small dick but I am kind of liking it. Do we have a deal now? You stop bullying my son, you don’t tell anyone about us and in exchange I will not tell anyone about that little itsy bitsy dick that the big Alpha bully is packing down there.

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