Tara Tainton – Mommy Misses Our Mother And Son Time

Oh, why are you making me wait so long! Darling… Mommy misses you. You have me longing so much for our special time. You know what Mommy wants… you know what I need. You are the only one that can give it to me. Now… Give it to me. Wait. What did you say?! A challenge? What challenge?! Abstaining for an entire month? One whole month! That’s ridiculous. And completely unhealthy. You’re going to completely forget about that silly challenge, right this moment.

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Penny Barber – Blowjob From Mommy After Her Aerobics Class

I don’t know who should be more embarrassed, me or you. I am pretty sure everyone at the mall saw your hard-on sticking up the whole time you were watching my aerobics class. I can’t believe you don’t have the sense to jerk-off before you get in the car or at the very least, cover your crotch with something. I guess I am going to have to start sucking you off before we go anywhere. That was probably not the solution you were expecting but I bet it would be quite effective. If you can’t control that big cock of yours then I guess Mom will have to control it for you. How does that sound? We might as well test out this plan right now. You have to promise to keep your boners hidden from public view and keep these Mom and Son blowjobs a secret. If you can do that for me then I might let you have a little treat involving my hot pink leotard covered ass.

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Penny Barber – Makeup Handjob From Tipsy Mom

I thought I had the house to myself this evening, but instead I look up from my very private phone call to see my son standing there staring at me, demanding that I make dinner no less! We get into an argument and I order you to your room, but later, after that glass of wine (Or three? Four? Gosh, I can’t remember&hellip), I’m feeling much calmer and nicer and…hornier. I slink into your room, changed from my work clothes into a black satin robe and matching nightgown. Do you want to really make up with Mommy? Then let me put my hand down your pants and start stroking that hard cock while you stare at my huge, soft Mommy tits and perky, suckable nipples.

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Penny Barber – Tipsy Mom Wants Your Big Dick

I had so much fun partying tonight. There was this really hot bartender who looked just like you. I know I may have had a lot of beverages tonight but would you be a dear and get me a refill? I am so sorry sweetheart, I did not mean to start touching myself like that. I just had too many cocktails and I guess I forgot you were coming back with my glass. I must admit I am super horny right now. Since you were sweet enough to fill my cup, maybe now you would be sweet enough to fill my wet pussy? I am desperate for cock and I probably won’t remember anyway so you can do whatever you want with my naked body.

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Penny Barber – Mini Bar Makes Mommy Too Horny

I know the mini-bar is expensive but I say we kick this Mom and Son trip up a notch. Don’t make me partake alone. Your father is so boring and these little getaways are my chance to have a little fun. Boring on vacation and boring in bed. Oops, did I say that aloud? It is true though, we don’t ever experiment or even try sex toys. I think I look pretty good, tits still perky and my ass is still tight. It would be so nice to get some real sexual attention again. Like a handsome young man watching me get off and actually appreciating my body for instance. I do have my favorite vibrator with me if any strapping studs would be interested in seeing what their Mom looks like when she cums.

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Penny Barber – Family Movie Night

Itʼs finally time to settle down for Family Movie Night! I made popcorn and everything! However, you canʼt seem to keep your attention on the movie when I look so good in my white bodysuit and velvet booty shorts, my bare feet propped up on the coffee table in way that makes you wish youʼd chosen a Tarantino flick. Of course, when I notice you staring, I just start to tease you. One thing leads to another and before we know it, Mommy is naked, sucking and stroking your big dick, using my hands, feet, tits, and mouth to please my darling son and coax out a thick, creamy load of incestuous cum.

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Penny Barber – Making Mommy Suck Dick For Silence

I don’t think it is any of your business what I was discussing with the repairman and there is certainly no need to mention it to my husband. Even if you try to make up some silly story about me blowing a stranger in the living room, I am sure your dad won’t believe it for a second. Ok fine, please just don’t tell him. I’ll do anything! No, that does not include a blowjob! I can’t believe you talked me into sucking my son’s dick right in the kitchen just so you will keep quiet about the other dick I sucked. I guess you do have a pretty nice cock, though. One blowjob and you can even cum all over my bare tits but then you better keep this secret forever.

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Penny Barber – Mom Fucks You In Your Fort For Valentines Day

I did not expect to find you out here in your old play fort, sweetheart. Don’t you have any Valentine’s Day plans? You have a crush on a mysterious older woman but you are not sure how to tell her? You can at least tell me who she is, you know I can keep a secret. So you will only tell me if I give you a special kiss somewhere below your tummy. A blowjob just to tell me who you want to be your Valentine seems like a pretty steep price but ok. I stripped down to my pink bra and panties and sucked your cock but you still won’t share your secret. You may have a nice cock but you are acting a little spoiled if you think I am going to let you fuck me just to find out the name of your crush. I am starting to think I have a pretty good idea who this older woman might be though. If my guess is correct then maybe you do deserve to put it in Mom’s pussy this Valentine’s Day.

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Kinky Kristi – Give Auntie a Kiss Under the Mistletoe

It’s time again for the annual family Christmas dinner. Kristi was asked to stop by and pick up her nephew on the way to the party. She arrives and goes inside and is shocked at how handsome her nephew has gotten! They make some small talk for a few minutes before Kristi gets a wonderful idea… She just so happens to have a mistletoe in her purse that she’s been waiting for the right time to use… now seems like the perfect time. She holds it above her head and asks her nephew for a kiss… come on, she says, it’s just a little Christmas fun after all! She leans in and kisses her nephew… she pulls back and savors the taste on her lips. All of a sudden something just clicked… she had to have more. She sits down on the couch and begins running her hands up and down her legs… so beautifully covered in Wolford Satin Touch 20s pantyhose… and she begins to notice something. Her nephew has his eyes locked on her legs. She senses exactly what he is feeling and she seizes the opportunity to get exactly what she wants. She wants her nephew… she wants his cock… and she is going to use her beautiful legs and feet to get exactly what she wants. It won’t be hard, after all, all she has to do is memorize him with a sexy foot massage and after that he will be eager to have her feet wrapped around his cock… and soon after, deep in her pussy!

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