Jude Ryan – Sex Ed with Mommy

You walk in on Mommy while she’s having some “special alone time” – you share your curiosity and she answers your questions and tells you about masturbation, vaginas, sex…etc. But Mommy, why did Dad tell his friend that you give the best blowjobs because of your special tongue? One question leads to another, which leads to Mommy sucking your cock and riding you until you cum inside of her. Oops! Well, Mommy was thinking about giving you a little bother or sister anyway…

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Jude Ryan – Naughty Halloween Mommy

Mommy comes to tuck you in after you spent your night trick-or-treating. What’s that that you have there? Mommy said no more candy tonight. It’s not candy? Let me see what it is. Honey! This is for grown-ups! Where did you get it? Someone gave it to you when you were trick-or-treating? You didn’t take any did you? You did? Oh no, here, let mommy lay with you and take care of you. Do you like the way Mommy’s mouth feels on your cock? Just wait until you feel her pussy!

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Kelly Payne – Checking Out Moms Tattoos

Starts with son (POV) spying in on mommy enjoying daddy’s cock. After dad leaves that afternoon for his business trip son comes into moms room and starts asking her about her tattoos. Mom shows off a few but lets her son know some of her tattoos are for dad’s eyes only. you continue to push and ask mommy to show you all her tattoos, mom hesitates at first but eventually decides your just curious and shows off a few more of her tattoos even removing her dress. Mom notices your boner and pauses… you continue to push… saying you’d like to see all her tattoos, even the small heart near her pussy… you ask if you can see it up close… and then pull mom in close, pull out your cock and shove it inside her before she can even protest the idea. (Virtual Sex no dildo shown) She instantly starts cumming on your cock. Once you reach orgasm you cum inside of her and mom starts to realize what she just did with her own son.

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JOI With Mommy – Jude Ryan

Mommy comes into your room to let you know that dinner is almost ready, and catches you masturbating. She’s taken aback by how much she’s instantly turned on seeing her little boy stroking his cock. She asks if it would be okay if she helped you cum. She strips down and teases you, telling you how to jerk off while playing with her tits and pussy. At the end, she counts down and begs for you to cum for her.

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