Sydney Harwin – The Free Use Mommy Club

You are browsing mommy porn online one day, when you come across a strange website. You press “ENTER” and see that you’ve stumbled across a kind of special secret society. You quickly learn that this online group does more than just offer mommy porn videos. Before you know it, you are scrolling through endless REAL taboo vids! You notice that all the moms seem to be enjoying sex with their biological sons… REALLY enjoying it. You decide to take advantage of the “contact us” page to ask some questions about the authenticity of the movies in front of you, but before you can send your message, you have to fill out your contact details. You don’t really want to leave your mobile number (you want to remain anonymous) but you feel there’s no harm, plus, you feel this is all actually quite interesting! Almost straight away you get a phone call from a woman, who wants to know all about your mommy fetish. You don’t know why, but you open up to her about your most secret, filthy fantasies you have about your own mother. “What if I told you,” she said, “that if you paid me $5,000, I could make your real, biological mommy want to fuck you?”… You ask her how, and she replies- “We don’t release that sort of information. Now, do you wanna join the club or not?”…

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy

Mommy has tried her hardest all your life to be sexual around you, and make it perfectly natural to be explicit in front of you. Masturbating with Mommy has become part of your routine, part of your day, part of your normal life. Mommy offers you a helping hand and you pleasure mommy on her most stressful days and she is all frustrated. A mother and sons love doesn’t come much stronger than the love you have for one another… but your mother is a pervert after all, and now, she thinks you are old enough to finally have full sexual intercourse, right here, right now on this sofa…

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Has To Go To Work

You have a special night planned with your Mom, but she gets a phone call from work asking her to go in urgently. She is upset that its kinda ruined the evening, but offers to get some porn up for you to watch before she leaves. You don’t want porn; you want your Mom, so ask her for a quickie, which she reluctantly (but happily) agrees to. You start to fuck her in missionary and it’s not long before her boss calls her back to remind her to bring some paperwork into the office. Mommy tries hard to bite her lip and stop moaning but she just can’t help it, you feel too good inside of her. You start to rub your Moms clit as she talks on the phone, working her up to a loud orgasm that she just can’t control. You really are a Devil, son.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Found Your Mommy Porn

You really shouldn’t have left your laptop lying around, son… what if your dad had seen what I saw? I’m not mad, I’m just a little upset that you felt you couldn’t tell Mommy how you felt, assuming this isn’t a fantasy and it goes much deeper than that?… You need to be honest with me now, son. Tell me what you want. How do you know that I will say no? You won’t know unless you ask me…

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Sydney Harwin – Mom Son Friend

You and your best friend are having a competition on who can say the rudest word, when your mom walks in to ask if you are both okay. She spots you both giggling, hiding something and soon gets it out of you. She laughs when she hears the words you boys think are rude, and has some rude words of her own to spur you on… Then she has an idea! If you boys enjoy naughty competitions, she thinks you should compare your penis size just to see who’s is bigger. She promises she wont look, but she does, and excitedly notices that yours is a little bit bigger than your friends cock. She then takes things one step further… she wants you both to jerk those dicks and see who can cum quicker… but whoever cums first is the loser, and whoever can hold off the longest, gets a very special reward for showing her your stamina. It isn’t a surprise that at the mere sight of her pussy hole spread open, your friend has a little accident on the carpet, spilling cum everywhere. He is embarrassed, but your mom soon gives up the reward to her son, which is to fuck her cunt until she gushes squirt juice all over your cock! Your friend is instantly hard and tugging at it for a second time as he watches your mom use your dick as a play toy, sliding along it to make herself feel good. She moans and squeals and tightens around you, pumping away with her pussy, taking all of you in easily and banging hard against your balls. You cannot speak, you are fully enjoying the sensation, your mom using you as a masturbator. Your friend excitedly jerks, cumming again at the sight of what is happening in front of him. Your mom then pulls off you, taking your dick in her hand and wanks you off onto her pussy and swollen clit. She wants to SEE how much cum you can produce, and the faster she uses her hand, the faster you are pushed to the biggest fucking orgasm of your young life! You can feel the tip of your cock rubbing against her soaking wet, dripping cunt and you just can’t hold back any longer… Juice and biscuits anyone?

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