Bettie Bondage – Aunt Bettie Has a Confession

Your Aunt Bettie has always been your favorite. She’s the cool aunt. No kids of her own, always got you awesome presents for your birthday, took you to cool places…but its been a while since you saw her. Until she called a week or so ago and asked if you might be able to come stay with her while on Christmas vacation. Your mother was hesitant at first – they aren’t super close – but eventually she agreed and you were off on the bus to her place. While you were relaxing in the guest bedroom, unpacking, your aunt came in with some towels. She asks to sit down, inching close to you on the bed. She looks…good. Really good. You can’t help noticing how low-cut her shirt is. You try to shake these ideas from your mind but you just can’t. And besides…if you didn’t know better, you’d think she was flirting. Talking about how handsome you’ve gotten, how you remind her of your dad…and then she says something interesting. Something about your dad…about how she dated him? No, your mother has never told you this story! Turns out, Aunt Bettie was with your dad first. Like, really with him. Woah, yeah, your parents never told you this! But it makes sense as to why your mom and her sister weren’t ever that close. Your aunt gets a little closer. Ok, you’re definitely not imagining things. And even if you are, the effect that she’s having on your cock is very, very real!…and she noticed. The growing tent. She reaches out, that little smirk, that dirty little smile, growing wider. Well, this is one way for her to get even with your mom!

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Katy AnnXO – Mommy Son Jerk Off Instructional

I see that your turning into such a handsome young man. Mommy wants to make sure you know how to jerk that joy stick just right! Dressed in a sheer lingerie nighty that show case my massive mounds I start to talk you about masturbation. I get out my tits to make sure you reach maximum chub. I even bring a dildo so I can show how I want you to be stroking your cock. After our lesson I masturbate with my dildo so your cock is extra hard and you can bust a huge load for mommy.

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Penny Barber – Mom Lets You Fuck Her Ass for Christmas

This little Christmas list of yours is a very naughty joke, young man. Of course, you were kidding, you don’t really want a blowjob from your Mom. I don’t even do the third thing on this list with your father! I guess I did say you could have anything you wanted for Christmas if you got into the right school. We better start with sucking your cock and then move onto the sex. I suppose you are right, it doesn’t count as a blowjob if you don’t cum in my mouth. I know this school year has proven that you are very determined but are you sure you are up for all three holes in one afternoon? I would not want you to get too tuckered out before you fuck me in the ass.

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Fiona Dagger – Mom Caught You Sniffing Panties

You’ve hidden yourself in your mom’s room, waiting for her to get home. She walks in and luckily doesn’t notice you as you crouch behind the bed. She takes a pair of panties out of her bag and lays them on the bed, then strips down to her stockings and panties and walks out. As soon as she’s gone you get up on the bed, but she comes back sooner than you’d expected and she walks in to find you naked on her bed, masturbating with the panties and a scarf she’d left! She’s furious and grabs the scarf and the panties off you, accusing you of being a filthy little pervert, and saying that you’ll need to be punished now! She uses the scarf to tie your hands together so you’re helpless and naked on the bed, then asks if you had thought that the panties were hers? She thinks you’re a pervert who wanted to smell his mother’s dirty knickers, but what you didn’t realise is that the knickers aren’t actually hers! She tells you that they belong to your aunt, her sister, and that she had stolen them recently because she loves smelling her sister’s dirty panties! She asks if you had any idea that your mother was also a panty sniffer, then says she bets you wish your hands were untied now – look how hard your cock is! She takes off her robe and begins to rub her pussy through her underwear as she smells her sister’s panties, taunting you about being such a sneaky little perve. She then takes off her knickers and dangles them in your face, asking if this is what you want? She stuffs the panties into her pussy and keeps masturbating, soaking her panties with her juices as she gets closer to cumming. You’re tied up and helpless, and can only watch as your mother brings herself to orgasm on the bed, then pulls out her panties from her pussy and stuffs them into your mouth, gagging you. She gets dressed again, putting on her sister’s dirty knickers, then tells you she’ll be back to deal with you properly later…

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Bettie Bondage – Girlfriend Finds Your Mother Son Porn

Your girlfriend shows up with a little treat in hand You’re not huge stoners, but you were recently talking about how ganja makes you both feel horny and relaxed. And she says that’ll be a good mindset to be in, since she has something she wants to talk about. Lazily, she lights up, smirking as she inhales, exhales, plays with the smoke, holding it loosely to your lips as you drag. She tells you she had to use your computer and while trying to find something she downloaded, she stumbled onto your porn folders. Your taboo porn folders. She laughs when your face betrays your attempt to stay cool, reassuring you that she’s not upset. She just wants to discuss it. She tells you she found the folder of all the mother-son stuff, saying again that she’s not upset. Quite the contrary. She thinks fantasy is important. Sexy. Healthy. Even the stuff you fantasize. “But,” she says, “I did notice that all those women looked a lot like your mother. A lot…is there maybe something to that?” You freeze. She’s cool, but is she that cool, that open? You don’t need to respond, though, before she’s smiling again, opening her sweater, telling you that its ok. She wants to explore it. She wants to talk. For both of you to touch yourselves while you explore. While she encourages you. Encourages you to stroke and think about all the naughty, taboo scenarios that were in those videos. Stroke and think…about your mother. Is this really happening? As you bring yourselves closer and closer to orgasm, dirty talking and encouraging, she tells you to wait. She’s going to get something… She leaves, and when she returns, she’s carrying something. A picture. Framed. A framed picture of your mother! You can’t believe this. Really? Yes, really. Yes, really, your girlfriend is holding a framed photo of your mother between her legs, against her naked, smooth, wet pussy, stroking your cock and telling you to cum all over your mother’s face. Telling you that its just what she wants. It’s just what you want. And she’s right.

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Penny Barber – Mom Fucks Your Imaginary Friend

I understand that you had a bad dream, sweetheart, but you need to be rested for work tomorrow. Your imaginary friend is back and he wants to do dirty stuff to me? I thought you grew out of that little game decades ago. I suppose I could indulge you, just this once. Of course, he wants me naked because he loves my breasts. Now he is very hard and wants me to stroke him off. I did not realize your imaginary friends had such a huge cock, let me just adjust my grip to fit his big thingy in my little hands. I guess I better suck him off too. You are such a naughty boy. Sorry, I mean Mr. Bing Bong is so naughty. He wants to stick his fingers where exactly? Oh, both my pussy and my ass, I should have known. Playtime with your imaginary friend is getting very real so I think it is time you tell me how he wants me to make him cum.

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Sydney Paige – Dad Encourages Playtime With New Mom

Your father has re-married… to Sydney! Your father knows that Sydney REALLY knows how to please a man. He yelps and moans all night. However- both your father and new m0ther know that you can hear it- and you listen intently. So, your father has an idea- let new mommy Sydney share all of her “expertise” with his son. Sydney thinks about the proposal and is open to it, so she calls the son in and explains how she would also like to make him moan and yelp like she does your father…The fun begins..

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Goddess Asari – Stepmommy Makes You Finish

You’ve found your step-mother sexually attractive for years now and have been trying to keep your urges hidden as best you could. One day you think she’s out of the house so you go and grab a pair of her panties to jerk off into. To your dismay and surprise she comes through the door and catches you in the act! You think you’re going to get punished or told on but she just smirks and look down at you. “Finish” she says. You’re shocked but already turned on so much. Somehow her cold, mean look turns you on more. She teases and taunts you with her body by simulating sexual positions and moaning. You feel like you’re going to bust all over her. She whispers “this is our little secret” You’re Step-Mommy’s little gooning addict for life!

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Siena Rose – Babysitting The Monster Cock

Custom: You babysit him and we start off with some sweet babytalk and then baby starts to cry and you talk to him like “what’s wrong sweetie?” and so on “are you hungry? I just gave you the bottle” etc. You then see how he is bulging up down there, the diaper getting more and more strained. You look more and more shocked and kinda freak out a bit. You then ask if that’s why he’s crying, you then think to yourself “omg what is happening down there?! It keeps growing, this is not normal”. You then proceed to open up the diaper saying “Is it because of that your crying?” You then shockingly discover his monster dick. You look at it horrified and think to yourself “Oh my fucking god that thing is enormous, this so fucked up” You then ask him “What do you want me to do? Is there some thing mommy does to make you feel better?” You then notice him start thrusting it towards you and then you realize what you have to do… You then move on to feeling the cock, saying how massive and thick it is; some comparing it with your arm and trying to wrap your hand around it. You then move in to stroking it and saying like “Does that feel good, baby?” in babytalk. You then quickly move on to licking it – sucking it – deepthroat it (lots of deepthroating!! really sloppy and deep) You can throw in some lines during about how nicely huge and thick it is and how im such a “big baby boy!” and maybe “who’s a good monster cock baby!” This is the basic script! I’ll give you some freedom to add stuff if you’d like, come up with your own lines and stuff like that!

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Coco Vandi in Private Vacation with Busty Step Mom

Scene One: There Is Only One Bed
I am so excited for my first Vegas trip with my mom! My mom tells me that my dad is the one paying for this trip, so that’s the only way she can afford it! When we finally get up to the hotel room, we notice that there is only 1 bed in the room! It’s going to be a little awkward sleeping next to my step-mom, but I will have to just deal with it! My mom decides to change out of her clothes in front of me and before I know it, she is completely naked in front of me! My mom slowly gets down on her knees and I am nervous as to what she is going to do next! She slowly starts to lick the tip of my cock. She admits to me that she hasn’t done this to any man in so long! She keeps licking and sucking on my hard cock! I cum pretty quickly because I’ve never gotten a blowjob from any girls before! I get nervous afterwards and tell her that I’m going to run down to the arcade for a while…

Scene Two: Caught Mom Masturbating
I have a lot of pent up stress from what I did with my step-mom the other day, so I am going to work out in the gym this morning! As I am walking to the gym, I realize that I forgot my phone at home! I run back home and I walk in to find my mom masturbating in her bed. I can feel my cock starting to get hard in my pants, so she spreads her legs and keeps rubbing her pussy in front of me. I pull my cock out and I shove my cock inside of her pussy. I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position and she keeps moaning about how much she loves fucking her step-son! “You’re going to make mommy cum!” she moans. I ask her to flip over in to the doggy style position and I start to fuck her pussy from behind. “I haven’t been fucked in so long, baby! I am going to cum all over your cock again baby!” she moans. I end up cumming deep inside of my mom’s pussy and then we decide to go grab some lunch…

Scene Three: Morning Sex
I wake up one morning to find my mom on top of me, with my cock in her mouth! She keeps giving me a blowjob for a few minutes before she stands up and she strips naked in front of me. I reach out and I grab her big tits when she goes back to sucking my cock. I tell my mom to bend over in to the doggy style position and I start to fuck her pussy from behind! I love how big her ass looks when I pound her from behind. “I love morning sex!” she exclaims. I ask my mom to turn over and I fuck her pussy in the missionary position now. This really is a great vacation!! My mom keeps cumming all over my cock and she can’t stop telling me just how much she loves fucking me! “I have an idea. Let’s go fuck some more in the bathroom!” I suggest. We both walk in to the bathroom and I fuck her up against the sink counter. “Are you ready for a facial, mom?” I ask her. She gets down on her knees and I jerk my cock off all over her pretty face!

Scene Four: Mom Has a Secret
I walk in to our hotel room to find my mom and another blonde MILF sitting naked on the bed, counting stacks of money. I ask my mom “What is with all the money?!” My mom and her friend, Cory, tell me that they both some times work together. “We make men happy and they pay us in cash!” they tell me. I am a little bit confused and I am not sure what they are talking about! “You know what I did with you the other day? Well, some men pay me to do the same thing that I did to you…” my mom explains to me. Cory ends up lying down on her back and my mom pours lube all over her pussy. I walk over to her friend, Cory, and I shove my cock inside of her pussy. Cory flips over in to the doggy style position and I fuck her pussy from behind. I want to fuck my mom next, so my mom lies down in the missionary position so I can fuck my mom next. Cory starts to lick my mom’s nipples while I am fucking my mom’s pussy. I fuck Cory again next and I wrap my hand around her neck and I choke her hard while I fuck her. I tell my mom and Cory to put their faces next to each other and I jerk my cock off on to both of their faces and in their mouths…

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