Sydney Harwin – Mom Son Friend

You and your best friend are having a competition on who can say the rudest word, when your mom walks in to ask if you are both okay. She spots you both giggling, hiding something and soon gets it out of you. She laughs when she hears the words you boys think are rude, and has some rude words of her own to spur you on… Then she has an idea! If you boys enjoy naughty competitions, she thinks you should compare your penis size just to see who’s is bigger. She promises she wont look, but she does, and excitedly notices that yours is a little bit bigger than your friends cock. She then takes things one step further… she wants you both to jerk those dicks and see who can cum quicker… but whoever cums first is the loser, and whoever can hold off the longest, gets a very special reward for showing her your stamina. It isn’t a surprise that at the mere sight of her pussy hole spread open, your friend has a little accident on the carpet, spilling cum everywhere. He is embarrassed, but your mom soon gives up the reward to her son, which is to fuck her cunt until she gushes squirt juice all over your cock! Your friend is instantly hard and tugging at it for a second time as he watches your mom use your dick as a play toy, sliding along it to make herself feel good. She moans and squeals and tightens around you, pumping away with her pussy, taking all of you in easily and banging hard against your balls. You cannot speak, you are fully enjoying the sensation, your mom using you as a masturbator. Your friend excitedly jerks, cumming again at the sight of what is happening in front of him. Your mom then pulls off you, taking your dick in her hand and wanks you off onto her pussy and swollen clit. She wants to SEE how much cum you can produce, and the faster she uses her hand, the faster you are pushed to the biggest fucking orgasm of your young life! You can feel the tip of your cock rubbing against her soaking wet, dripping cunt and you just can’t hold back any longer… Juice and biscuits anyone?

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Sydney Harwin – Caught With Your Mom

Whenever your dad is too tired to fuck your mom, she comes to you for comfort. Today, your father is napping in the next room when your mother comes to sit on your cock. She tells you to be quiet as she slides her pussy down onto your erect dick and fucks you on the sofa. As she is milking you, her phones rings and its your dad, wanting to know what all that noise is coming from the living room! Your mom is horrified, but keeps a straight face as she talks to your dad on the phone as she continues to work your cock! She hangs up and rushes to cum as quick as she can before your father suspects anything, but just at the second she is about to orgasm, she catches sight of your dad walking in… and still carries on cumming as he is watching! Your mother can’t help herself but continue to fuck you for the last few seconds as you spunk your load up her tight cunt in front of your daddy. OOOOH FUCK!!

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Sydney Harwin – Mommys Breeding Perfume

Your Mommy got a free perfume sample down in the post today. She sprays some on her wrists and neck and suddenly starts to feel “tingly”… she has no clue what is happening to her until she reads the side effects on the bottle- “Warning- may react unpredictably to presence of testosterone”… Your Mom tells you to leave right now as she feels her body changing. All of a sudden her mind is flooded with images of sex and breeding and pregnancy. You’ve just returned from football practice and she can smell your sweaty skin. She tries so hard to hold back but the urge to fuck you is too strong. She wants to be bred and now there is no turning back…

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Sydney Harwin – Appreciate Your Mommy

Mommy likes it when you eat her pussy. She is strict with you, but knows whats best. You never used to like licking her out, but now it has become habit. Make your Mommy cum with your tongue and then she will reward you by fucking you. But you should never cum inside your Mommy.. no. You are a dirty boy, and dirty boys can only cum on their Mommy’s face.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Wants A Creampie

You’ve always enjoyed sex with Mommy behind your Dads back. Tonight, he’s working late and you encourage your Mom to fool around in his absence. Your Mommy likes to flirt and has worn something extremely cute just for you. She gets on her knees and blows you in the kitchen before leading you through to the sofa. She sits and puts a condom on you (don’t want to get pregnant, son) and slides you inside of her. It feels good, but it would feel BETTER without the protection. The rubber stops you from feeling your Mommy properly and in the heat of the moment she takes it off and throws it across the room, sitting her pussy back down on your bare cock. She can’t believe how fucking good it feels and starts to fuck you harder and rubs her clit until she makes herself orgasm. You feel your Mommas pussy contracting around your cock as she cums, bringing you close to the edge. Mommy begs you to cum inside of her- “Cum inside Mommy, cum inside Mommy, cum inside Mommy” and you just can’t help but shoot your load as deep as you can for the FIRST TIME inside your Mother. She wants to show you the mess you made and spreads her pussy so you can get a good look at her creampie.

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Sydney Harwin – Pervert Teacher Fucks Her 3 Students

In this custom made video I play a teacher who decides to skip my scheduled lesson and instead, give my top 3 students a lesson in fuck. I ride you (POV) whilst your two classmates jerk off right next to us. I then tell you to wait for me and watch as I bend over getting done from behind by your friend and at the same time suck off your other friend. I am such a fucking slut, right? After your mates have dumped their loads in my cunt and throat, I get back on your dick for a last ride until you spunk in my pussy and I dismiss you all.

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Sydney Harwin – Mom And Son And Lil Sis

You and your Mom have a very casual sexual relationship and you don’t care who knows it… or who sees it. Your sister is sitting on the sofa as you approach your Mom for sex. You are worried she’ll turn you away because your little sister is there but she doesn’t… in fact, it just takes things to a whole new level. At first, Mom is snappy with your little sister, telling her to leave the room if she doesn’t like it, but after a few minutes, Mom encourages your little sister to join in on the fun, even if she doesn’t like it…

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