TabithaXXX – Mommy / Son. You Must Wear a Condom Version 1

You ask to rest in mommy’s bed tonight. She reluctantly agrees but you can’t keep her up. Laying next to her causes you to get an erection and soon enough it is poking mommy in the back. Mommy decides to take care of it so she can get some rest. But you MUST wear a condom. She looks irritated but you can tell she is giving into her lust. You try to eat her out but she doesn’t let you. When you slide back in she notices you don’t feel the same. You’ve removed the condom. See how she reacts…

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TabithaXXX – Mommy Helps Sick Son Feel All Better

Mommy rushed home early from work to take care of her poor son who isn’t feeling well. Mommy comes into your room and checks your temperature and your feeling warm. Mommy knows what will make you feel better, I put on your favorite nightie for you and climb into bed. Oh, seeing mommy in your favorite nightie has got you aroused and mommy sees it. Mommy knows how to make you feel better, Mommy makes her Son feel ALL Better.

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TabithaXXX – Slut Mom Son BJ Shower Video for Buddies

Slutty Mom is taking a shower when her son comes in and watches, Mom say asks if he wants to make a video for his buddies to watch, Mom teases and soaps her sexy body. Mommy rubs her tits, ass and Pussy to show his friends. He invites him in and gives him a Blow Job to show how slutty she can be to his friends. She Sucks and teases his cock talking to the camera “his friends” he finally comes in mommies mouth and asks if his friends want to cum on her face also.

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TabithaXXX – Horny Mom Rides Virgin Son Hard

Your husband has asked you to talk to your son about girls. You go into his room. You are wearing a short skirt and no panties. You Sit on the edge of bed. He is seated at his desk. You tell him that his Dad asked you talk to him about girls because he wants me to help you to be prepared. You start to talk to him and begin the seduction as you do you uncross your legs allowing him to see up your skirt and get a view of your pussy. You reach across the bed for your phone allowing your skirt to rise up giving him a view of ass and pussy. When you turn back around you notice the bulge forming in his shorts. You seductively ask him if he has ever seen a naked woman up close. You then slowly open your legs and lift up your skirt showing him your pussy. You touch yourself as you do this. You then take out your tits and show them to him. You grab his hand because he is shy and guide them to touch you. You then move his hands to your pussy so he can touch you. After this you tell him to stand up and you pull down his shorts to see his cock. You stroke it for him then take it in your mouth. Talking to him at some point this is no longer you just helping your stepson it has become really erotic for you and you are turned on. You tell him It important to be completely prepare for a woman. You tell him to get naked and lie on bed. You stand over him and take off the rest of your clothes as you prepare to ride his cock. You tell him to just relax and let me handle everything. You lower your pussy onto his cock. As you begin to ride his cock you expect him to cum very quickly but he doesn’t so you continue to ride his cock waiting for him to cum. He doesn’t cum and your pussy is wanting more the cock ride goes from slow to hard as you seek an orgasm. You lose yourself and saying something like fuck mommy make mommy cum. You ride him until you orgasm. At the end he finally speaks and asked if he can tell you something but you have to promise to not be mad. You say yes. He then says to you that he is not a virgin your kind of shocked. He then ask you is it ok if we still practice some more. You say yes but don’t tell your dad.

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TabithaXXX – Mom Son Panty Job BJ

I come home from a failed date early and Catch my Son in my Bed Jerking Off with my Panties. At first I was Shocked but Quickly tell him it’s ok and actually become aroused. I Strip down naked to further help him but I need to Get My Hands and Mouth in on the Action. I stroke, tease and Suck his cock until he CUMS in my mouth, I think next time I might go Further.

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