Tara Tainton – Aunties Super Special Bedtime Technique

Poor nephew. I heard you were up here, tucked into bed but unable to find sweet sleep. So, I came to help you. I’m always here for my favorite nephew! Do you trust your auntie? Then, I’m going to treat you to my super special bedtime technique… it starts with a relaxing bedtime voice, soft and soothing, a nice sensual massage, and the very best thing for bedtime of all: auntie’s special pillows. Just lie back, relax, listen to my soft voice, and… let’s get you out of these pajamas. I’ll keep you nice and warm…

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Annabelle Rogers – Church Moms Sunday Service

It’s Sunday morning and Annabelle Rogers, a devoted churchgoer, is in a rush to get to service but her 19-year old son is stalling by secretly jacking off in his room. Annabelle asks him what’s taking so long and opens the door before he can cover up. Shocked and angry, Annabelle’s offended that he’s making them late for church for such a sinful act. He pleads with Annabelle to let him finish. When she refuses, he points out that he’ll be sporting a huge boner in his church pants and everyone will see and she’ll be embarrassed. She frets, realizing that he’s right, and ultimately agrees to let him finish. She reluctantly waits, but quickly starts getting impatient as he strokes in front of her. Soon he says coyly that he needs some help if she wants him to finish quickly. Although Annabelle’s prudish and reluctant, she eventually gives in and agrees. Oh, well…better late than never!

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Lucy Alexandra – Impregnate Mommy

I had a romantic night planned for myself and your dad! He’s not here, I’ve had a few too many and I’m in need of your seed! Give Mommy a baby now you’re all grown up and don’t need me anymore!!! I need all your loads.. fuck me, let me push it deep inside.. I’m fertile and ready..

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Kinky Kristi – Mommy Misses You When You Are At Camp

Hey sweetie! I am making this little video to send you at camp because I miss you SO much! I just know how much you miss mommy, too. I know it’s hard to be away from me while you are at camp but it’s ok, I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself! I also know that some of your needs are not being met while you are at camp because mommy isn’t there… so I want you to watch this video while mommy shows you exactly what you are missing! Remember that one night that mommy kissed your cock? Mmmhmm… and kissing is not all that she did to it, remember? Right, well, I want you to touch yourself while you watch me show you what I am going to do just as soon as you get home! Trust me sweetie, you’ll be able to enjoy camp so much more once you tend to your urges and mommy will always be right here to help you!

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Carmen Valentina – Sucks Off Her Boy

Carmen is alone in her bedroom…masturbating…when her horny teenage Stepson eases the door open…and begins watching her!! Carmen, is originally oblivious to the intrusion, as she fingers herself frantically…but after a few minutes, Carmen looks up, and catches him in the act!! Carmen calls her Stepson in and gives him a stern talking to. After she finishes scolding the embarrassed teen, she offers him an olive branch. She tells him, that since he is so infatuated with her…just this one time…she will strip for him….and suck him off!!! But….JUST this once, she clarifies. Carmen strips out of her lingerie, and gives her horny teenage Stepson the sexiest, sloppiest blowjob you have EVER seen!! Carmen sucks and jerks her Stepson’s cock so well that she makes him ejaculate twice!!

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Carmen Valentina – Quarantined With Mom

When you are a teenage boy, the last thing in the World you want…is to be Quarantined for weeks and months…with your own mom!! But, that’s exactly what happened to this youngster. After ages of being Quarantined around the clock, young Jason is bored to tears. His Mom…Carmen Valentina…tries to cheer up her teenage Son. She offers to play a board game with him…she asks him if he wants to help her clean the house…..nothing works. Finally, Carmen remembers that…boys like boobies!! Carmen lifts up her shirt, and flashes her big boobs to her Son, to see if that might cheer him up. The young boy develops a bulge in his pants….So Mom decides to take her shirt all the way off….and give her teenage Son…a long, wet, sloppy BLOWJOB!! Carmen deepthroats her young Son, and eventually makes him cum everywhere! She tells him to get cleaned up, because she has a roast in the oven. Hopefully a nice blowjob from Mom breaks up the monotony of Quarantine!!!

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Dinkybum – Mommy Suck And Fuck

Mommy is craving someone’s touch, her date just cancelled on her and she’s feeling lonely. And what a waste, she’s already all dressed up. Do you think you could help her? Watch me as I strip out of my sheer dress and show off my perfect body in silky white lingerie. I realise my baby boy is exactly who I need to make me feel good! Put your cock in my mouth and let me get you hard. Gagging and drooling all over your dick, I beg you to fuck mommy! You fuck me in missionary HARD as I moan for you. Let’s cum together, good boy!

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MollySnacks – Mommy Makes You Cum

Sweetie, mommy is sick and tired of cleaning up your messes. You cum all over everything! I understand that you have urges, and that’s fine. But, mommy wants to teach you the proper way to take care of those urges. Mommy is going to help that horny cock of yours cum. Mommy is going to stroke you off and rub her perfect titties all over your big dick. Eventually, mommy lets you cum right into her hand. Mommy jerks you off, rubs your cock on her tits and helps you cum, you fill her hand with your load!

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Sherry Stunns – Mommy Shows David How To Make A Baby

Today he asks his mommy where babies come from, and she is more tan happy to help. But he won’t get some lame birds and the bees story… She gives David a brief overview of her anatomy, and how things work. This just makes him even more curious. So being a god mommy, she decides that showing him exactly how it works is her best option. David’s mom puts his penis in her mouth, and gets it nice and hard. She explains that this is how she likes it. Now that he is hard and ready, mom slips it inside of her… and it looks like David is a natural! He fucks her good and deep with his virgin cock. Before he even knows what is happening, he lets loose a huge load of cum deep inside of his mom! She can feel how much he came and how good it feels leaking out of her. She congratulates him on a job well done as you can see his big load leaking out of her. Such a good boy!

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Tara Tainton – Let Me Take All Your Cares Away

That’s what *mothers* are for: to take all your cares away. It took so long to get you to finally share with me what is bothering you so much, and had you locked in your room for hours on end. Finally, finally… you shared the truth with me: your girlfriend might break up with you if you don’t get a grip (hee hee hee) on your erection issues. But what I can’t fathom is WHY my *son* has any issue to begin with! You’re so strong, healthy, and your *father*… well… I think what you need is a mother’s touch. I’m going to help you relax, let everything else go, and work your way back to having a strong, easy, HARD erection. And I’ll make sure you can MAINTAIN it, in every sexual situation you may find yourself in. My boy will never have to worry again. Just remember how it feels to be inside ME, whenever you need to…

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