Sydney Harwin – Mommys Dirty Holes

Whats up, boy? You don’t wanna taste Mommy today? Why not? You used to love licking Mommys cunt when you were younger. You think you are a big boy? You ain’t no big boy, your still Mommys lil boy. Don’t tell me you’ve got a girlfriend? How fucking ridiculous is that! You only need Mommy… now get over here and lick Mommys dirty holes clean… Put that tongue to work inside Mommy, thats it. Good boy for Mommy. Had enough yet? Why don’t you play with your stiffy as you suck Mommys clit, go on, make that willy squirt all in your hand.

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Savannah Steele – Momma Savie After Workout JOI And CEI

Custom: I’d love if Savie Steele were in workout gear like yoga pants & a sports bra. She “catches” me peeping at her after she gets home from the gym. Tease me a lot with her sweaty ass & big tits. Include lots of face. A lot of Savie spitting onto my cock (telling me to rub it with her spit) I’d love if she pulled her tits out of the bra at the end. Then a cum countdown & make me cum on her boobs & then make me lick it up.

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Quarantine Yoga

Mom’s been loving yoga since quarantine started, but now that the power’s out and the well pump isn’t working, things are starting to get ripe…you’ve always loved watching her do yoga, but lately she’s been catching on to your spying. Still, you can’t help it. And today, with her skin glistening with sweat, you catch her not just stretching, but touching. Smelling her body, her fingers after they trail down inside her yoga pants. She’s letting off pheromones, it seems, an enticing aroma, making your cock stiffen as you watch her. Of course, you’re not very subtle, and it doesn’t take long for her to catch you. “How long were you watching?” she asks, only half-shy at this point. You’re both so pent up, so hungry, starved for affection and touch, and between you is the knowledge: she touched herself, you watched, and she knows it. If its going to happen, it’s going to happen now, you just know it…so you push it. Press yourself against your mother and wait, hoping for the reaction that gets you even closer…to your utter joy, she pushes back, touching you, resisting at times but overwhelmed altogether by the need for you, your hands, your mouth…all over her. Inside her. When she lays back and spreads her ass for you, it seems too good to be true, but you’re not going to waste time. Gripping her hips you slide your cock into your mother’s tightest hole, fucking her ass while she moans and begs for more, for your cock, for your cum.

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