Bettie Bondage – Morning Sex with Mom

Every morning, once your dad leaves for work, you crawl into bed with your mother and snuggle. Of course, she just thinks you’re being sweet–after all, what mother doesn’t want a return to that snuggly, cuddly stage? But your real intentions aren’t so innocent. See, she wears these tiny silk nighties, with even tinier panties, and every morning, you get closer and closer to having the guts to do what you really want: to take out your cock, and press it against your mother’s ass, between her tight, thick thighs, and right against that puffy pussy of hers. I mean, it’s on display. She must realize that! And today? Well, today is that day. Of course, she’ll be surprised at first. Maybe even angry. But once you start rubbing her feet, sucking her toys, working your hungry mouth up her thighs…she won’t say no. Your father is useless in the bedroom. You hear her going to the bathroom after he pumps her a few times, every week or so. She has to masturbate just to get off after sex with him. But not with you. You’re going to please your mother’s wet, hungry cunt until she begs for your cum. Even when he calls, asking her why she’s out of breath, you won’t stop pumping your mother’s horny pussy, sucking on her gorgeous toes, worshipping every inch of her. This is what she deserves, and if he can’t give it to her, then he should know someone else will. Even if that someone is you.

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Goddess Fiona – Giving Your Stepmom Your Virginity

You’re going to your prom and are having some anxiety about prom night. You MIGHT have sex with your girlfriend but you’re kind of scared because what if you suck at it and she dumps you!?!?!? That will be *sooooo* embarrassing. We chat for a good while about all of this before I have a great idea – I know I’m your “step”-mom, but look hunny I have caught a nice little glimpse of your cock here and there, and I am…. Actually pretty impressed. You think I’m really sexy anyway don’t you? I always see your hard dick on the way to the shower after passing by my bedroom. I know that its all from me! Anyway… why don’t you let your hot MYLF stepmom help you out? I can show you a few things… show you the ropes…and come prom night you will be blowing your girlfriend AWAY with how amazing you are in bed! You are eager to agree and well, before you or I know it I have my stepsons nice big girth cock in my mouth and then I’m riding you nice and hard before begging you to cum deep inside your stepmothers pussy. Do you even WANT to go to Prom now???? You can always stay at home with your dear sexy stepmom.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Gets Naughty with Son and Dog

Mom was on her way to the gym when she realized she forgot to let the dog out,, she calls her friend and lets her know she’ll be late. She drops her keys and realizes she’s got a hole in her leggings. When the dog sneaks up behind her and starts licking her, shes startled and makes him stop. But after thinking about it bends back over again and starts really enjoying herself, so much so she loses track of time. before she knows it her son comes home in the middle of one of her orgasms. She knows she’s caught and doesn’t explain herself well. She notices your boner and tells you what a weirdo you are and lets both just hurry up and forget about this. but you want to watch and talk mom into letting you. which ends up turning into lots of naughty and inappropriate fun between you and mom and the family pet.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Says Close Your Eyes

Mommy has discovered a stash of her beautiful satin night dresses and panties hidden under your mattress. She confronts you and you admit that yes, you have an uncontrollable satin and silk fetish, particularly for your Mommy wearing it. Your Mom is not angry, in fact, she indulges you in your kink. She is so open minded that she offers to show off wearing her best satin just for you, but there is one rule you must follow.. you must close your eyes every time Mommy gets changed. She doesn’t want you to see her bare body, so you agree and close your eyes immediately… but it is SO HARD to keep them closed when you know your Mommy is right there in front of you with her perfect boobs and bottom on show in between changing outfits.. Mommy laughs as you keep peeking at her, and one by one, shows you what she looks like wearing your personal favourite items. She is reluctant to wear her panties with nothing else, but she is prepared to allow you to see her breasts for a short time if it means making you happy- which it definitely does! Mommy notices you shifting uncomfortably, so encourages you to touch yourself if it feels right to. Mommy wants your face close to her ass, so close that you can smell her. You take a big sniff of your Mommys panties and bottom, her scent driving you close to orgasm. Mommy keeps asking you to close your eyes when she puts on a new pair of satin panties, but you are so turned on you just can’t help but watch her! Mommy is cruel not letting you look, but it feels so damn good… the sound of that material sliding about her skin, knowing you can’t look… too much to bare… Mommy says you can cum if you want to, but not on her best red satin panties… too late… you blew your hot load ALL over your Momma, ruining her underwear forever..but she doesn’t mind, in fact she is going to keep this pair as a reminder of the day her son emptied his balls just for her…

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Nicole Nabors – Moms Unwanted Creampie

Your mom is sitting on her bed. She turns to you and asks what you want to do, she knows there isn’t much to do in quarantine and your both bored. She decides to take her hoodie off but notices she doesn’t have a shirt underneath. You tell her take it off anyways, no one will know. It’ll be our little secret. You seduce her to take her clothes off. You then seduce her to have sex with her but she doesn’t have a condom. You promise to pull out and she agrees. You fuck her missionary, doggy, and then she rides you. Your about to cum, she tells you to pull out but you hold her to stay on your cock as you give her an unwanted creampie.

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CherryPussy1 – Mommy Alco Party – Couple Fuck

In this video I was join ZOOM party and was talking about my son! I HATE HIM! But fuck… he cam home too early and notice me with bottle. I started to laugh at him and he became angry, he put me on the sofa and start to FUCK SO HARD AND ROUGH! BITCH! I am a real whore! He fucked me in doggy and cowgirl! In the end he cum in my pussy and I had lots of cum inside it.

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Jane Cane – Step Mom Wants To Examine My Cock

My stepmom has been training to become a nurse and had a very unusual problem with a new patient. My stepmom needed to perform a physical on a guy about my age, but my stepmom’s soft hands must have given him a hard on. Frantic, my stepmom tried to figure out how to make the embarrassing erection go away. After some back and forth, she took matters into her own hands, literally. Upon getting home, she had to confess to me what had happened and wanted to know how she could fix it so that doesn’t happen again. She asks if she could give me a physical just to see what happens, you know, for science. During the physical my cock gets rock hard and has no intentions of going away. Jane feels responsible and wants to fix it, so she starts to jerk me off, but that only makes my cock get even harder. I can’t believe that she is actually willing to put it in her mouth and suck it. Seeing that this too is only making me harder, she decides to put my cock inside of her and fuck me until I cum all over her stomach.

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Jane Cane – Crazy Christian Mom Teaches Son Sex Ed

Wade has come home after his first semester away at college. He had never been away from home before and is excited to tell his mother all about college. Mom thought she had sent her son off to a reputable Christian college, but as she hears him talk about the girls he’s been spending time with, she soon realizes that they are nothing but whores trying to deflower her sweet son. She immediately takes him out of college and urges him to go into the seminary instead. It’s always been her dream to have her son as her pastor. Wade is so upset and disappointed with his mother. He can’t believe she doesn’t trust him. He was only curious about the girls, he promised her he didn’t do anything with them. Mom then realizes that she must educate her son about the evil’s of sex and masturbation. God only wants us to have sex to reproduce. Never for pleasure. And all clothes must be kept on. It’s a sin to lust after something. But Wade continues to press his mom with one question after another until she is so frustrated that she shows him her body. This makes Wade’s cock uncontrollably hard. He is confused. His mother has taught him that sex equals love, and he loves her so much. Why can’t they be together like Eve and her sons? He promises her that if he can just have one orgasm, it will be all that he needs to make it through the seminary, and then never again until he has a wife of his own to impregnate. Mom prays and prays for God’s advice until she receives a sign. God tells her that it is okay to give her son a handjob, but it’s not working. His penis won’t go down. She has no other choice but to let her son inside of her. Wade fucks his mother until he pumps her full of his hot, sticky, virgin cum.

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IvyStarshyne – Super Slut Mom

Your mom is having trouble with finances, which she admits is because she enjoys going out with her friends. Usually when she’s out she can get some rich guy to pay up on a fun night with her, but not tonight – and she’s sulking. You remind her that you’ve just got a job and would be happy to help! But she refuses to take it… unless she can give you something in return, of course.

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