Tara Tainton – Do Not Do Things Like That to Your Mother

How dare you… We used to have such a great relationship. I knew I could always trust you. I raised you to be such a nice, respectful man. And you… walk right into my bedroom, pull out your cock, and… and think you can just reach out and TOUCH me?! No, you WILL NOT do things like that to your mother. You’re going to go to your room, finish yourself off alone… I DO NOT CARE how many times you claim you can only orgasm in my presence now. That won’t last, that will all change. This nonsense is all going to end now. …but not the way either of us can predict.

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Tara Tainton – Make Me Your Cam Slut Whore

You haven’t been here. I don’t know where you’ve been, what you’ve been doing… I guess you have everything you want. You don’t need… me. I thought you wanted what I did. That day was… I’ll never forget. I keep looking for ways… for you… but there hasn’t even been a chance to casually “bump” into you again. My boy… I need you to make me your whore. Again.

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Tara Tainton – If You Could Have Anything for Your Birthday Anything at All

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now, your dad and I have lots of fun stuff planned for you, of course. And… what would you like for breakfast? I can cook you up something, bring it to you in bed? And… dare I ask… if you could have ANYTHING for your birthday, what would it be? Because your dad and I might’ve already…. What’s that? Last night? Dad and I last night, in the kitchen? Why, I don’t remember anything that… OH. You… you heard us? YOU SAW? And you want… well, we were just playing, it was all a big joke. Yes, I was his “secretary” and he was the “boss.” ha haa And… that’s what you want for your birthday? Well, I guess I can dress up for you… and then we can just go down to breakfast, right? What a strange request… No? No, you want… you want… more?

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Tara Tainton – You Both Have Perfectly Fine Penises

Now, what on Earth is the matter here? Did you two have a fight or something? But you’re best friends! What happened? Are you going to tell me, or I do I have to pull it out of you? Oh, I see… you managed to get on the topic of SIZE. Now, whether that’s because of the other boys talking at school or the internet or what have you… trust me that that is not something to fight over or be bothered by at all. And the two of you determined, my poor boy is the smaller one? Even though you thought it felt so big in your hand when you touch it? Oh, my darling… okay, well, there’s really only one way to resolve this – even though it makes me so uncomfortable. You’re going to have to show me. Yes, you do agree that I should know what is a perfectly wonderful size, right? Then, allow me to reassure you. Just get them out quickly, and I’ll confirm that you’re both wonderfully suited.

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Tara Tainton – Youll Fill Me with Your Bull Cock And Leave My Son Alone

The tables are turned… you’ve got ME right where you want me, the mother of the boy you’re STILL bullying. You promised you’d never touch him again. You swore that if I… if I…. DID what you made me do, that you’d never ever hurt him again. But here we are, my son and I both, to confront you one last time. Is this what you wanted all along. To see us so distressed, our family ripped apart, our bond in shambles? Was this your plan? ….to leave us so devastated that we — that I — would HAVE to give you exactly what you asked for, more than I could ever imagine you’d ask of us You want to take me in front of my own son. Oh, you have no idea what that request – that demand – is going to bring upon you.

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Tara Tainton – Our Super Secret Club #6

Oh, what a day at school you’ve had! You’re such a clever one – I always knew you were more advanced than the other boys your age. And we do have important club business to attend to. Now, is there anything else you’d like to tell me about? Dirty words? Oh, those big boys again… you think you’d like to hear some dirty words? Well, I suppose I can indulge you – with a few. You just must promise that you’ll never SAY any curse words outside the Super Secret Club. Agreed? Okay then… now, we’re going to hold the meeting in the bedroom… and then, I’d like to know if you’d like to try a new “sex position” this time. And since those dirty words make you feel all tingly…

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Tara Tainton – Our Super Secret Club #5

Well, hello there. And it’s nice to see… whoa, okay. You seem VERY excited about something. Would you like to tell me what… Today? At school? Yes, and what were the older boys talking about? Oh, BLOWJOBS. And… THAT word. Okay. And ‘positions?’ So, you want to know what positions are. Of course, I can tell you. Yes, just like how I said you could ask me anything you wanted. Would you like to just rest a bit, have a drink of water maybe, and then I’ll… show you?

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Tara Tainton – Our Super Secret Club #4

Well, hello there! Well, you DID take me by surprise, but yes, you’re absolutely right. I DID invite you to just pop over whenever you like and let yourself in the back way if you ever feel inclined. I see you found the key hidden under the potted plant! You are a clever boy… So… you say you have just a little bit of time before you’re expected to be home before your parents are there? Okay then… did you have something in mind for our impromptu club meeting today? What’s that… a bag of toys? Oh, what fun. There was something you wanted us to play with? Well, I’m not sure what we can do with this particular assortment, but… Oh. OH! Oh, now this is definitely something interesting. You say your mother calls this her “massager?” Why, I’m sure it is good for that. And other things. You wanted to know what it’s for? Because it looks like… well, yes, you’re quite right. It does look very much like a penis, doesn’t it. I’d be very happy to show you how to PLAY with this toy. I think it’s a superb idea. And what a perfect opportunity to personally demonstrate for you… the beauty of the female orgasm.

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Tara Tainton – Our Super Secret Club #3

Oh, the look on your face as you wait in my guest room as directed – so polite and unsuspecting, nervous even. To think I have to reassure you that I am indeed washing and drying your trousers for you so you’re all ready to return home – on time! – without your parents any the wiser. This is the Super Secret Club after all – not a word of your whereabouts or our fun and games is ever divulged to anyone. It’s all OUR SECRET. Now, I know just how to break the ice and introduce you to something completely new in your youthful exuberance and inexperience. Candy will do the trick – the sweeter, the better. And hopefully, I’ll earn the invite to have a lick of YOURS…

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Tara Tainton – Our Super Secret Club #2

It happened so fast! Oh, you dear thing! And… your FIRST TIME. My gosh, I had no idea. All the better for me, really. There’s SO much for me to teach you. So many ways for me to GUIDE you, to NURTURE you. You have every opportunity to be such a fine young man—in MY hands. Truthfully, I wasn’t even sure you’d show up for our second “club” meeting. But you did, right on time. You’re so… obedient. Perfect for all my intentions and desires. And this time, I incidentally induced your first orgasm. And you were so overwhelmed! What an honor it was to be a part of it. And oh, the fun we have ahead of us!!

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