Bettie Bondage – Prom Night with Mom

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Your mother has never been too good at saying no to you. But still, when you asked her if she’d get you and your friends an airbnb for prom night–and buy the libations–you didn’t expect her to go for it. And she didn’t. Not quite. She told you that you and your friends can come to the house after. She’ll gather the keys, she’ll buy the refreshments, and you all can have a great time. “And,” she said, taking a deep breath, “your girlfriend can spend the night. In your room.” You knew she’d come through! But what you didn’t expect is for your dear mother to spend so much time with you and your friends. She had all the food and refreshments set out for you all when you got back, and she was in her bathing suit, the pool chairs pulled out and everything. Of course, that wouldn’t be the end of the world, but her tits were just pouring out of her suit. You knew all the guys were staring, and you were no exception! You always like sneaking a peek at her tits when she’s using the pool, but the problem is that your girlfriend noticed…and now she’s pissed! Especially when she saw your boner poking like a diving rod toward’s your mom’s tits! You head to the bathroom to take care of the issue, but it just won’t go down! You’ve been gone a while when your mom barges in, demanding to know the problem…and when you tell her, well…she never was very good at saying no to you.

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RheaSweet – Morning With Mommy

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I hate going to bed alone when my husband is away on business. My sweet son decided to keep me company. It felt so nice laying next to him all night. We cuddled and a few times I felt him get hard for me, probably helped that I was naked. I knew when we woke up that I could give my son a proper thank you for keeping mommy company.

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RheaSweet – Mommy Likes It

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I woke up to see my son above me in my bed. I asked what was going on and he starts rubbing his hard cock against me. I tell him to stop but he just keeps pressing into me harder. He pulls back the blankets and starts touching all over me. His fingers slide down to my pussy and he starts rubbing her. I demand my son to stop but instead he pulls up my legs and goes down on me. Licking all over my clit and tasting my juices. I try to fight him off but he just keeps going. I want to keep fighting him off but I haven’t had my pussy touched like this in so long and I just can’t help myself from cumming. My son looks all too pleased with making his mommy cum with his tongue, now time to make her cum on his cock. My son gets back on top of me and starts rubbing his cock in between my pussy lips. Playing in mommy’s cum juices. I tell him no way is he sticking his cock inside of me but before I could say another word, he shoves him inside me. I didn’t want to admit how amazing it felt in my tight pussy. After making me cum on his cock I urge him to cum. I fear his father will randomly stop in from work. My son tells me he has an idea he wants to try. He pulls his cock out of my pussy and starts rubbing it on my asshole. I tell him no but he slides the head of his cock inside my ass anyway. After stretching my ass to fit his cock, my son flips me over and takes me from behind. My son cums in my ass filling me up and dripping out.

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Morina – Mom Knows What You Need

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I always know what you need, and what you need right now is to cum. So I firmly guide you into taking out your cock and jerking off in front of me. Oh, and I also need an orgasm, so I’ll be rubbing my pussy and telling you when I’m getting close. Don’t cum until I tell you too!

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Lexi Dollface – Seducing My Reluctant Son

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I come into your room and take a seat on the bed, hoping we could have a little chat. I wanted to check in and see how you’re doing, I know we have been so isolated this past year. I confess I really miss going on dates and it’s been awhile since I’ve had my needs you know what Mommy is trying to say? I can see from the look on your face you’re embarrassed to be talking to your step-mom about this subject but I reassure you it’s ok and you’re mature enough. I really need your help to satisfy my desires and I won’t take no for an answer young man.

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Penny Loren – Fucking Mommy at Family BBQ

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You are at a family BBQ and horny as fuck, perving at all the women and especially your mommy in her neon green bikini, she’s looking so damn hot. Your Mom calls you into the kitchen and scolds you for perving at everyone and is embarrassed what everyone will think of her son staring at his moms big tits and ass. You just cant stop looking at her juicy ass when she bends over and thats the final straw, she drags you upstairs to the bathroom and demands you stop it, She is so embarrassed. She realised you have a massive erection in your shorts and tells you to get rid of it, it gets bigger and harder at the sight of your hot angry mom and she realises she has to take matters in to her own hands. She strips for you showing you her perfect tits, spanking her ass for you. She then demands you fuck her over the sink to get rid of your erection for Mommy once and for all! Mommy starts enjoying herself and demands you fuck her hard and fast and cums all over your cock before returning to the BBQ before any of your family realise whats been going on in the next room.

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AoifeOneal – Shooting Porn With Mummy

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My son walks in on me while my lover is fucking me in the ass. He knows I’m a pornstar but this crosses the line. He’s going to tell his dad I’m cheating on him. The only way to make it all go away is to get my camera crew to come in right now and shoot a professional scene with my son. I have no choice but to shoot porn with my own boy. It turns out though he’s got what it takes to be in the business.

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