Maxine X – Let Momma Have It

I can’t keep my mind on what I’m reading knowing we are here alone son. Momma has a craving only you can satisfy. I really want that cock of yours in my mouth right now. Don’t worry it will be quick so Daddy doesn’t catch us. Mmm your cock is already dripping thinking about my mouth isn’t it? Now that it’s nice and wet my tits will glide along it nicely.

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Alora Jaymes – Morning Wood For Mommy

Good morning son, I’ve been waiting for you to open those eyes since your father left for work. I just couldn’t tear myself away once I saw your hardness under the sheets. Is that morning wood from thoughts of Mommy? Well let Mommy take care of you right now son. Mmmm your so hard already it won’t take much coaxing I bet. There you go son get all that built up sperm ready for mommys waiting mouth. Thank you baby boy that was the best way to start my day with you.

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Janna Hicks – Shhh Daddys Home

Son I know it’s kind of risky but Mommys got a craving only you can satisfy. I know your dad is in the next room but you can be quiet right? Mmm Lets see that hard cock of yours. Oh my you’re already hard too. Here let me grab some oil and get you all nice and slippery. Thats it son I can feel you throbbing in my hands. Go ahead and cum for Mommy but remember be quiet dads in the next room.

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