TabithaXXX – Sons First Date Moms Sex Lesson

Well the day has come! My oldest son is ready to go out on his first date and have sex with some slut other than me his mom. His younger brother is finally old enough to learn how to keep me satisfied. I will teach him just like I taught his big brother. But before he walks out that door I need to remind him of the right way to fuck err satisfy a girl. He will be so disappointed when he realizes the truth. No girl has a pussy like mine, or even close, but that’s a story for another day. His date will be over soon so I take out my tits and take off my panties and do a quick recap of the dos and don’ts of satisfying a girl. Rub her tits, touch her clit don’t try to shove it in when she is dry….If she is dry he needs to come right back home to momma because obviously he is not ready. Oh they grow up so fast!!!

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TabithaXXX – Mom Son Dirty Talking Kitchen

Son is home for Spring Break, Father and Daughter are away Camping. Mom is so excited and it’s been so long, Mom is wearing a Cute PINK Sundress. Mom teases Son exposing her Sexy Ass and Panties. That is when she turns into a dirty talking nympho slut for her boy. Son reaches and goes straight for his Moms Gorgeous Breasts Rubbing and Squeezing them. Mom Pulls down her dress ready for action, She gets on her knees and Sucks her Son’s Cock. He Face Fucks her and makes his mom gag a few Times. They proceed to the Kitchen table where her Son Fucks her From Behind as she Bends over the Table. He Eventually Flips his mom over on the table and fucks her Missionary watching her big natural tits bounce back and forth as he pounds his own Mom. They move back to the kitchen and he fucks her Doggy style. Mom then Sucks his cock a little more and Her Son CUMS in his Mom’s Mouth, Her Lips Covered in His CUM. This is going to be the Best Spring Break Ever.

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TabithaXXX – Mom Son Movie Night Turns Naughty

While mom and son chill and watch a classic horror movie halloween, during a sex scene son gets horny and Starts Rubbing his Hard Cock on Mom’s Panties. At first mom shrugs it Off, but Andrew is persistent and Giving in to her Lust his huge hard cock slides into Moms Wet Pussy. Mom gets on all fours and he fucks her from behind, pounding his cock in and out of his moms wet Pussy. Mom turns over and He fucks her missionary, gazing into his moms eyes he thrusts in and out. Mom and Son explode in orgasm at the same time, He cums deep inside her Pussy, As he pulls out he explodes again shooting cum on her tits and Stomach, Mommy is Soaked in his cum. This was the Best Movie Night Ever.

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TabithaXXX – Mom Son Reminisce Pre Marriage Fuck

Son is at Moms house for Dinner, Mom can see something is wrong, Her son’s wife isn’t sucking his cock anymore and she’s a lousy fuck. Mom reminds him she never liked her and that mom is the best Suck and Fuck he’s ever had, They reminisce the last time they fucked, it was at his rehearsal dinner in the men’s bathroom, Mom flashes back and relives that wonderful moment they fucked in the bathroom the day before her son’s marriage. Mom sucked and Rode his hard Cock, and Son Fucked her from behind, staring at her beautiful ass as his cocked slid in and out of her sweet Pussy. As he’s about to CUM mom wants him to CUM on her Face one last time. He Covers her face in his Hot Thick Cum and Mom loves every ounce of it. She tells him mommy will always be there if he needs her. Flash back to present and Mom says he can stay if he wants to, mommy is always there for her Boy.

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TabithaXXX – Son Let Mommy be Your Sweet Snack

Mommy is waiting patiently for her sweet Son to return Home. She’s been baking some sweet SNACKS and getting dinner ready him. He walks in on her staring out the window talking to herself about how wet she is and can’t wait for her Son to get Home. She turns around and see’s him, mommy is so excited. She offers him a sweet SNACK and SHOW’S HIM what’s baking in the oven, I DON’T THINK HE NOTICED WHAT’S IN THE OVEN, mommy’s ass was hanging out her pretty apron and he wants mommy’s special sweat SNACKS. Mommy bends over and lets her own son Fuck her from behind in her sweet wet Snack. Mommy than lies on the Kitchen counter and he Eats her sweet snack, mommy loves that. He than Fucks mommy missionary, But mommy says don’t CUM in my Pussy. He’s fucking his mommy watching her big Natural tits bounce back and forth, Mommy is moaning with pleasure. Mommy and Son are about to CUM together and Mommy Says CUM IN MY PUSSSY, I want your HOT CUM INSIDE ME. They Both CUM together, Mommy is the best snack Ever.

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TabithaXXX – Son sees Mom get GangBanged by Friends

The same friends of my son that fucked me the other day kept their promise. They came to our house and made him watch me get fucked by all 6 of them. I can’t say I didn’t want it. I thought about there huge cocks filling my holes every day since it happened. BUT even though I confessed what had happened to my son after it happened I was horrified at the thought of him actually watching us! Not only did they make him watch but they told me that they would stop fucking me if I did not suck my son. my OWN son’s cock. I did not want them to stop pounding my pussy with their magical cocks so I did what they said. Then they told me to humiliate him by telling him how small his cock is compared to theirs and slap myself in the face with his cock. All I could think about was how hard I was going to come with them all over me so I did what they said. I needed one of them to come inside of me to really send me over the edge. I was so close to the most mind blowing orgasm then the worst thing EVER happened when the door opened and my husband was standing there in the doorway.

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TabithaXXX – Mom Son Dirty Panty Tease Facial

Mom catches Her Dirty Boy Sniffing Her Dirty Panties, Mom Tells him she has more he can Sniff and Play with. Mom wants to see what he does with her Panties. Son strokes his cock as Mom rubs her Dirty panties all over his Cock and Balls. Mom Rubs her panties all over herself, Stroking and Sucking Her Sons Cock. Mom is so horny and Turned on, Her Pussy is Wet and Her Panties are Soaked in Pussy Juice. She Sucks He Strokes Panties Everywhere, He Leans over His Mom And CUMS on her Face. She So Horny and RUBS Her WET Panties and Pussy until She Orgasms.

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TabithaXXX – Mommy / Son. You Must Wear a Condom Version 1

You ask to rest in mommy’s bed tonight. She reluctantly agrees but you can’t keep her up. Laying next to her causes you to get an erection and soon enough it is poking mommy in the back. Mommy decides to take care of it so she can get some rest. But you MUST wear a condom. She looks irritated but you can tell she is giving into her lust. You try to eat her out but she doesn’t let you. When you slide back in she notices you don’t feel the same. You’ve removed the condom. See how she reacts…

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TabithaXXX – Mommy Helps Sick Son Feel All Better

Mommy rushed home early from work to take care of her poor son who isn’t feeling well. Mommy comes into your room and checks your temperature and your feeling warm. Mommy knows what will make you feel better, I put on your favorite nightie for you and climb into bed. Oh, seeing mommy in your favorite nightie has got you aroused and mommy sees it. Mommy knows how to make you feel better, Mommy makes her Son feel ALL Better.

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