Sydneypaigex – Mommy Loves You

Mommy knows you love her… all of her. She knows how you stare at her- she knows how sexy you think it is when she smokes her cigarettes. She loves you too… So she gives you that love- she shows and gives all her love to you. She even smokes a cigarette while she rides you because she knows how it drives you wild. Let her take care of you… but it’s our little secret!

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Penny Barber – Stoned Mom Seduces You

All this time around your aunt and cousins is so exhausting, do you mind if Mommy undwinds with a J? Don’t be a prude, I do pretty much whatever I want these days. Or whoever I want. Including you darling, if you feel like messing around. A little fun secret just between you and me about the time Mommy put your stiff cock between her soft tits. Let me just slip out of this dress so you can get a good look at me topless in these sexy stockings and garters while you decide if you want to play with Mommy.

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Download Penny Barber - Stoned Mom Seduces You.mp4
Download Penny Barber - Stoned Mom Seduces You.mp4

Bettie Bondage – Girlfriend Finds Your Mother Son Porn

Your girlfriend shows up with a little treat in hand You’re not huge stoners, but you were recently talking about how ganja makes you both feel horny and relaxed. And she says that’ll be a good mindset to be in, since she has something she wants to talk about. Lazily, she lights up, smirking as she inhales, exhales, plays with the smoke, holding it loosely to your lips as you drag. She tells you she had to use your computer and while trying to find something she downloaded, she stumbled onto your porn folders. Your taboo porn folders. She laughs when your face betrays your attempt to stay cool, reassuring you that she’s not upset. She just wants to discuss it. She tells you she found the folder of all the mother-son stuff, saying again that she’s not upset. Quite the contrary. She thinks fantasy is important. Sexy. Healthy. Even the stuff you fantasize. “But,” she says, “I did notice that all those women looked a lot like your mother. A lot…is there maybe something to that?” You freeze. She’s cool, but is she that cool, that open? You don’t need to respond, though, before she’s smiling again, opening her sweater, telling you that its ok. She wants to explore it. She wants to talk. For both of you to touch yourselves while you explore. While she encourages you. Encourages you to stroke and think about all the naughty, taboo scenarios that were in those videos. Stroke and think…about your mother. Is this really happening? As you bring yourselves closer and closer to orgasm, dirty talking and encouraging, she tells you to wait. She’s going to get something… She leaves, and when she returns, she’s carrying something. A picture. Framed. A framed picture of your mother! You can’t believe this. Really? Yes, really. Yes, really, your girlfriend is holding a framed photo of your mother between her legs, against her naked, smooth, wet pussy, stroking your cock and telling you to cum all over your mother’s face. Telling you that its just what she wants. It’s just what you want. And she’s right.

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Erotic Nikki – StepMom Takes Your Virginity

Taboo, Dildo Fucking, POV, MILF, Smoking
Honey, I have something to tell you. Today, when I was cleaning your room, I spilled a big glass of water that you had on your gaming center. Unfortunately it spilled into your gaming console and ruined it. I’m so sorry. I promise that I’ll make it up to you. I know how important playing those games is to you. Of course, I’ll buy you another one but, I really don’t want you to be mad at Me. I didn’t realize it but, My silk gown had opened up and you were able to see one of your StepMom’s My big MILF tits. I catch you looking and, at first, am a bit angry… Then I see that you have an erection. Seriously? I’m like 50 and you are turned on by Me? That’s making Me kinda hot, honestly. I have an idea of how I can make it up to you. How about if I take care of that hardon for you. It’s better than you going to your room and jerking off, thinking about your StepMom. I can suck it for you. It’s not really wrong… I am just your StepMom. You show Me your cock and I’m impressed by it’s size. As I smoke My cigarette and suck you off I can’t help but want more. You are still a virgin, right? Yes. StepMom is going to take your virginity. Do you want you fuck your StepMom? I turn around and guide your beautiful cock into My tight MILF pussy. Do you like the way that feels? StepMom’s pussy is perfect for your first time. Now, cum for Me.

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