Katie71 – Stepmoms in Heat

I can’t stand my stepdaughter she is a little prude bitch and she is coming to stay with me and my husband for a couple days. however, my husband is going to be out of town and i told him i would take good care of her and her fiance. I decided to show her how much i can’t stand her by seducing her finance and ended up in bed fucking and sucking him and she didn’t even know until the end when he was cumming in my mouth.

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Clubdinasky – Mommy Ruins Sons Wedding Orgasm

The focus is on the dominating mommy, hand job, & ruined orgasm. Mommy and you were so close, she took really good care of you, gave you everything but you wanted to leave the nest and start your own life, find a woman and get married. Mommy wasn’t very happy about this at all, in fact she didn’t like her at all and didn’t want to be apart of it. However you had no idea until….. Your laying in your suite room, the eve of your wedding night. You have been saving yourself for weeks now for your wife, you wanted to make sure you give her the best orgasm as newlyweds. Your instantly already rock hard, laying on the bed awaiting her. She is is the bathroom getting all dolled up for you, and your so excited but as the door opens you feel your face flush in shock as your mommy walks in. You find yourself embarrassed and confused, what are you doing here? Well mommy confesses that she’s jealous upset at you, angry even for leaving her and finding this other woman, that will never be mommy. She explains to you how much it hurt her and she decides she’s going to give you your wedding gift… she’s found a way to move on and let you go, but not until she gives you a bit of what it felt like to what you did to her. Your confused but she grabs your dick at your base and you tell her no, you can’t do this to me mommy but she doesn’t care at all. She starts stroking you, taunting you, teasing you, all while talking about what its going to be like when you cum and how do you explain that to your new wife when she’s comes in. It’s going to feel amazing but horrible because your wedding night will be ruined, you won’t be able to cum for her, if you cum for your own mommy. Mommy strokes harder and harder, she knows your close, you can’t help it its been weeks and those balls are full of cum. Even when you find yourself trying to resist and stop you can’t and mommy knows exactly what she’s doing. She slides your cock on top of her breasts, she squeezes tight on that head, she makes you just about lose it and then she says, cum, cum on son just let it out, do it, you know you can’t hold out anymore, you need to cum…. and at that very second mommy takes off her hands from your cock leaving you with a ruined orgasm…cum dripping down and your sulking in your disappointment that you couldn’t hold out, you couldn’t control yourself and now its ruined, your very own wedding night. Mommy tells you that will teach you to ever choose another woman over mommy, she leaves knowing you wife is about to come in.

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Natalie Wonder – Perfect Little Cock On Mommy’s Perfect Little Boy

I know you want to stay up sweetie, but mommy has to be up early tomorrow morning. Let’s close our eyes and try to go to rest. Cuddle with me…mommy loves it when you hug me from behind and hold on tight. Such a sweet boy…mommy’s going to miss these moments when you get a older. You won’t want to sneak into my bed or have slumber parties. Mommy needs to cherish this now while you’re still so young. Okay sweetie…rest tight…hold on to me tighter…Mmmmm good boy..love you. What…what’s this I feel on my butt? Oh sweetie, uh oh…you have a hard on. Are you horny from getting so close to mommy? It’s okay. You just need a release. Is this why you came into my bedroom? You want mommy’s help….you know how much mommy loves touching her young boy’s horny little cock. Mommy’s touch feels good…doesn’t it. Mmmmm your balls…they feel full…mommy will get it all out for you. Lie down…relax and let mommy get close to you…my soft breasts grazing against your face while I stroke you…my warm hands tugging on it..then mommy’s warm mouth sucking on it…mommy just loves your little dick…perfect size on my perfect little boy. It’s moments like these that makes it all worth it…

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Brooke Woods – Fucking Son And His Friend

Custom: So I have many ideas on how it would start. But I think my favourite scenario would be son’s friend is spending the night . Either in the same bed or his friend is on the floor next to the bed. And mommy comes in to check on them before she goes to bed and notices her son’s friend is either hard or soft dick is exposed and she gets turned on either way and comes in. And she starts to do naughty things to her sons friend while the son isn’t awake. and he wakes up while shes has his young dick in her mouth. mommy says he can share her with his friend. Son and friend get double BJ from mommy, spit roast mommy, and soon after she encourages them to both cum for her son cums inside her and friend finishes on her tits.

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Emmas Secret Life – Your Perverted Mom Fucks Your Big Cock

I go to wish my son a good night and unexpectedly walk in on him masturbating. I can’t help but stare at his cock in his hand. I can’t believe how big his dick has grew! I get turned on and start telling him to stroke it for me. He seems a little uncomfortable but he starts stroking it. I walk closer and tell him I could give him something to stroke it to. I drop my robe and start fingering myself while he strokes. I’m dripping wet and just can’t take it anymore and get on top of him. I rub his cock on my wet cunt and ask if he wanted more when he says yes I slide down on his thick cock! I ride and dirty talk him till I cum all over his cock and he cums inside of me. I feel instantly ashamed of myself and make him promise that this will be our secret!

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Andrea Rosu – Mommy Needs A Cool Down

Oh hi honey! Have you been waiting for your mommy to get home from the gym? You’re alway so attentive and sweet…my sweet boy! My workout was great. I feel great, totally energized! You really think you’re seeing a difference in my body from all the exercising I’ve been doing? You’re so sweet to say so. You definitely pay more attention to me than your daddy. You want to see just how tight my body is becoming?! Oh my! My sweet boy has a little naughty side huh?! I don’t know what to say…I’m blushing! Oh, alright! Maybe just a little peek. But make sure you don’t tell daddy. I don’t think he’ll understand. He already thinks I pay too much attention to you. I can’t believe I’m taking my clothes off for my boy! It’s just…you’re so appreciative. You make mommy feel so good. Does mommy make you feel good? Let me see. Let me see how good mommy makes you feel. Oh my!! My little boy is definitely not so little anymore!! They grow up so quickly! You’re becoming quite the big man huh?! Your cock is so so big and yummy!! I want you touch it…touch yourself as you look at me. I want to see how good mommy makes you feel. How much my body makes you horny and excited. That’s a good boy. Keep stroking and look at mommy’s curvy body: big tits and firm ass. That’s it. Give it to me…give your big load to mommy.

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Hot Juls Fetishes – Mommy’s Bedroom Door Is Always Open

You are visiting your mommy for a few days with your new girlfriend. You always need your mom’s approval. Her bedroom door is always open whenever you need anything…But tonight you need your mommy like never before. You walk in her bedroom while she is putting on lotion, she is dressed in lacy see-through robe, red bra and panties, black stockings, the same perfume you remember. She sits you down on her bed and asks you a few questions about your new gf. There’s nothing you won’t tell her, she just pulls all the info out of you so easy…. You become so weak for her beauty and her dominant presence. She knows what she wants, she knows you have thought about it, she knows your new girlfriend will never satisfy you. “I know what my boy wants! We have always been so close…I knew you will end up in my bedroom tonight, you can’t resist mommy”. She reaches over and grabs your cock. She starts to stroke it (POV view), slowly and demanding. You can’t say “no”, you are so weak. She sits in front of you , you have perfect view of her big breasts, dark hair, her sexy lingerie. She starts to suck your cock (POV) until you cum in your her mouth. “oh sweetie, I knew you missed me…You know my bedroom door is always open”

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Angel Lee – Mommy’s Boy

I’m surprised that you, my son, call about your breakup. Your room is available and I love you. While unpacking your suitcase, I’m shocked to find family porn. It arouses me and I’m excited to confront you (POV). We can share a bed because I always knew you had a crush on me when you had older girlfriends. I can be your lover and share this naughty secret. It’s wrong, dirty and shouldn’t be done but we should try. I unbutton my top and strip my yoga pants so I can wear a seductive nightie. My pussy juice is going to get on your dick while I talk dirty. Your so hard and I love my big boys cock as I ride. I squeeze my large tits and tell you to cum with Mama. Are you ready for my nectar on your dick? You can stay with Mommy and I will make sure you’re taken care of.

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Natalie Wonder – Mommys Bathtime Boys

Script –> This would be from the POV of son who’s a little older, peeking on you in the bathroom with younger son during bath time. At the beginning it’s just like normal bath time and you’re being cute and playful. Then when you start washing and rubbing him it gets more naughty. You ask if it feels good when mommy washes him like this. He gets a boner and you get excited and start to play with it. “You want mommy to wash you down here?” you ask. You ask if he wants to do the “special bath time” with mommy and he says yes. You have him stand up in the bath and you give him a bj. Eventually having him get out of the bath, sucking him some more and then letting him fuck mommy doggystyle. Then at one point you notice the older son peeking through the door and that he is masturbating, which turns you on even more.

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