Ariel Anderssen – Stepmom Striptease

MILF, Taboo, Older Woman / Younger Man, Striptease, JOI

I’ve dressed up to drive you wild! In high heels, tan holdups, an obscenely short skirt and white blouse displaying my red bra beneath, I present you with a vision of what our future could be like, with me visiting you at every hour of the day, to ensure you’re always satisfied. At least five orgasms a day for you seems just right, and I describe how I’ll make sure you achieve them, while stripping off my clothing until I’m fully naked for you. At which point, I really think it’s time you had an orgasm for me. So I thoughtfully count you down.

Ariel Anderssen – Stepmom
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Ariel Anderssen – Upskirt Aunt And Your End Of Year Exam

Taboo, Older Woman / Younger Man, MILF, High Heels, Striptease

Oh dear, you appear to have been a bit distracted during your end of year exams! And as a result, you’ve not done very well. I wonder what it was that distracted you? Surely, it wasn’t the fact that you’re staying with me, was it? Surely it can’t be ME that’s the distraction, since I dress so sensibly and conservatively. Take my outfit that I’m wearing right now, for example. You can’t claim that there’s anything too sexual about it, surely? The tights, for example, or the lovely soft leather skirt? Or the high-heeled leather boots? Or the fact that I’m not wearing a bra? You’re not distracted by lusting after me, are you? Because if so, we’re going to have to do…something…about it.

Ariel Anderssen – Upskirt Aunt And Your End Of Year
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Jocelynbaker – Mommy Finds Your Porn Stash

Mommy cleans your room while you’re not home and she’s shocked at what she finds. Not only was your room a total mess but she stumbled across your porn stash too! Of course Mommy is curious to see what her boy is watching and she’s appalled when she plays the video to see it’s taboo. She can’t believe you’re actually fantasizing about your mother but she can’t ignore that her pussy tingles at the thought. She confronts you when you get home but things quickly go from scolding to something more sexual. Mommy peels off her blouse and demands you stare at her breasts. If you love Mommy porn so much, this should be your dream. She hasn’t been fucked properly by your father in years and lucky for you she has a lot of stress she needs to relieve. Mommy lays you down on the bed and sucks your cock before mounting you and riding all the cum out.

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Sloansmoans – Mommy Rewards Hardwork

Watch as mommy waits for you to get back from your long, hard work day. She’s so proud of you for working so hard that she wants to reward you and help you relax. She strips out of her skimpy outfit and and teases you by gliding her hands all over herself. She tells you that you can have all of her… she then surprises you by giving you yummy blowjob because you’re such a good boy…

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Yogabella – First Time Babysitter Custom Video

So what do young people like to do with their babysitters? Play games? I notice you have a boner… I have a game we should play. How about I do things and if you don’t touch your penis I’ll give you a prize!! Good job! You did it!! I guess I’ll have to give you your prize now… put your penis in my mouth!

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Iamyetti – Teacher JOI

Teacher JOI fantasy where you are the only male student alive in the school and every female teacher including Yetti is fighting to get your cum. Yetti describes to you about your new school where all female teachers will wear sexy clothing to class to impress you.. including her. Yetti confesses that your cum could save her life, she can’t live without your cock, and that she hasn’t had cock in such a long time so she needs your cum to explode on her. Yetti explains deeper about the clothing that she will wear to school to compete with the rest of the female teachers. Yetti says things about wearing outfits that reveal cleavage or short skirts that you could see her panties easily when she bends over. Yetti discusses with you the routines where you will choose which female teacher to use to have your cock sucked first thing in the morning before class starts. Yetti despises any female teacher you would choose over her. Yetti insists that she has all types of bras and panties that she could wear each day to get your attention so you are never bored. Yetti strips for you; showing you her sexy bra and panties she has on and asks you to start stroking.. to not be shy, that you can do more than look. You can touch too. Yetti says that you can touch her tits or ass anywhere in the school or in front of anyone. In fact, Yetti tells you that you can fuck her whenever you want in the school, it could be in the middle of the class or down the hallway. It doesn’t matter where or when.. all you have to do is let her know and Yetti will let you fuck her.. as long as you give her your cum and not the other teachers. Yetti encourages you to stroke more as she gets completely naked and asks for your opinion on how she looks. Yetti loves your hard cock.. so she tells you that she could wear only a bra and panties to school from now on to get your full attention. Yetti would do anything for you, literally anything.. from sucking your cock to letting you fuck her more than anybody else could. Yetti asks you to cum all over her and after you do.. she tells you that she doesn’t want you stroking to any other teachers anymore or she will be very frustrated as she puts her clothes back on and leaves the room.

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Yogabella – Wish I Was Your Babysitter Custom Video

Hey, You were spying on me. Like what you see? I know your a virgin but I want to play with you. Let me put you in my mouth… feel good? How about you put your penis in my doggy style… just because you came doesn’t mean you can stop fucking me! Cum so many times!!

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Mixxxie – Masturbate with Mom

I can’t believe that you’re still stroking your cock thinking about me all the time instead of spending time with the family. We are going to settle this once and for all. I will let you watch me while you stroke your cock and cum. I know what you really want is to slide deep inside of your moms pussy because you are such a pathetic excuse for a man. You will have to settle for getting to watch me touch my tits, shake my ass, suck this dildo and slide it inside my wet pussy while I describe all the ways you want to fuck me and cum deep inside of me.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Strips For Sons Friend

So you came over to your friends place, but hes out and only his mom is home. She wants to get to know her sons friend a little more…she asks if you like older women…you still think theyre grosse… OH BOY – wrong thing to say, she is out to prove you wrong.

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