Tattooed Temptress – Mommy Begs for Impregnation

Mommy has wanted to get pregnant for a long time, I’ve been lonely for so long since your dad left. I want you to impregnate me. Who better than my own son. Why don’t you want to? What’s wrong with mommy. I try and seduce you by showing my tits, touch them son. You push me away but I come back for more. Mommy needs your cock. I’m not taking no for an answer. You finally give in and mommy gets on her knees and gives you a wet sloppy blowjob in the kitchen. Mommy wants you to taste her pussy now. I jump onto the counter and spread my legs, telling you how to eat mommys pussy like a good boy. Then you slide you cock inside mommy, fucking her until you cum. Mommy wants you to drain every last drop inside her. She wants to have a pregnant belly full of your cum.

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Tattooed Temptress – Mommy Can Relieve Your Stress

You’ve been so stressed recently, and mommy is worried. I never see you anymore. You’re always locked away in your room. Well, mommy wants to relieve her son. I know you’ve been watching mommy when she bends over. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. I actually like the thought of my son peaking at me. I even stopped wearing panties on purpose. Have you seen mommies pussy? I spread my legs and let my son see my pussy whilst rubbing it. It’s ok son, its perfectly normal and natural. Mommy is going to make your cock hard and suck you until you explode all over her face. I know those big swollen balls need draining so bad.

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Tattooed Temptress – Mommy Diary Part 2. We Fucked

Ok, it happened. Here we are, one year later from when it all started. It’s my sons birthday and he’s another year older. I tried to so hard to suppress my taboo thoughts and feelings… We had such a good day together, and I was cleaning up, washing the dishes, then I moved on to scrubbing the floor. That’s when I felt eyes on me. A hand strokes my thigh, then my ass, and lifts up my skirt to reveal my naked ass and pussy. I turn round in shock. It’s my son. You want to know what happens after that? I guess you’ll just have to watch it and see for yourself.

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Tattooed Temptress – Mommy Diary Part 1. Taboo Confessions

Ok well, here it goes. My therapist has told me I need to start making video diaries to help me with my problem. I’m just so embarrassed and disgusted with myself. There are things that I just can’t tell my therapist. They’re just so taboo! He will think I’m a pervert. So…. here goes nothing…. It all started a year ago on my sons birthday…

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Tattooed Temptress – Mommy’s First Squirt

Mommy goes to make your bed and notices your sheets are wet. What have you been doing with all those sluts you bring home. mommy has thought squirting was made it, only pornstars do it. mommy has never squirted before, and son wants to show her how to do it, since he is such an expert.

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Tattooed Temptress – Morning Sex With Mommy

You sneak into mommys room. You push your hard cock against her back to wake her up. You’re so horny this morning aren’t you son. Mommy will take care of that. Mommy stroke your big cock, wank you in her bed. Suck mommys tits like you used to. Do you miss feeding from mommy and milking mommys tits. The you climb ontop and fuck mommys tight cunt. Mommy cums so hard, pussy so wet. She climbs on top of you and rides you cowgirl, can you feel mommys pussy juice dripping down your cock. To finish off, mommy sucks your cock until you cum in her mouth. What a good way to start the day. Mommy loves you son.

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Tattooed Temptress – Mommy is Your GF

Son, look what I found whilst I was snooping on your laptop. I found your internet dating accounts, and look at all these sluts you’ve been speaking to! I can’t believe you would cheat on mommy like this. You can only have one girlfriend, and its me, mommy! I let you live here rent free, you don’t need a job and this is how you treat me. OK, I’ll forgive you this time, but I don’t want you talking to another women ever again. I want you to delete your accounts and show me how much you loving having mommy as your girlfriend. First, suck and squeeze my tits, I know you love sucking on mommys tit like you used to when I breastfed you. Now eat and lick mommy ass hole and pussy. You love mommys pussy don’t you. Then I show you how much better mommy is than those internet whores. I suck and wank your cock, then climb on top of you and ride my sons hard cock until I cum. You’re not allowed to cum just yet. I fuck you reverse cowgirl and let you drain your full balls inside mommys pussy, the pussy you came out of. I made your cock, and I own you.

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Tattooed Temptress – Mommy Makes You A Man

Today is a big day for you son. today is a special birthday, when you become a man. The only way to do this is by giving mommy your seed. I’ll take your virginity, every mother and son are doing it. Its so special. I’ll show you what to do. Mommy will make you hard and suck your cock. Why don’t you suck mommys tits like you used to, you loved breastfeeding. Mommy rides your cock hard, you love being back inside mommys pussy don’t you. Thats where you came from. Mommy tells you to cum and you creampie mommys pussy. Well done son, you are a man now.

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Tattooed Temptress – Mommy Horny for a Threesome with Sister

You usually fuck mommy whenever you are both alone in the house, daddy is out, and your sister is out too. But mommy wants to talk to you. I found your sisters Onlyfans on your laptop. Why do you want to see your sister naked? Is mommy not enough for you any more? I’m wearing your sisters slutty lingerie for you, do you like mommies tits in your sisters bra? What do you think your sister will say when I tell her? Do you want to lick your sisters pussy just like you lick mommies? How about all three of us fuck, I’ll suck your cock whilst you eat your sister. Would you spit roast mommy? I suck your cock until you cum, encouraging you and describing a threesome between mommy, son and sister. Then I countdown for you to cum in your sisters panties. I put them back on so I can feel your cum next to my pussy.

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Tattooed Temptress – Blackmail Your Aunt

Your Aunt accidentally send you naked pictures of herself to you, she is so embarrassed. Please delete them, let’s pretend like this never happened ok? It’s going to cost me? My husband is rich, name your price and I’ll pay you. You want your aunt to suck your cock?! No way!! That’s so wrong… Ok, Ok, I’ll do it, just please don’t tell my husband about the photos, they weren’t meant for him. Yes that’s right, I’m having an affair. I have a lover who I fuck because my husband doesn’t fuck me right anymore. This is going to cost your aunt even more. You make her fuck you, and cream pie at the end.

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