Goldie Blair – Mum Found My Porno Mag

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Rae Knight XXX – Aunt Raes Teen Nephews Visit

You’re finally of age and staying at your Aunt Rae’s house. She’s secretly been wanting you so bad and notices how big you are at the pool through your swim trunks! Aunt Rae teases you in her hot purple skimpy bikini and gets that teen cock throbbing!!! She brings you into her bedroom and does a sexy strip tease out of the tiny bikini and tells you to get on the bed. She ties your arms behind your head then slides a cock ring on your teen cock to keep it hard for her to do everything to!!! She expects multiple cum shots from a young guy like you!!! She starts with a BJ and titty fuck then rides you till you squirt into her pink pussy! Of course she isn’t finished. Your cock never goes down and she slides you into her tight ass and rides your cock more until you blow another load in her ass! This is going to be a great relationship with her hot, teen nephew!

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Mixxxie – Spring Break with Mom

I’m so glad you came home for spring break. I’ve missed you so much! You know how your dad is always on the road and leaving me alone. I get so lonely without you here to keep me company. I can’t believe what a man you are now. I can’t help but think about all the things I want to do to you. I start stripping and tempting you with my sexy body. Telling you to pull out your cock. I finally convince you to come with me and I have to jump on your cock right away. Riding you and making my tits bounce around. I turn around and keep riding and grinding on your cock while my ass shakes and jiggles. I turn back around and let you keep fucking me until you feel like you’re going to cum. Go ahead and cum inside of me sweetie, I want to feel it. We have a pretty fun spring break ahead of us. Oh did I forget to mention that I’m not on birth control?

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IvyStarshyne – Impregnating Mother

Your mom recognizes that you’ve been busting nuts around here and there. She doesn’t like it. She’s talked to dad and they both agreed your sperm is meant for greater things. This family doesn’t believe in spunk not having a purpose. So, since they want another baby and dad doesn’t have the goods anymore, it’s up to you to impregnate your own mother.

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Rae Knight xxx – Discover Moms Online Cam Profile

I come in your room to say hello and I find your laptop open to my cam profile!!! OMG how did you find that??? I can explain!!! Please whatever you do, don’t tell daddy!!! He can’t know that I go online and make young guys cum all day long. You have to be quiet!!! PLEASE!!! I’ll do anything just to keep this between us!!! What?! You want me to show you what I do for my fans? Oh no..but you are my son!!! Ok Ok…I will give you a show just like I do for all the young boys who watch but you can’t mention this to daddy. It has to be a secret!!!

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IvyStarshyne – Moms Practice Cam Show

Mom has been needing to come up with some extra money, and her friend told her about being a cam girl. Apparently you have your own experience in that arena, so she asks you to help her out. Posing and stripping, she asks what you think. Does it look okay? Does she make the right faces? Giggle enough? And when it comes to her getting enough tips for it, does she put on a good show? She trusts your opinion, so make sure you let Mom know!

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Penny Barber – Flash Cards And Fellatio With Mom

I hope you are as excited as I am for our little vocabulary study session. I am sure you will get plenty excited once we start and it will be easy to see it in those pants you are wearing. Remember the rule is that for every word you get right Step-Mom will flash you or take something off. Was the thought of seeing these big tits and round ass enough motivation? If you do well enough to get me all naked then I might just do something to your dick that is so stiff from all this learning. A good job on your test equals a blowjob in my bed so you better be studying hard.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Strips For Your Best Friend

You call your mom letting her know you completely forgot to plan your best friend’s bachelor party. Mom suggests just taking him to a bar. You ask her if she’ll strip for him. Mom’s thrown off a bit… yes she used to strip but that was years ago and isn’t it kind of weird to have your mom strip for your friend? You tell her he’s always had a crush on her and ask her please. She agrees and gets ready telling you to let yourself in when you get there and put him in her room and she’ll take care of the rest. She is dressed to impress! Wearing her sexy high heels, cat ears and sexy black lingerie. She turns on some music and slowly starts teasing and stripping. At the end of the song she asks if you would like a lap dance. She continues to tease you and rub on your hard cock through your pants. You suggest a little more… maybe a happy ending. She laughs, thinking your joking. Aroused and feeling incredibly sexy and desirable she easily gives in and starts sucking your cock. (VS BJ switching into Dildo POV BJ) She continues to enjoy your hard cock and then pushes it between her tits and lets you titty fuck her for awhile. Your friends mom gets so aroused she can’t take it any longer, she needs to feel your cock deep inside her wet pussy. (Virtual Sex POV switching into Dildo POV) Your both about to cum when her son, your best friend walks in the room. She tries to find words as she was so close to orgasm, and you simply shove your cock back in her. She pulls away a moment as she notices her son’s boner and her own son implies he wants to play as well. Taken back a bit, she pauses and considers this… until finally giving in as you and her son convince her. You continue to fuck her white she sucks her sons cock, then watch her get fucked by her son while you stroke your own cock. He cums inside her and now it’s your turn. you pull her back towards you and start fucking her again watching her tits bounce as she cums all over your cock. After you fill her pussy with more cum she pulls away and brings herself to a massive squirting orgasm. After a moment of ecstasy, she starts to come down from her orgasmic high and it dawns on her what she just did…

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Alluringali25 – Mom Needs Sons Dick

It’s mom’s special day, mother’s day. You are such a sweet son for spoiling mom today. However, you can tell mom is disappointed since her husband isn’t taking her out. What can you do to make her feel better? Mom starts talking dirty, wanting something filling, long, and hard…of course she means massage. She lotions her legs after asking you to, but you just stare since you could have sworn mom was talking about something else. She teases you as she rubs her legs, again, talking dirty and coyly. Eventually, she comes around to saying she wants her son’s cock, especially since she sees that you are worked up. Before you know it, Mom is stripping down and telling you to do the same. She grabs your cock and starting sucking your cock before riding you. Both of you cum, but she begs for you to stay inside. Mom is going to get you hard again. Mom rides and then shows off how much she came all over you. She sucks before telling you to fuck her, show her what a man you have become. Mom gets fucked missionary, even after Father messages her on the computer. Fuck him, her son is pleasing her better than he ever could. Since you have came in Mom’s pussy, Mom wants to swallow your second cum load.

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