Natasha’s Bedroom – Mommy Discovers Your Naughty Secret

Rise and shine, my little son. It’s time to wake up and start the day – and you’d better hurry up! Mommy needs to leave for work soon, but I need to be sure that my smart boy shows up on time today to the SAT. Mommy’s so proud of you, how grown up you’ve become, and I know you’re going to make me even prouder today, baby.
Wait a minute. Wait just one minute, mister. What is that on your computer? Is that PORNOGRAPHY?? Let me see that RIGHT now. Oh my goodness, those are…they’re…oh my, they’re pictures of mommy – naked pictures! This is very wrong, son. It’s very, very inappropriate to spy on mommy and take pictures of her without her clothes on. Were you masturbating to these photos, son? Is that what you were doing under the covers when mommy walked in?
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Mothers Pussy is Still the Best Nightcap

I can’t believe the hotel messed up our reservations and stuck us in a room with only one bed… ugh! Well, it’s too late to do anything about it. We have to get up early in the morning so if we have to share a bed then… well, you are just going to have to get over it son. I can’t do anything about it, we are stuck with this room. I need to take a bath and get ready for bed so just hang out and find something to do until I get back…

You can’t help but be curious about what your mother is doing in the bathroom so you sneak in and see her bent over the tub with just a thong on. You know you should leave but your mother’s ass has you mesmerized until…

OMG what are you doing in here?! Haven’t you heard of knocking? Get out! I told you I was taking a bath, I’ll be done soon, OUT!

30 minutes later….
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Penny Hume – Mom’s Sabotage – Mom Wants Son All To Herself

Son, we’ve drifted apart and it’s been killing me! Ever since you met that bitch girlfriend of yours… she stole you from me. So I had to take measures into my own hands… a deceptive little trick to make you break up with her and come home to me! Now you’re here and I’m comforting you. I know breakups hurt real bad… but as your Mother, I have the tools to heal your pain. I want you to move back in with me, rent free. I’ll cook, clean, and take care of your every need. Doesn’t that sound good? Yes, I said EVERY need.
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Madisin Lee – My Sweet Son

I have been really depressed after your father left me this week. You decide to do a card to cheer me up. You walk in my room and catch me drinking. I was almost about to break into a waterfall of tears, then you showed up. You know how to make mommy happy. This card you gave me was just what I needed to cheer up. I don’t know what I am going to do without a man in the house. You’re a man, I know, but you can’t take care of mommy’s needs…. or can you?
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Natasha’s Bedroom – Only Mommy’s Touch Can Fix Your Broken Heart

Son, why are you home from your date so early? And, oh my goodnessare you crying? Ohh, I cant stand to see my darling son in so much pain. Tell mommy whats wrong; let mommy make it better. Oh, sweetie, your first heartbreak. I know it feels like nothing will make it better, but there are other fish in the sea. Let mommy wipe away your tears, ok baby? I promise that youll find another girl, and, as soon as you feel her touch, your heart will be full of joy again. I know youre in so much pain right now; I just wish I could help you in some way. Let mommy climb on top of you and ride your cock until she cums. Watch her face contort with so much pleasure that it twists into pain; and then just relax, stare at the breasts that you used to suck milk from, and let her ride your cock until it explodes deep inside her pussy. Let mommy mend your broken heart and make everything all better.
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You Can’t Deny Your Pregnant Mother Your Young Cock

My sweet son, thank you so much for coming home on such a short notice. I really needed to talk to you… I’ve been needing to tell you this for a very long time and I just haven’t been able to…. until now. What I am going to ask of you is probably going to confuse you but I’m sure you’ll understand. You’ve grown into such a handsome attractive young man and mommy has definitely noticed. I’ve been watching you every day and my need for you is growing stronger and stronger. Honey, I *need* you… your pregnant mother needs your love and affection… and not just in the normal way but I need you in a very special way. It’s been so many long months since I’ve had a man’s touch and I just can’t go without it anymore. I’m pregnant, I’m horny and I must have you sweetie… mommy needs your cock. I want your young cock in my pregnant pussy! I know it’s wrong honey, I do… I know it’s wrong to want to fuck my son but I just can’t help myself… I have to have you tonight. You simply cannot deny your pregnant mother this one request… I just want you to fuck me. Please baby, I’m begging you… fuck your pregnant mother!
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Brooklyn Chase – Mom Wants her Needs Satisfied

Brooklyn walks into the living room where her son is watching TV. He can just tell something is off by the way she is dressed, the way she leans in too close, then when she puts her head on his lap, and…despite his struggle his dick starts getting hard. Brooklyn smiles knowingly. She lets her hands tease, almost like an accident. Little by little she gets her son harder and harder until his cock is pushing out the top of his shorts. Brooklynn knew his cock was so much bigger than his dad’s. She married young, and now her older husband doesn’t have the stamina to give her what she needs, and She has her needs, and she makes her son satisfy them completely
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Dava Foxx – Mother Son Affair

Just a minute baby… I’m almost ready for you… There see, does’t Mommy look sexy? I know you don’t care, but I always want to look good for my favorite boy… I don’t know when I’m going to get to see you again, you’re always so busy with school… That’s right son, let Mommy see that big cock. You have now idea how much I need this after only having sex with your Father for the past week. My big boy is the only one who knows how to please me….
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Bella Ink and Madisin Lee – Aunties Revenge

My poor little sister has been cheated on again from her old, pathetic, looser husband and she wants revenge this time. As I am consoling her I have an idea, she should get back at him with a younger man, an 18 or 19 year old. That would really piss him off! As, we are trying to figure out how we can lure a young man in, my son walks in. Perfect, I thought, Sweetie where are all your friends at? Can one of them come over and fuck your aunt? No? Well, how about you? Its not weird, look how young and sexy your aunt looks. I bet you have never been with a hot older woman like this before? Aunt Bella shows off her sexy, perky tits. We notice you getting hard, but we do not let you go. We both grab his cock and jerk it. Then we take turns giving a blowjob and then we both suck together. He is beginning to tremble with excitement and auntie turns around for him to fuck her doggie style. As I watch, I get excited and begin to play with myself. Auntie notices and tells my son to take care of mommy. Oh, my goodness, I cannot believe how good this feels! I cum hard all down my sons cock and then he finally finishes cuming deep inside aunties pussy.
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Lisa Jordan – I’ll help you forget her

Hi sweetheart! Whats wrong baby, why are you moping around? What do you mean your date never showed up? Did you like her? No?? Well then what is the problem? OH!! Oh dear I know! Boys your age are looking to get a little extrawell baby you can go to your room and do that by yourself! Why are you still standing here?!? Do you need mommy to help you out?
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