SmilesOfSally – Mommy Squirt Cures Corona Virus

I know you are sad about being sick, but don’t worry because mommy is going to take care of. She climbs into your bed and promises to take care of you. The world is falling ill to the virus, but mommy has a very special medicine. Just relax and open your mouth. Mommy spreads her juicy delicious pussy wide open and using her vibrator she squirts directly into your mouth. You lick up all the sweet juices and thanks to mommy’s cunt you are cured from the nasty sickness.

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Download SmilesOfSally - Mommy Squirt Cures Corona Virus.mp4
Download SmilesOfSally - Mommy Squirt Cures Corona Virus.mp4

SmilesOfSally – Making Mommy Happy Makes You Happy

You have had a hard day at work and your girlfriend has a way of cheering you up. There was one time you tried mommy role play and you loved it so your girlfriends suggests it again. She knows that by focusing on making mommy happy you will forget about your own worries. So you look deep into her dark brown eyes and open her wet, hairy cunt wide to please her so you both can cum.

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SmilesOfSally – Big Sis Teaches Lil Pervy Brother

You see your big step-sis on her bed still in her school uniform and sports bra touching herself as she fingers her hairy pussy. But she catches you being pervy in the corner. At first she is mad but then she calls you over. The truth is you are just a dork and you really need to learn from her since she is bigger and better than you. So she shows you first her clit because it is important you learn female stimulation. But then she turns over and spreads butt cheeks as you look at her asshole while she fingers it. She has so much fun teasing you and you have so much fun learning!

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SmilesofSally – Taboo Mommy Talks Dirty To Son

Mommy is putting on her red lace panties and then she notices someone is watching. Over in the corner is her son sheepishly peeking. But she tells him not to be ashamed, in fact Mommy encourages him to watch. She tells him to come over and take a look at her hairy cunt. Come closer she says and let Mommy be your little slut. She wants you to fill her tight holes and have his fat cock fill inside her bum. Next time maybe he won’t be so shy. Mommy is ready for more.

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