Sydney Harwin – Mommy Time

You know it feels good, so why does it also feel wrong when Mommy touches it? Her hand firm around your stiffy, tugging you to orgasm. You cum in Mommys hand. Usually this is when you both say goodnight, but tonight is different… Mommy seems different… everything is different now. Mommy wants you to experience sex with her for the first time. You don’t know if this is something you want, but Mommy doesn’t give you a choice. Mommy knows best, and if she tells you to push your erection inside of her, then you should do it without question. You love your Mommy so much and you know she loves you, too… Mommy just makes you feel a bit awkward sometimes… maybe its because you should never have sex with family, especially your biological Mother.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Services Your Friends

Mommy makes you feel good, and now she wants to make your friends feel good, too. She wants you to invite your two best friends over tonight so that she can make a move on them both. She notices how much they stare at her when they visit, and you know that she is purposely very inappropriate around them.. but how does it make you feel as you watch your Mom please your two mates? Don’t worry though, because Mommy won’t leave you out of the action, son…

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Sydney Harwin – Mom Fucks Your Dog

Your mom is busy reading paperwork in her home office when you come crashing in with your dog. Mom doesn’t like dogs and is less than impressed that you decided to bring your ‘mutt’ into her room, sniffing around her things and making a mess! She tells you both to leave but your dog just won’t leave her alone, humping her leg and sniffing her crotch. You joke, saying that she should let him lick her pussy, and to your surprise, your mom actually takes you up on the offer. Your mom is very visibly turned on by the idea of allowing your dog to sexually explore her body… and then she bends over her desk and lets him fuck her from behind! After humping your mommy senseless, she then takes him in her mouth until she is spitting up his cum and loving every second of it!

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Sydney Harwin – Influenced By Mommy

Mommy knows just what to say to warp that mind of yours. You don’t know if you like it.. but Mommy makes you feel like it is normal to have sex with her. You kinda like it.. but isn’t it wrong? Mommy will make you feel better. You don’t have to worry about a thing because Mommy will look after you. You’ve always enjoyed Mommy touching your dick, so why are you so hesitant today? Don’t you want to masturbate your cock inside Mommy? Don’t you want to sniff your Mommys pussy? Don’t you want to see your Moms pussy spread nice and wide for you. Mommys pussy should NEVER make you feel uncomfortable. Come on, son… let Mommy milk that dick with her tight pussy until you explode with pleasure inside of her…

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Sydney Harwin – Grounded

You treat your mom like dirt. You don’t help around the house and you are rude and inconsiderate. Your mom has had enough of your behaviour and says you are grounded you so you can’t go out and see your friends. You don’t listen much, but your mom has got you mad at her. You are 18 and shouldn’t need to respect your momma anymore. You are a big man now! You don’t know why, but your mom gets too close to your face and it gets you angry, so you push her away. She comes back, so you push her again. She threatens you… so you push her again. Suddenly, your moms demeanour changes and she becomes visibly turned on at you acting so dominant over her. Could your mom actually LIKE you pushing her around? Does she get a wet pussy when you assert dominance over her? Oh yes she does…

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Sydney Harwin – First Time Inside Mom Impregnation

You have always enjoyed fooling around with your mother, but lately your mom has grown tired of holding back from having full sexual intercourse. Tonight your momma wants to go the whole way with you for the first time… but she is so perverted that not even sex would satisfy her hunger for the ultimate “Wrong”… Your momma wants you to impregnate her and become a daddy to her baby. Would you get your mom pregnant if she asked you to?

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Sydney Harwin – Mom And Sons Affair Exposed

Your mom catches you just before you leave for the cinema, wanting a quickie before your dad gets home from work. Your mom has been fucking you behind your dads back for a few months now and its the best adrenaline rush ever. You fuck your mom in lots of positions and she even wants you to lick her pussy (something your dad can never be bothered to do) … You are almost ready to cum when her phone rings. Your dad is saying he will be home in 5 minutes, and you haven’t got much time! You bang your mom some more before quickly finishing in her mouth. Your mom comments on how built up you were with such a big cum load, and you admit that you’ve only been fucking your mom, nobody else and it isn’t enough just fucking her once every few weeks. Your mom suggests she’ll try to start fucking you nightly, to help with the blue balls, but she suddenly can hear something… noise coming from somewhere… she forgot to end the call with your dad, and he heard EVERYTHING.

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Sydney Harwin – Mom-An Intimate Encounter

Your relationship with your mommy hasn’t always been straight forward. She makes you feel things that you know aren’t right… strange even. A mother should never touch her son on his private parts, but when your mommy does it you can’t help but feel waves of pleasure wash over you. Tonight, as you lie on your bedroom floor with the lights on, waiting for your mom to get home from a night out, you worry about what mood she’ll be in. When she arrives, she is tipsy, but happy. She wants to touch you tonight and she is desperate to feel you inside of her. She tugs on your dick, making it grow, before rubbing it all over her pussy and getting you to push it in. Your mother is sweet talking you into enjoying it, enjoying the sex, enjoying the wrongness of it all. Your mommy loves you very much, you should be happy to be back inside of her.. where you belong where it is safe, warm and tight. Now doesn’t that just feel so good?

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Sydney Harwin – Quick Son Dads In The Shower

Son, we gotta be quick, dads only going to be a few minutes in the shower. God, mommy wants you so fucking bad! Its just going to be a very quick handjob, and you’ll have to cum in mommys mouth and I’ll swallow it so that your dad doesn’t suspect anything! Oh fuck I want you so fucking bad, son! I gotta feel you inside of me but we don’t have the time… fuck, mommy just HAS TO sit on your cock. Oh fuck, it makes such a nice change for mommy to have a fat cock to sit on, your father doesn’t satisfy mommy anymore. God you are just so fucking thick, son! You can’t cum inside of me, your father likes to have sex with mommy every night before bed, and he’ll notice, I said you gotta cum in my mouth. Quick, I can hear him getting out of the shower, quick son, quick!… FUCK SON! You cum so much more than mommy thought you would, its everywhere! Your dads going to see!

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