Nicole Nabors – Dream Mother

Our family has moved to a new house where we hope to make a fresh start. You come in to find you mom stressed out on the couch. She asks if the was something you wanted to tell her? Your too ashamed to say. Next, your dreaming, you meet your “dream mother”. Shes a wicked spirit that knows your naughty secret. She had taken the form of your mother but sexy and confident not shy. She makes a deal with you, if you can make her cum, then she’ll grant you a spell which ensures you get your greatest desire. A deal is a deal. You wake up from your nap and find your mom at her desk working. She chats with you, you know she’s stressed out. She begins to cry about how stressed she is. She pull your cock out and she’s shocked!! You then put the spell on her! She’s so horny for your big cock. It’s so much bigger than your dad’s! She’s shy at first and you have to push her head down to suck your cock. You then fuck her in her chair and lay her down on her bed missionary. She’s in love with your cock.

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Sydney Harwin – Can You Cum For Mommy

Theres NOTHING better than Mommy, right? She can make you cum like no other woman can. You can’t resist Mommy, even though you try. Mommy can empty your balls in seconds and the way she spreads her fuck holes all for you… She is such a dirty woman, wanting you to sniff her sweaty ass, stick your tongue nice and deep inside her cunt… come on honey, cum for Mommy…

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AimeeWavesXXX – Your Friends Come Over for Mommy Not You

Mommy tells you about how everytime your friends come over to play video games, they’re actually there to fuck mommy. That’s right, your mom is a total slut. And all your friends come over and take turns fucking mommy. They stretch out and stuff all her slut holes and pump her full of cum. Mommy loves being used by all your friends, why else do you think she lets your have some many friends over everyday?!

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Kathia Nobili – You Are Mommy’s Wedding Night Lover

What is it my baby boy! You know it is my wedding day…I’m marring your father! Yeah…sweetheart…I know how much you love all that satin on me! Believe me…..mommy will have a big surprise for you tonight! Good evening my baby! Look at mommy! Do you know why I was booking your hotel room just right next to my? I want you to be my wedding night man! And now tell me baby…do you like mommy all dressed up in wedding dress?! Mmm…sweetie…Of course mommy loves you the most and now….I want you to take me my baby boy! Right here…like this! I know you love to feel mommy’s satin all over you…..and now….in my wedding dress….ohhh baby, you have a lot of it! Let mommy tease you at first..making your cock nice, hard for me and then….let me feel your hardness my baby! It been all day….all day I was thinking about this moment…..when you will fuck your mommy in her wedding day! It so ..well…wrong…..but I need you inside me my baby! And I know you wish the same! Then take you mom baby! Just stick your hard cock inside me, feel how mommy’s pussy getting so wet for you! Ohh….you are so naughty…well…Mommy just sit on the top of you, sure…and ride your big cock! You wanna see me…my face how your make me goading your cock! And feel that silky satin all over you my baby! Mmmm…you are just the best lover of my life my son!!! But in this special day…I want something special from you! Mommy wants you inside…all your warm cum my baby! Cum…cum inside me my son!!!

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Penny Barber – Mommy’s Alice Cosplay Leads to Magical Shrinking Handjobs

I know Alice in Wonderland is your absolute favorite movie and I even enjoy dressing up for movie night but I am starting to have suspicions about your obsession with the scenes where Alice grows into a giant woman. Does somebody get excited at the idea of a big girl making him feel all small? I can’t make myself into a giant like Alice but I can still make you feel very little. Let’s play a game where I stroke your cute little cock and every time you start to feel really good it makes you shrink. I want to play with your adorable stiffy until you are tiny enough to get lost in my fluffy petticoats.

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Harley Sin – Tender Loving Mommy

This is part 2 to Mother & Son Reunited.. You wake up in bed next to your mother. It’s the morning after you’ve met for the first time since she gave you up for adoption. You told your mommy your need and she fulfilled it, like a good mother should. Now she’s rubbing up against your cock and you’re hard again. Can you feel how wet she is already. Your mommy tells you she has no regrets about last time. She gets on top of you, so loving and tender. Your cock fills her so perfectly, she promises to always love and take care of you. Mommy will always take care of her baby. Mommy loves her baby. Your mommy rides you until she’s about to cum. She wants you to fill her up with your seed, she wants to fell your hot cum in her womb. You cum inside her, but she keeps riding you. She wants to milk all the cum out of your cock. Don’t you love being inside mommy pussy? She whispers in your ear how much she loves you, you tell her you love her too.

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Harley Sin – Mom Cures Headache

Your mom comes into your room and you’re still in bed. She’s impatient that you’re not ready to go. You tell her you have a headache and can’t get out of bed. She’s really insistent. You can’t miss the event today. She confesses that when she has a headache, she masturbates. You cannot believe your mother just admitted that. She tells you it’s her job t make sure you get there, so you’d better hurry up and try at least. There really isn’t time, you’ll have to do it while she’s in the room. You really don’t want to in front of your own mother, but she tells you she’ll help you. She gets onto the bed, notices it’s taking too long. She’ll help your dick get harder, she shows you her boobs. She can’t believe how big you are. She encourages you to stroke it, but it’s still taking too long. She takes her pants off, shows you her ass. Do you want to feel it? See, that’s totally helping. You’re really hard now but she needs you to cum so your headache will go away. She has so much experience, she does this for daddy all the time. She licks her hand and jerks your cock. But she thinks she’s going to have to put it in her mouth, you only have five minutes until you have to leave. Your mother tells you it’s alright that its your own mother, it feels good to have a woman suck your cock. Your mother encourages you to cum in her mouth, she swallows it up and likes the taste. Is your headache gone now? It is, she knew it would work.

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Harley Sin – Mommy Cumslut

Your mommy gets rid of daddy to the living room. He never leaves the TV once his show is on. Your mommy is ready for her dessert, you homemade cream pie. Your mommy is a cumslut, she has to have it, so you’d better come fast. Your mommy sucks your cock right there in the kitchen with you dad in the next room. She jerks you just the right way, she knows how to get your cum fast! You blow the biggest load all over her face, twice. Your mommy loves it, she licks it off her fingers, rubs it all over her face. There’s so much she rubs it all over her tits, and has to feel it on her pussy. Your cock is still so hard, she has you jerk it for her while she rubs her pussy. She wants to feel your cum everywhere. Your mommy cums so fast, she can’t help with with your semen all over her… and she still has a few minutes before your dads show is over.

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Harley Sin – Taking Advantage Of Your Mother

Your mother is relaxing after a long day. As usual, she’s enjoying her favourite beverage. She knows she shouldn’t, you want to talk about what happened last time and she wants to forget it. You notice her feet must be sore, so you offer to give her a foot rub. She’s so relaxed by you and her favourite beverage, she dozes on the couch. She wakes up to find her blazers been opened, she skirt pulled up and her panties moved to the side, exposing her pussy. She’s confused, and notices you’re watching her. Everything seems fuzzy, she can’t believe you’re masturbating! She tells you to put it away, but she keeps peeking. You tell her she’s aroused, she denies it. You keep stroking your cock, she starts moaning and playing with her pussy. She says she can’t help it. You start taking off your pants and your mother asks what you’re doing. You get on top of her, you tell her she likes it. She’s still denying it but you take her panties and skirt off anyways. You slowly push inside her, she tells you it’s wrong and you shouldn’t be feeling so much pleasure. She asks you to stop but you won’t. She can tell you’re about to cum, and when she feels your cum filling up her pussy she can’t help but cum all over your cock. Your mother loved it, but she think she’s going to need another beverage.

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