Kelly Payne – Watching Moms Porn

Mom’s found out that not only do you know about her secret “porn job” she thought she could keep hidden from you, but you also have been watching her porn?! She isn’t sure how to talk to you about it, and when she does sit down with you to talk about it she has anxiety, you end up with a boner and mom leaves the room asking if you could both just forget it ever happen in the first place. You follow her into the kitchen and when she sits down and tries to talk to you again you reach underneath the table under her dress and finger her. She allows it for a minute and then stops. Just because she makes taboo porn doesn’t mean you and her can be intimate together. You continue to push and try to finger her when she sits down, until finally she gives in climbs on top of the oven and you fuck her brains out.

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Kelly Payne – Fucking Mom In The Dryer

Moms doing some laundry, when you walk in on her. She is wearing short shorts and a tank top bending over in the dryer and you can’t resist yourself. You come up behind her and push her further inside the dryer so she can’t move or get away. Pull down her shorts and push yourself inside of her tight wet pussy. She tries to resist the pleasure and orgasms, telling you to stop, but she continues to cum all over your cock, you pull her out of the dryer and convince her to sit on top of it so you can continue fucking her, bending her over the dryer until you cum. Shes horrified you came inside her so you suggest she brings herself to orgasm so it will all cum out. She sits on top of the dryer and brings herself to a squirting orgasms, your so turned on and hard again you tell her she has to let you cum again. She gets on her knees and helps you, until you explode all over her tits.

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Taboo Girl – Son Blackmails Mom

Mom Deserves To Be Punished I was watching you naked in the shower and masturbated to you unknowingly, or so I thought. You noticed, sneakily recorded it and used it to punish me.

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Painted Rose – Moms Masturbation Lesson Edge

Mom accidentally caught you stroking… she didn’t know you did that yet. Mom was so turned on that she went in her room and sensually and erotically touched herself thinking of your young cock. Later on you come and and have questions. Mom doesn’t want you to learn it wrong so she decides to teach you about proper erotic masturbation. She teaches you about edging and squirting today. She says you can’t fuck her yet, but you can masturbate with her for visual stimulation to learn how to edge. Mom wants you to have a huge volcanic eruption. She sucks on her little dildo in front of you and then starts showing you her tits and pussy. Mom fucks herself for you and encourages you to jerk to her and you two cum together.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Gets Naughty with Son and Dog

Mom was on her way to the gym when she realized she forgot to let the dog out,, she calls her friend and lets her know she’ll be late. She drops her keys and realizes she’s got a hole in her leggings. When the dog sneaks up behind her and starts licking her, shes startled and makes him stop. But after thinking about it bends back over again and starts really enjoying herself, so much so she loses track of time. before she knows it her son comes home in the middle of one of her orgasms. She knows she’s caught and doesn’t explain herself well. She notices your boner and tells you what a weirdo you are and lets both just hurry up and forget about this. but you want to watch and talk mom into letting you. which ends up turning into lots of naughty and inappropriate fun between you and mom and the family pet.

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Taboo Girl – Mom and Sons Fucked Up Relationship

Mommy and Son have a very intimate fucked up relationship. People are noticing and talking, but we don’t care- they’re just jealous. Mom comes home to Son waiting for me. I saved up all my pee for you and I’m so happy to see you! I dirty talk, strip tease and then get you to come to the bathroom with me for our favorites! First, I pee all over you (oh there’s so much, so I turn around bend over and watch as I do more on you), then I warm up my pussy just the way we like it until I can’t take it anymore and demand your cock. We fuck and I cum hard and squirt all over your cock. I lick you clean and give you a blowjob until you cum in my mouth. Everyone thinks we have a fucked up mom and son relationship, but it’s just the way we like it!

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Taboo Girl – Mom and Son Cuckold Dad

It’s my birthday and you forget again. It’s not that you don’t love me, you are just so busy and away for work a lot. We don’t have sex much anymore- your sex life has become your hand and I am left horny and desperate at the peak of my sexuality. Since it’s my birthday I should get the gift that I want most. I convince you it’ll be good for our marriage and make us all happy again. I need a man at his peak to fuck me while you watch and jerk off to your wife being satisfied by another man. But not just any man, I have had my eye on our son and now that he’s 18 it’s my chance. You reluctantly agree to my demands. I change into sexy black lace lingerie and son walks in-that’s how I planned it. I seduce him as you sit in the corner and watch. After a successful seduction, I demand that son get his cock in me and fuck me. He has a big gorgeous cock at it’s prime, unlike your measly little thing! You watch as I get satisfied and orgasm hard. But you still need a release. I make you come on you knees by the bed and eat all of your son’s cum dripping out of my pussy. It makes me so horny and I cum again squirting and queefing into your mouth.

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Taboo Girl – Mommy Makes You Her Valentine

I’m your mom and I am going to make you my Valentine. I left you a card asking you to be my Valentine. I just want you to think you get to choose, but in reality I will make sure you want to be my Valentine no matter what. You are reluctant but I have a sly, loving Mommy way to your heart that you just can’t resist. I’m making you my Valentine and my forever little mother fucker.

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Taboo Girl – Catching Mommy Masturbate

You catch Mommy masturbating to porn, and you stop to watch. When I catch you watching me, I decide that you must be punished. I’ve been spying on you masturbating to porn too and this is my chance to blackmail you into cumming for me. First on your knees and watch me masturbate as I squirt all over your face as punishment. I finally let you cum too and then invite you to lick my pussy. What a good boy!

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Penny Barber – Cream for Mommys Coffee

Cream for Mommy’s Coffee Recently you’ve been fighting against the impulse to fuck me, but I can tell that you want to, strutting around in your revealing sweatpants every morning, hard as hard can be. Mommy wants you and I’ll find a way to convince you eventually, whether it’s with my big tits, my squirting pussy, or my bizarre sexual requests. Because I need you all the time. Everything makes me think of your hard cock and your thick come. Speaking of which, this coffee could use a little cream. Why don’t you just stand there, let me get on my knees, and tease out the cream you have for me in your fat balls?

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