Taboo Girl – Son Blackmails Mom

Mom Deserves To Be Punished I was watching you naked in the shower and masturbated to you unknowingly, or so I thought. You noticed, sneakily recorded it and used it to punish me.

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Penny Barber – Mommys Dark Secret

You’re home from college and ready to destress. Between earning your PhD in psychology and breaking off your engagement with your girlfriend, all you really want is to spend some time at home with Mommy. But things have been rough for me, too, dearest. Your father hasn’t exactly been attentive and I’ve taken to sneaking some vin de table in the evenings just to have an escape. Speaking of which, would you like to have a glass while we play a little game? As the evening progresses, our inhibitions erode until we’re having the most open, frank discussion about sex and relationships that we’ve ever had. It isn’t long before your cock is in my mouth, hard and beautiful, and I don’t just want you in my mouth either. You slide into my sex, feeling your own mother’s desire holding and squeezing you—and I only get tighter as I drizzle candle wax all over my large, soft breasts. With each drop of pain, my vagina tightens and moistens, urging you to come inside of me. Can you keep Mommy’s dark secret?

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Roxee Robinson – Taboo Mommy Gives In

Mommy has decided to give herself to you. No limits. You can take mommy anyway you want. Mommy will do everything you say and give you everything you want. She will be your submissive slut. You can have mommy’s cunt and asshole. Stuff her holes full. Mommy’s tight little ass will need some training.

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Nicole Rogue – Slutty Mom Wants Your Virgin Cum

You wake up rock hard at your bestfriend’s house. He’s laying in bed beside you, awkward, so you get up to see if you can slip off somewhere to solve this big problem. You slip out and notice his Mom’s light is on, and suddenly you remember just how hot she is. Perky, squeezable tits, big wide baby making hips, huge bubble ass… You had made up your mind, and you slowly open the door to her room. There she is, bent over her bed, in tight as fuck shorts, showing off that amazing ass. You feel yourself grow harder right as she turns around and notices you. Oh my GOD! You scared the crap out me! What are you doing up, aren’t you supposed to be with my son? She laughs, leaning back on the bed and letting you get a good view of that amazing body. You nervously laugh and explain you can’t go to bed, and after some coaxing you admit it’s because you’re too damn horny to go to bed. At first she’s reluctant, but then grows obviously horny. Okay… you’ve never been with a girl before, right? Let me teach you the ropes, get that cock out, and get it hard for me to suck. She teases you with her amazing curves and then takes your virgin dick in her mouth, teasing with her perfect lips and tongue. I’ll assume if you’ve never been sucked before you’ve never been fucked either… Why don’t you use her pussy and fill it with your huge virgin load? I hope my son doesn’t find out what a nasty little whore I am…

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Viera May – Submissive Mom Gives Son JOI

Son don’t be embarrassed but I found something naughty in your bedroom! My red thong! Now do you need to tell mommy anything? Your horny! Well that’s normal David! You can ask mommy anytime you need help with a situation like that! Let me help you now! Go ahead and pull out that dick! Good boy! Now jerk that big dick for me! I strip out of my blue lingerie and slip into the red thong you love so much! I start to finger myself! Jerk it faster baby! I tell you I will do anything you want! You ask me to be your piggy slut and oink! I have no problem doing whatever you ask! Yes son! Oink! Oink! Oink! Cum on mommy’s slut face! You jerk that dick and cover me! It’s all over my face! Good boy! I need to go clean myself up! Don’t tell daddy about this!

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Paintedrose – Mom Is Sons Cum Whore

Son checks in with Mom when she get’s home late about where she was and he then accuses her of being more than his football Team’s ‘Team Mom’. She denies it at first but, then admits it. Son says he won’t tell Dad but she has to be only his cum slut now. She declines at first but, then submits to his wishes. He shows her his big dick and she sucks in and then he comes in her. She is worried about pregnancy and they agree if she gets pregnant, they will pretend it’s Dad’s baby.

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Freaky Mommy Fantasy – Little Puck

Mommy comes to wake you up for school with a mimosa in her hand, wearing some sexy lingerie and you can see the faintest traces of lipstick writing on her tummy and the backs of her thighs…she notices you have a huge stiffy and gives you a big smile. “You’ve been such a good boy around the house lately, don’t you think Mommy should help you with your chores.” She convinces you that it’s okay for her to trace her fingers along your cock, daddy isn’t home, there’s no one around, and she wants to help you. Your dick quivers and grows larger as she begins to stroke you, telling you she just wants what’s best for you and that she’ll give you everything you need. She giggles and exclaims that she has something to do just the trick! She returns with some pills your dad has been slipping her…crazy sexy pills that get her all hot and horny, that make her breasts swell up…she admits that you might have to help her with her swollen tits just as she’s helping you with your swollen prick. The pills make her get all worked up and even hornier than she already was for you…she gets on her knees and begins to suck you all sloppy and giggly and moaning…her eyes keep crossing like she’s some weird anime girl all mindfucked by how amazingly fucked up it is to be sucking her hot son’s cock! She gets sloppier and louder and crazier as she sucks and strokes you til she’s begging for your huge load and you can’t help but release an epic fucking nut in her mouth…and then again on her face!

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Download Little Puck - Freaky Mommy Fantasy.mp4

Naughty Auntie Gangbang – Little Puck

Fuck, what I have made you into! You’re such a bad boy…bad like me, we’re definitely the black sheep of the family. Wow, ok, so you’re demanding my pussy right away? You’re such a needy nephew aren’t you?! But I’ll give it up for you good boy, you deserve it. Oh, you wanna punish me for being a bad auntie? You’re right I’m such a naughty lil slut, do whatever you want with me.” You write Fuck Toy and Cum Slut on your aunt’s body to prep her for what’s to come….you have big plans for her slutty fuckholes tonight…you tell her you’ve brought over a bunch of your high school friends and you’re gonna pimp her out for cash to save up for a car. She protests at first but she can’t help but touch herself at the thought and she wants to please you desperately…she craves your dick above all else and if it’ll make you hard to see her used and pimped out to your friends…then she’ll do anything to make you happy. She takes the first cock POV doggystyle and lets the filthy fucked up dirty talk spew out of her mouth for you and all the horny boys you brought over. Then she mounts the second boy, riding him and moaning loud until another guy cums all over her tits while she’s bouncing on cock. The thick cumshot gets her dripping wet and she cums so hard! All the guys shower her in tips and it makes her so horny to be used like this! She wants to save up enough money so you can get a car and drive over to her house and fuck her whenever you want! She gets on her knees and strokes off two cocks on both sides of her while sucking on your nephew dick (POV), she begs for her your cum and you shoot a huge load all over her glasses, giving her a nasty fat facial. But your aunt isn’t full of cum yet, she needs more! She mounts another guy, a virgin, in reverse cowgirl and takes his virgin cock with her fat ass bouncing in his face. She talks so dirty and cums so hard while another guy shoots his load all over ass!

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Download Little Puck - Naughty Auntie Gangbang.mp4