Sydneypaigex – Mommy Loves You

Mommy knows you love her… all of her. She knows how you stare at her- she knows how sexy you think it is when she smokes her cigarettes. She loves you too… So she gives you that love- she shows and gives all her love to you. She even smokes a cigarette while she rides you because she knows how it drives you wild. Let her take care of you… but it’s our little secret!

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Sydney Paige – You’re Such A Handsome Young Man

You’re becoming such a handsome young man! Sydney walked past your room as you were changing from football practice and couldn’t help but notice how much you’ve grown! You are certainly going to be a ladies man when you’re older! But m0mmy is curious…what else has grown? You get home from school and are called into m0mmy’s room. Don’t worry! You’re not in trouble. She’s just noticed that ever since your last birthday, you’ve really bloomed! So what else has grown? M0mmy wants to see, and she likes what she sees. She asks you to take off your clothes and after doing so- she just can’t help herself! Don’t worry, honey-you’ll like it.

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Sydney Paige – Mommy Took Advantage Of All The Boys

Oh hello son! How was school? Well mommy had a wonderful day… you know how she likes the younger ones… well mommy decided to indulge today and invite just about every boy in the neighborhood over… Their cute little girlfriends too! They were so adorable. Maybe I even taught them a few things! As you know, all the schools let out at different times, so mommy was able to indulge in all types today. I’m so tired! Yet, so satisfied. What’s wrong, honey? Why the look? Oh, baby… I see what’s happening in your pants. You like it when mommy tells you these stories, don’t you? There’s no shame in that, mommy loves you and your little winkie! Let mommy help you out.. but then- straight to your homework!

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Sydney Paige – Mommys Warm Safe Comforting Pussy

Mom can tell her son is upset and tries to get him to open up to her, she wants him to know that she’s always there for him and that he can talk to her about anything, mommy will always have a safe space inside of her for him, she can help him release and de-stress, she can make him feel good, mommy’s pussy is a nice and warm place – it is a safe place…

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Download Sydney Paige - Mommys Warm Safe Comforting Pussy.mp4

Sydney Paige – How To Pleasure Mom

Young son is sent to a special boarding school where he will learn how to satisfy his mother’s every need – emotional, mental, & physical, it’s important that he reciprocate the love that he’s been given his entire life, Ms. Paige puts him through an intensive training course – he will refer to her as mom while she teaches him, she teaches him the importance of asking how his mother feels and communicating with her…

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Download Sydney Paige - How To Pleasure Mom.mp4

Sydney Paige – Ghost Possesses Mom Fucks Son

Mom and son stay at grandma’s house and they don’t know it is haunted, mom is possessed in the middle of the night by a male spirit.

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Download Sydney Paige - Ghost Possesses Mom Fucks Son.mp4

Carmen Valentina, Sydney Paige – Mom And Aunt Trick Young Son into Sex

Mom and aunt manipulate young son into fucking them, they tell him that they need a special ingredient for the chocolate cake that they’re baking, he is the only one that has the special ingredient, they need to milk him like a cow in order to get his “milk” out, he needs to put his milk (cum) inside of mommy or auntie so they can put it inside the cake batter, there are certain things they need to do in order to get the special ingredient out, they convince him to strip down & they begin touching him…

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Download Carmen Valentina Sydney Paige - Mom And Aunt Trick Young Son into Sex.mp4

Sydney Paige – Dad Encourages Playtime With New Mom

Your father has re-married… to Sydney! Your father knows that Sydney REALLY knows how to please a man. He yelps and moans all night. However- both your father and new m0ther know that you can hear it- and you listen intently. So, your father has an idea- let new mommy Sydney share all of her “expertise” with his son. Sydney thinks about the proposal and is open to it, so she calls the son in and explains how she would also like to make him moan and yelp like she does your father…The fun begins..

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Sydney Paige – Mom Gets Young Son Tipsy

Mom is tipsy & having wine when her young son comes home from school, she sweetly makes him take multiple swigs of the wine so he can experience the “warm, wonderful” feeling she gets from it, young son becomes buzzed, mom becomes seductive & flirts with her son, she touches him inappropriately & tells him that it’s okay to do that because she loves him…

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Ivy Secret, Sydney Paige – Mom And Aunt Put Son To Bed

Son can’t go to bed so he goes into his mom’s bedroom where she’s talking to his aunt, mom & auntie rack their brains for ideas on how to help him go back to bed, mom comes up with an idea – she wants to help him release any tension and stress he may have, mom & aunt strip down and encourage son to touch himself…

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