Carmen Valentina – Quarantined With Mom

When you are a teenage boy, the last thing in the World you want…is to be Quarantined for weeks and months…with your own mom!! But, that’s exactly what happened to this youngster. After ages of being Quarantined around the clock, young Jason is bored to tears. His Mom…Carmen Valentina…tries to cheer up her teenage Son. She offers to play a board game with him…she asks him if he wants to help her clean the house…..nothing works. Finally, Carmen remembers that…boys like boobies!! Carmen lifts up her shirt, and flashes her big boobs to her Son, to see if that might cheer him up. The young boy develops a bulge in his pants….So Mom decides to take her shirt all the way off….and give her teenage Son…a long, wet, sloppy BLOWJOB!! Carmen deepthroats her young Son, and eventually makes him cum everywhere! She tells him to get cleaned up, because she has a roast in the oven. Hopefully a nice blowjob from Mom breaks up the monotony of Quarantine!!!

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Taboo Fantasy – Agathas Family Album

Scene 1: Jerk-Off To Mommy
Agatha becomes furious when she gets the credit card bill in the mail!!! There is a huge charge on there…..for pornography!!! She knows that her Son is the culprit, so she confronts him. Things are very tight with the household budget since Dad’s hours at the factory were cut back…and the last thing the Family needs is a high bill for pornography!! Agatha tells her Son, that she is sympathetic to the fact that boys his age need to masturbate….but there is no way he can continue buying porn. Agatha tells him that from now on….he can Jerk-Off to her!!! Agatha strips down, and lets her horny, hormone crazy Son Beat-Off to her. After he cums…Agatha begins to put her clothes back on, and tells him that if Mom isn’t around next time he’s horny….to ask his Sister to pose for him, rather than order porn!

Scene 2: Moms In The Shower
Agatha has just finished showering…she is drying off…and realizes that her young, sex crazy Son is Whacking-Off to her!! Without causing a big scene…Agatha merely allows him to finish what he’s doing, as she towel dries, and applies lotion to her naked body. Mom reminds him of his household chores as he furiously masturbates to her…and eventually praises him for a big load of cum…inspired by her!!

Scene 3: Moms Tits Are Sexy
When Agatha catches her Son going through her bras….AND finds stains on her bras….that she believes are semen stains….Agatha decides to confront her hormone crazy Son!! Mom figures the best way to deal with the awkward situation is….to let him see the objects of his obsession….her tits!!! not only that….Mom also decides to let him Whack-Off to her big tits!!! Hopefully this will satisfy the horny young boy…

Scene 4: Sharing A Bed With Mom
What happens when a young boy is forced to share a bed with his Mom? And his Mom is Agatha Delicious? Well….the young boy gets a great big boner!! Agatha is sympathetic to her Son’s “predicament”….and let’s the hormone crazed boy whack-off to her!!! Agatha starts by revealing one breast…and when his boner starts throbbing uncontrollably…..she is nice enough to strip down all the way…while reminding him, as he masturbates….about all his household chores upcoming. When the youngster finishes…Agatha goes back to reading her book. Boys this age need to be handled “carefully”.

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Taboo Fantasy – Daisy Destins Family Album Vol 2

Scene 1: Disciplined By Mommy
Mom finds Jason’s Report Card…hidden in his backpack….and she is furious to discover that he failed math!!! When Jason arrives home, Mom immediately confronts him. Mom and Dad even hired a math tutor for Jason…which makes it even more difficult for Mom to process!!! Jason has no explanation for his poor grade…so Mom decided he must be punished!! Mom orders Jason to take his pants off….put his penis between her thighs…and get across her lap for a good old fashioned over the knee spanking!! Mom wails away on Jason’s behind…and when he begs for the punishment to end…Mom tells him that she is going to sit on his face! Mom face sits her humiliated Son…first with her pants on…and then with her pants off!! “Lick Mommy’s ass!!!” she says, as she straddles him. When Mom finds out that Jason has a Date that night…she decides to make the punishment even more cruel….by fucking her Son’s brains out….and stealing all of his sperm!!!

Scene 2: Hot For Mom Syndrome
Daisy has to confront her young Son Jason about a very delicate matter. Lately, Daisy has noticed Jason masturbating to her!!! She knows that he is at an awkward age….with his hormones fuelling him…but, nonetheless….enough is enough….so she sits him down for a little talk. Daisy explains that, not only is his behaviour completely normal….it is actually a well know Syndrome. Daisy shows Jason the website….”Hot For Mom Syndrome”. Jason inquires about the cure for this Syndrome….and Mom explains that there is only one known cure….he must fuck the daylights out of her….to get it out of his system!! Jason is a little bit shy….and somewhat embarrassed….but Mom leads the way….and seduces her horny young Son!!! After some cock sucking….Mom gets Jason to mount her….and encourages him to “get it all out”!! In true Motherly fashion….Daisy masturbates her Son to a climax….and calls him a “very good boy….cumming like that for Mommy”. Hopefully this steamy fuck will cure the youngster of Hot For Mom Syndrome!!!

Scene 3: Stop Jerking-Off To Your Sister
Mom has to confront Jason about a “touchy” subject. He has been Jerking-off to his Sister repeatedly….and his Sister is sick of it. They say a Mom’s work is never done….and boy, oh boy….is that ever true….especially today!! Mom tells Jason how upset he is making his Sister….and that, since he is at an age, where he seems to have a boner all the time….Mom offers to step in, and let him “vent” on her….if he’ll promise to leave his Sister alone. Mom undoes Jason’s pants, and starts to suck on his cock….and Jason is VERY excited to be getting sucked off by his own Mother!!! Mom takes her own pants off, and lets her baby boy get a good lick of her pussy, before she lies down, and lets him get on top of her to get all his young energy out of his system!! Jason pounds away at his Mother until he covers Mom’s boobs with semen. Hopefully Mom’s efforts will give Jason’s Sister some peace!!!

Scene 4: The Mommy Experience
Mom’s date has cancelled on her…and she finds herself home with her Son Jason on a Friday night. While googling “activities for single Moms in Springfield”…..she accidentally stumbles across a very disturbing website!! Mom is horrified initially by what she is seeing on the site….and Jason is curious to see what is making his Mom react this way. Mom shows him the website….”The Mommy Experience” it’s called. The two of them look through the site with their jaws dropping!! Mom points out, however….that all the Moms and Sons on the site look…..”happy” lol The site shows very graphic pictures of Mothers and Sons screwing each other’s brains out!! Mom asks Jason if he would like to give it a try. Jason is a bit shy…but with some encouragement from his Mom…he agrees to give it a shot. Mom takes her dress of and lets Jason play with her big, beautiful, natural boobies. Then Mom tells him she’s going to but her mouth around his PP….Jason gets very excited as his Mom sucks on his cock. Then Jason really fucks his Mother hard….and eventually….after seeing it on the website….Jason asks his Mommy if he can cum in her mouth. Mom, of course, lets her bay boy do it…and WOW!!! What a mouth full of semen Mom gets from her own Son!!!

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Taboo Fantasy – Crystal Knights Family Album

Scene 1: A Mothers Work Is Never Done
It seems that A Mother’s work Is Never Done!! As Crystal is busy cleaning and dusting in her living room….she turns around to discover a disturbing image….her young Son is watching her….and Jerking-Off to her!! This is one of the challenges a Hot Mom faces, when raising young boys. Crystal knows that her Son is easily distracted at his age by attractive females….and although she would prefer that he masturbate to something…or somebody else….she understands his “situation”…so Crystal allows her Son to Jerk-Off to her….but, since his sister will be coming home soon….Mom tells him that he needs to hurry up. To help him “finish”….Crystal strips while she continues to do her housework….so the he can see her naked body….and finish Jerking-Off before his Sister gets home and catches him.

Scene 2: Jerking-Off To Mom
Crystal is a Mom who knows how to get things done!! When her young Son has slacked off on doing his chores….Crystal knows just what to do. She calls her Son into the living room to confront him about his lack of “focus”…and makes a deal with him. Crystal understands that boys his age are preoccupied with sex…all the time….all day, every day. She also knows that she is a smoking hot MILF, and that her Son jerks off to her while she is showering….so she decides to “barter” with her horny young Son. She agrees to strip and let him masturbate to her…in exchange for him actually doing his chores!! Crystal takes off one piece of clothing at a time, while her Son feverishly jerks-off until he blows a load for Mommy. Now, it’s time to mow the lawn!!

Scene 3: Stop Jerking Off To Your Sister
When Crystal gets a complaint from her Daughter….she takes it seriously….and resorts to “drastic” measures!! Her Daughter was upset that her Brother was masturbating while he spied on her!! Crystal’s Daughter is young…and was completely freaked out by the site of her Brother Whacking-Off to her. So…Mom calls her Son into her room, and tells him that he must Stop Jerking-Off To his Sister!! Mom, however, understands “why” he is doing it. It’s not that he’s “in love” with his Sister…’s that boys his age are full of raging hormones…and that they are turned on by the site of any female. Mom offers to let him masturbate to her instead!!! Mom slowly strips out of her clothes, and gives her Son a good “inspiration” for his chronic masturbation habit. He must have really been turned on by his naked Mother….because he blows a big load for Mommy!!

Scene 4: Spying On Mom
Crystal is just out of the shower, and is in her bedroom rubbing lotion on her body. The door is slightly ajar….but Crystal did NOT expect to see what she witnessed as she looked out in the hallway! Her young Son was standing out there….pants around his ankles….Spying on her and masturbating!!! Crystal immediately covered herself up with a towel….and asked her hormone crazy Son to get his ass in there…and she demanded to know why he was jerking-off to his own Mother. Crystal was partially disgusted…but also partially flattered that a young boy his age would find her attractive enough to masturbate to! Crystal invited him to watch her finish putting lotion on her naked body….and she also said she would allow him to finish masturbating while he watches. Crystal even gives the young boy masturbation encouragement…and tells him that this episode must remain their little secret….and that if he tells anybody about it…she will take away his video games and his comic books!

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Taboo Fantasy – Sofia Kiss Family Album

Scene 1: Hot For Mom Syndrome
When your mom is Sofia Kiss….chances are….you are going to develop “feelings” for her….even if you are her son!! Poor Josh is a horny teenager….with raging hormones….and he has developed the Hots for his mom. Sofia calls Josh into her bedroom, to confront him about the fact she has caught him masturbating to her several times recently. Josh shows her a website her has found called “Hot For Mom Syndrome”. Sofia looks at the site, and sees all kinds of graphic images of Family Sex. She figures that since it seems to be an acceptable thing in some cultures….she agrees to have sex with her horny teenage son!!. Josh takes off his pants, and the two Family members do exactly what they saw on the website!!! Josh ends up fucking his mom’s brains out!!! What a caring Family.

Scene 2: Living With Mom
Josh has had a terrible fight with his Dad. Apparently, Dad’s strict rules and especially Dad’s curfew have driven Josh away. Josh goes to his Mom’s house, and asks if he can live with her. Mom, of course, is happy to have her young Son come and live with her…but she tells him he will have to do some “chores” while he is living there. Mom explains some of the chores….lawn mowing…taking the garbage out etc….but her last “chore” blows Josh away!! Mom wants Josh to have sex with her!! Josh is shocked by the unusual request…but Mom explains that she has certain physical needs…and she otherwise would have to seek strangers in bars. Josh reluctantly agrees to his Mom’s request….and after unpacking….he goes to his Mom’s bedroom. Mom seduces her young boy, and starts to suck on his cock. Mom gets Josh to fuck her hard Doggystyle, before letting him climb on top of her. Josh winds up cumming all over his Mom’s tits….soaking them. Welcome home Josh!!!

Scene 3: Mommy Cheered Me Up
Josh has just broken up with his girlfriend, Lisa….and he is very bummed out. Mom is trying to Cheer him up. Mom asks him if he wants to go out for ice cream….and Josh says no. Mom asks if he wants to go to the comic book store….and he isn’t interested in that either. Mom used to always be able to cheer up her little boy with those offers….but Mom realizes Josh is getting older now. Understanding that ALL guys are pretty much the same….Mom figures there is one sure fire way to Cheer him up!! Mom starts playing with his cock!! Josh is startled by his Mom’s actions….but he admits that it “feels really good”!!! Mom gives his cock a good sucking…and then Mom asks her little boy if he would like to play with her pussy!! Josh eagerly accepts the invitation and Mom lets him finger her so much….Mom cums!!! Then Mom rides her Son’s hard, young cock!! Josh really gives it to his Mother good….even cumming in her mouth. After he has ejaculated….Josh asks his Mom if the comic book offer still stands!!!

Scene 4: Sex-Ed With My Mom
Josh has big test tomorrow in Sex-Ed. He is way behind in this class…because he missed 4 classes due to a soccer tournament. His Mom offers to help him study. Josh explains that one of the chapters he is struggling with, is the one on oral sex. Mom says that it might make more sense…if she “shows” him. “A picture is worth a thousand words” Mom says. Josh is shocked…but, nonetheless….he takes off his pants, and lets Mom do her thing. While reading the textbook, as she sucks…Mom goes over things like…licking and sucking the testicles while administering oral sex….licking the shaft up and down etc. Mom asks Josh if he has ever actually seen a naked woman…and when he says no….Mom strip naked…and continues to give oral sex. After Josh is rock hard….Mom…while still consulting the textbook…tells Josh to insert his erect penis inside her….and one by one….Mom tutors Josh in all the major positions for intercourse!! Missionary….Doggystyle….Cowgirl…reverse cowgirl….Mom fucks her teenage son every which way!! As a final lesson….in “safe sex”….She jerks him off to an explosive orgasm!! She is hopeful that he has learned enough to pass the test!!

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Taboo Fantasy – Shaylynn’s Family Album

Shaylynn’s husband isn’t interested in sex anymore…so Shaylynn has turned her ravenous sexual appetite towards……her very own Son!!! Shaylynn fucks her baby boy Peter over and over and over again!!! This Motherly Family Album includes: “Mom’s Topless Bedtime Story” “Punished For Promiscuity” “Motherly Favours” & “Mommy Made Me Fuck Her”.

File Size : 1.06 GB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 00:48:32