Sophia Sylvan – Home For the Holidays

At last, you’re home for the holidays, arriving quite late on Christmas Eve. Your sexy, curvaceous mother awaits you dressed in only a short satin robe and maribou heels. She missed you and she missed your cock too. She begins to undress, unwrapping the best of your presents. Soon your erection is springing to attention, and she asks you to undress too. Your mother teases you, flaunting her ripe, mature body, her strong legs, her round, full ass that you love more than any other. She peels down the straps of her satin slip, revealing her perennially perky breasts. She talks dirty to you, then taking her in her hand, which you adore, her grip confident and experienced as ever.
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Sophia Sylvan – Mommy’s Naughty Dream

You sneak in to your Mommie’s bedroom when you hear some strange sounds. You see your Mommie taking a nap, sprawled on the bed, having some sort of naughty dream. I’m moaning and touching myself. After a bit I wake up and I ask you to sit on the bed. I was dreaming of when Daddy comes home and we’re going to make love…I tell you that you’re a big boy now and you can know these things. It won’t hurt you to see a woman’s body–why not your own mother’s? I show you my breasts and panties, talking dirty and teasing you. I peel off my panties and jerk you off with them..Mommie knows best.
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Sophia Sylvan – Your Mother Wants Your First Fuck

I’m your mother and it’s been hard for me getting divorced from your father and moving to a new town. I only have my little boy to talk to, though you’re not so little anymore. I’ve gotten in the habit of talking a little (or a lot) too openly with my son, even talking about my sex life or lack thereof. I went out with some girls from the office after work and got a little tipsy…so our talk goes in a somewhat naughty direction pretty quickly. I confess that I miss your Daddy’s sensual lovemaking…that I’m lonely for male touch. I ask you if you think I’m sexy, even though I’m an older woman.
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Sophia Sylvan – Secret Time With Mommy

You come into Mommie’s home office, anxious for my attention. Daddy isn’t home yet, and I know just what you want- some of Mommie’s special attention. I know just how to take care of my son, so I tell you to strip down. I take my boy in hand and give you Mommie’s special treatment. I jerk you off POV style, but you want more- you want what Mommie gave you before, her breasts, her body, everything. Daddy will be home soon so I’m nervous but I take off my top, and bra..for my sexy son. I jerk you off but you want Mommie’s pussy- there’s no time for that but I take off my skirt and slide my satin panties over your cock and flash my pussy at you, and then rub my ass on your dick, so silky with Mommie’s panties. I talk dirty to you about your little girlfriends, getting the nasty details about what you do with those little girls. I’ve taught you well. I jerk you off on my breasts and then lick the come off the end of your dick…
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Sophia Sylvan – Bad mommy kitchen jerk off instruction

I see you’ve come up from your room and I know just what you’ve been doing, young man. I decide you will prepare your own dinner, and take some punishment along with it. I make you take out your penis and show me how you jerk off, since that’s what you do all day anyway. I need to know you’ve grown into a proper young man. I hold your dinner and make you pump your cock in it to show me how you think fucking should be. I lecture you the whole time and tell you I don’t want you to be a two pump chump like your Daddy, you’ll be a better man than him and learn how to respect women. That’s why I got rid of your Daddy in the first place. As a reward for promising to be good I touch your cock with my gloves and then give you jerk off instructions on a cucumber. I let you lick Mommy’s pussy.
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Sophia Sylvan – Pervert motherfucker

I am wearing a thong, bra, stockings and heels, talking about how I know your dirty secret. You want to fuck your own mother! I describe in explicit, dirty detail just how she’d dance, dress for sex then strip down for you. How hot your Mom is for your cock. How she’d suck you. Continue to download »

Sophia Sylvan – Like a dream

Sophia Sylvan – Vile Habit – Like a dream
You and mom are staying at grandparent’s house for a visit and have to share a spare bedroom. We have to leave early so we settle in for a nap. I am sort of lecturing you on something but your mind, and your eye, are wandering, down past my silky robe to my inviting thighs, and further down to my seductively high heeled feet.
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