Sydney Harwin – The Original Sin

Erotic mother/son story told in a unique style. Joi crosses over with virtual elements and masturbation throughout. The original sin goes back to the dawn of time itself. A mothers love for her son… a sons lust for his mother… feel it. Live it. Breathe it as I take you through a memory you wish you could have. If you’d have only had the balls to really do this as a young man… to your lonely, under-appreciated mother. The first love. The first sexual thought. The first touch. The first stiff dick given to a son… by his very own loving mother. Contains full length story with joi throughout. Story contains sex with your mother, mutual oral sex, handjob, lots of kissing and touching, no condom sex, girl on top, standing up fucking, multiple orgasms and more.

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SydneyHarwin – Saving Moms Marriage

Your Mom has come to you in desperate need of help. She has her suitcase packed, ready for going on the run from the law. She won’t tell you exactly what she has done, but she does need a favor from you… She mentions that when the police inevitably catch up with her, they will go more lenient on her case if she is pregnant at the time of arrest. She has no husband or boyfriend, so the job falls down to you; her only son. You struggle to come to terms with what your Mom is asking of you at first, but, she keeps piling on the pressure until you eventually just give in and agree to her plans. “Your gonna be a daddy… To Mommy’s baby!”

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Sydney Harwin – Mom’s Special Boy

You try to behave for your Momma, but usually she punishes you by sitting on your face and making you lick her asshole. Today, however, she has decided that she has seen a huge improvement in your behavior, so, as a reward, she’s gonna let you touch her body however you want. She is so impressed with her special son, that she instructs you to get hard and sets about sucking your dick to make you even harder. Your Mom is wearing a tight, sexy body stocking, which she rips a hole in for easy access. You get to fuck your Mommy because you’ve been a good boy… It doesn’t ‘cum’ much better than that…

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Sydney Harwin – Moms Still Got It

Your mom comes in to your room in an effort to make conversation but you have better things to do like text your girlfriend. your mom wants to watch a movie with you but you tell her to get out. Shes upset because she just wants to spend time with you. Why would you want to hang out with your boring, annoying Mom when you could be sexting with a hot girl from school. Your mom eventually leaves and a little while latter after you have crashed out, you wake up to your mom wearing a lacey see through dress and with a full face of makeup. “when did she get so hot!” She tells you shes still got it and she could do way more for you than any girl from school. She wants to show you how cool and sexy she is and if this is the only way she can spend quality time with you then she’d rather fuck your brains out and show you a thing or two, than let some clueless young girl steal you from her…

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