Sydney Harwin – Fuck Your Mom For $50k

SydneyHarwin – Fuck Your Mom For 50k
Mommy Roleplay, Money Fetish, POV, Taboo
Your mom is an adult entertainer, but she tries to keep her work life separate from her family life. She has been camming for money for 5 years and one of her regular clients has offered her life changing money if she agrees to have sex with her son live on cam in front of him. She approaches you to ask if you’d mind appearing live with her to do some “stuff” for serious cash. You don’t know what to say to your mother… you can’t believe she is even thinking about taking him up on his offer! She mentions that there will have to be some intercourse and the rest is up to the client and what he wants to see. You don’t get much of a choice, as before you know it she is logging on to her webcam and calling the guy who you only know as ‘Jimmy’… He starts to tip straight away, low amounts at first and then tipping more and more as the show progresses. He even tips your momma $500 for her to suck your cock! Your mom has a heart to heart with you just before she fucks you, telling you just to imagine it’s someone else you are fucking and not your mother. She knows how this might affect you. As your mom slides down your length, Jimmy invites more and more people to the show, even though your mom tells him not to, but when the tips turn from hundreds to thousands, she doesn’t seem to mind as much! The problem comes when Jimmy and the other viewers demand for you to cum inside your mother… they want to see a juicy real life taboo creampie… how much money will it take before you both give in to temptation?

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy’s Little Soldier

SydneyHarwin – Mommys Little Soldier
Taboo, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Face Sitting, Asshole Fetish
Oh son, are you still feeling unwell? I just hate seeing you like this! Let me feel your forehead… You still have a fever! Do you trust Mommy? You do? That’s good, son… Well I want you to take your clothes off, your too hot! Mommy knows best… Oh look at it sticking up for Mommy… That’s great son, Mommy likes to help… I guess it’s up to Mommy to make her little soldier feel all better again…

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Sydney Harwin – In Love With Mother

SydneyHarwin – In Love With Mother
Taboo, Stories, Mommy Roleplay, Lace/Lingerie, Masturbation Encouragement
Not many people know about you like I do. I know you so well that I know just what buttons to press. What to say. How to make you weak. Your greatest weakness of all is your mother. The woman is so perfect that you’d do anything to have her… I even know what kind of naughty things you were thinking when you was younger. She was the cause of your very first erection wasn’t she… your beautiful mom didn’t think she needed to cover up around her own son… she didn’t know you had a crush on her… didn’t know you’d stare at her tits… her ass… watch her from the crack of her bedroom door as she slid her fingers inside herself on her bed… imagine she was screaming your name as she fucked your father in the next room?

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy’s Good Advice

SydneyHarwin – Mommy’s Good Advice
Taboo, Virtual Sex, POV, Mommy Roleplay
You interrupt your mom putting lotion all over her body to ask her opinion on something. You think you might really like this girl from school, but you are worried that she’ll think you have a smaller than average dick. Your momma is quick to take a look to put your mind at rest. When she see’s your penis, she is shocked that it’s actually pretty big for your age compared to most she’s seen! Your mom worries that you are not ready for sexual relations with your new girlfriend, but you don’t have the heart to tell her that you have watched enough porn to know how to please a girl. She wants to HELP you physically. When she notices you are aroused, she tells you that the only way for it to go down is for you to release your cum. You say nothing as she takes it in her fist and pumps away. She thinks you’ll need something to help you along the way, but “doesn’t have any pornography to show you”, so takes out her breasts and lets you use them as a visual aid. She realises she is getting a little turned on over your “stallion dick”, but doesn’t want to make it obvious, so pretends that she would like to help you further by showing you how to have sex properly. She huffs about it, saying how she doesn’t want to do this any more than you do, but what good would she be as a mother if she can’t show her offspring how to have sex properly. What happens next is overwhelming for you, as your mommy doesn’t take no for an answer and slides her pussy down your length, getting herself off over how thick and good you feel. She fucks you until she cums, but doesn’t stop until you have had your fun too. You can’t help but wonder if your mommy has wanted you for a long time… after all… it didn’t take much for her to jump on your dick!

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Sydney Harwin – Best Mommy Ever

Your momma is the BEST. She loves you so much and is always there to take care of you. She can be harsh sometimes, but when you have been a good boy, she gives the most incredible rewards for your behaviour! Last time you was good, your mommy touched you ‘down there’ but she left you hard and unfulfilled. This time though, you have been REALLY good, and all that hard work has finally paid off. Your momma decides to treat you to the best night of your life. She starts by showing you her big comfy breasts, and she even lets you touch them! She shoves them close to your face, and then notices how hard your soldier is for her. She takes it in her hand and pumps away, milking you as she tells you how much she loves you, and encouraging you to cum for her. Half way through, she allows you to see her pussy, and when she sees your eyes light up at the sight of it, she can’t resist letting you have a little taste down there. She grinds your face with her wet motherly pussy, and then turns over so you can clean her asshole for her (don’t forget, your momma likes your tongue nice and deep.) You then lie back down again and await your moms hand on your cock once more, working you hard and fast until you can’t hold it in, and explode cum everywhere. But don’t worry, your momma will clean up your mess… Your mom really is the BEST mommy ever!

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Sydney Harwin – Mom Crashes The Party

Your mom went out for the night so you decided to defy her and throw a house party. You are shocked when your mom comes home to find her house trashed, music blaring and you snogging your girlfriend against a wall. She pulls you away from your friends to have a word with you about your bad behaviour lately. Your mom is so angry with you and won’t stop yelling in your face. She tells you she doesn’t know how to punish you, as she has tried every punishment possible… But then she has an idea. She hasn’t punished you by embarrassment yet… and your mother has an epic idea. She instructs you to take off your pants, which you laugh at, but when your mom gets even angrier you are frightened not to. She even helps you pull them down. Her idea is that she will march you back to the party with no pants on so you’ll be embarrassed in front of your mates, and hopefully you’ll have a new found respect for your momma… but you can’t help your hard on when your mom gets angry… it turns you on more than anything else, and when your mom spots your erect cock, she is gob smacked and teases you about it, asking if you fancy her. Do you want to fuck your mother? You don’t exactly answer her, but the evidence is all there for her to see, so she hatches a new punishment plan… You must wank in front of her until you cum. And now your mother knows your dirty mother fetish secret, she is going to use it against you for all kinds of authority over you. She even shows you her pussy as you jerk your cock. You know that if you defy your mom in the future, she is going to tell your friends about your taboo kink, and you don’t want that. So for now, you must accept your punishment your mom has handed to you. Jerk your dick whilst you stare at her perfect little pussy… and pray that your girlfriend doesn’t walk in on you!

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Sydney Harwin – Long Lost Mother

Your mother, the woman who abandoned you when you were young, has waltzed back into your life to try to make amends. What she doesn’t realise is that you harbour a deep hate for her. She neglected you when you needed her most, and now its time for some sweet payback…

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Sydney Harwin – Mom

Your mom loves to protect you, so much that she has elected to stay in your bed tonight to keep those ghastly nightmares away. All is fine until your raging erection brushes her leg and she freaks out… but not for long… Who knew your momma was such a little minx in the bedroom.

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Sydney Harwin – Mom Son Father Made To Watch

Your mom has found out your father has been cheating on her with a girl no older than you. She has tied him up to make him watch her fuck somebody so he knows how it feels to be cheated on. Only thing is… It’s YOU who she has chosen to fuck; her own son! Could you do it? Could you fuck your mom like a real man and show your dad just how stupid he was to ever cheat on her in the first place…

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