Casca Akashova – You’re A Disappointment To This Family

I have been having a hard time in school, in better terms, I was failing. I knew I could never let my Dad know I would never hear the end of it from him and his wife. I was trying to be on my best behavior but my Stepmom Casca realized and knew I was up to something. I had to admit to her that I was failing, she lost it on me and kept yelling at me. I need her to promise not to tell my father, she agrees but only if I do one thing for her… fuck her…

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Reagan Lush – Busty Step-Mom Bribes Son Into Banging

Your step mom Reagan Lush would like to speak to you about something… She found your report card in the trash can, and you are failing all your classes. “If you be a good boy, and play with me… Maybe I won’t have to tell your Dad.” Reagan begins to strip off her dress, and starts to play with her giant breasts. She takes off her dress completely, leaving Reagan naked. Your step mom gets on her knees and begins to suck and lick your cock. She deep throats, and her tongue goes wild all over your cock. “You really are a bad boy.. You’re lucky I don’t tell your father about this.” Reagan licks her lips, and goes right back to sucking your cock. She stands up, and bends over the couch, as you shove your cock inside of her. Reagan moans in pleasure as you thrust harder. Your Step Mom’s ass is bouncing up and down, “Give it to me better than your Daddy does!” Reagan sits up, and jumps on top of your cock. Your Step-Mom bounces on your cock, her big breast going up and down. Reagan begs for you to shove your cock deeper inside of her. You get on top of Reagan, and start to fuck her as she’s laying on her back. She lifts her legs over her head, and rubs her nipples. Your Step-Mom is yelling out in pleasure as you make her cum all over your cock. Reagan promises to not tell your Dad about the grades, but you may have to fuck me again soon.

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Melanie Hicks – Lonely Step Mommy

My husband is away on business so it is just me and my stepson all alone in the house. I was relaxing in my nightie, I was hoping my stepson would see me sitting there looking all sexy. Soon he comes by and tells me he wants to take a nap. Well that is disappointing! I was hoping he could step in and satisfy me while his dad could not. I suggest he come nap with me instead and after I assure him everything will be ok he agrees. I confess to him that I am very lonely and his dad hasnt satisfied me sexually in a long time. He admits that he has always wanted to be with me and after I assure him his father will never know, he agrees to us exploring. His dick is much bigger than his daddy’s and I have no problem sucking it down while he gropes me. After getting him all worked up, I offer him my pussy and he fucks me so much better than his dad does. He fucks me in both missionary and doggy while I cream all over my stepson’s dick and beg for his cum inside me. Soon he can’t hold back and my stepson dumps his load into my mommy pussy! I thank him and let him go take his nap.

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Tara Tainton – I Always Knew My Stepson Was A Big Perv

God… if only I had known. I would’ve… would’ve… PUNISHED you in some way. Oh, but I did anyway, didn’t I. hee hee. You couldn’t help yourself: standing there, just waiting for me to come out of the bathroom after my shower. Yes, you hoped to see something, didn’t you. You were watching me for so long. Did you see me make myself come? See my bare tits? Watch my slide on my silky sheer pantyhose? You little perv… but you had to have more, didn’t you. Yes, waiting for me like that – hoping – for something. I hope you got what you deserve.

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Dirty Princess – Stepmom Caught Watching Porn

Your dad is out of town and I am having a little alone time while you are away. Watching some porn in my room dresses in sexy lingerie touching myself starting to get into the video im watching BAM it happens you walk in the room without knocking. We are both shy and embarrassed but i decide to have a talk with you and tell you its ok its no big deal. Girls watch porn all the time, can tell you shy but liking seeing my sexy body dressed in strappy lingerie. Still horny because I didnt have my orgasm yet I see your cock in your pants. I want to show you its no big deal so i invite you to watch me watch porn and touch myself. I encourage you to take your cock out and stoke your dick to me pleasuring myself. I have you so hot and worked up I get you to blow a huge load right on my face… heheheeh now you love your HOT MILF.

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