Harley Sin – Mommy Taboo Confession

In this confession vid I talk about playing your mommy, I go over the different mommy roles I play in my videos and how I feel playing them. I go a little deeper into the creative process of the nice, mean, annoyed, and unsuspecting mommy characters. I talk about my personal process and day when I’m making videos, how I take care of myself, and really try to think about how the viewer feels. I want you to feel like you’re right there with me. I also go into detail about my process of creating videos, how I write my scripts, how I feel getting ready to turn you on. How I want my stories to draw you in. I hope in the end you’ll feel like you’re getting to know the real Harley Sin and that we can connect on a deeper level.

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MilfParadise – Stepmom And Stepson Cody

Building up the tension between stepmom and stepson over a course of days and hours. Stepson spys on stepmom tanning topless in the backyard. She notices him and subtly applies lotion to her tits. Later that day, she walks into her stepsons room to ask him something but finds him masturbating. She stays hiden in the doorway, getting turned on and enjoying the view. Few hours later, stepmom is in her room looking for all her panties, they’re gone! She calls her stepson in to question him about it. He denies it but she knows… Couple more hours later… She catches him masturbating to her PANTIES!

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