Mama Fiona – Lunchtime With Mrs. Costello

I am your teacher and you are hanging out with me during lunch, bc I happen to be one of those “ cool” teachers. Anyway, we are chatting when you start to lay it on thick about all the things like’d like to do with me. I am hesitant but I soon can’t resist your advances. You lift my legs to go down on me, I suck your cock till its ready, and not too long after I’m sitting on my student’s cock, ready to make him explode. Good lord I could get in REALLY big trouble for this….its so risky!!! Ugh! You’re about to be 1 lucky boy, having fucked his own hott teacher in the middle of the classroom!

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Thelochnesscumslut – Seducing Teacher

I’ve noticed you in class sometimes trying to get a peek at your teacher’s tits and ass. Lucky for you, I love younger guys, maybe I’m in the wrong profession! Well, let me strip down, show off and encourage you to stroke for an older woman like me.

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Xtasy Girl – My Whore Teacher Sucks

My Students Paper Was About How He Wanted Me To Suck His Dick And Fuck Me In All My Holes. I Made Him Stay After Class, To Talk To Him. While I Was Reading His Paper I Started Getting Real Fucking Hot. I Started Thinking About How Good It Would Feel To Have His Cock In Me. The Next Thing I Know We Were Doing It All. My Student Gets An A+. Cum Check Out The Classroom Fun!

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xxxCaligulaxxx – Hands on Teacher Perverts You

You are innocent, cute and you have your first erection in my class! What am I to do? Luckily for you, I am a very hands-on teacher and used to dance to pay the University, so I give you a lapdance to help you cum, which you do, but you are still hard! and I cannot let you walk the hallway like that, so I give you an oral you will like for once and then ride you until you cum again and your – not so little- problem gets resolved.

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Mona Wales – Seduced By Hot Teacher During Tutoring

You are asked to come and meet with your hot teacher for some one on one tutoring help. You have fallen behind in class because it seems like you are distracted by something… Could it be your epic crush on your teacher.. maybe she will just have to let you fuck her so that you can focus on your studies.

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Sydney Harwin – Pervert Teacher Fucks Her 3 Students

In this custom made video I play a teacher who decides to skip my scheduled lesson and instead, give my top 3 students a lesson in fuck. I ride you (POV) whilst your two classmates jerk off right next to us. I then tell you to wait for me and watch as I bend over getting done from behind by your friend and at the same time suck off your other friend. I am such a fucking slut, right? After your mates have dumped their loads in my cunt and throat, I get back on your dick for a last ride until you spunk in my pussy and I dismiss you all.

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Ariel Anderssen – Getting In Your Headmistress Panties

It’s the end of term and everyone gets a private audience with the headmistress to discuss anything important to them. And you use your opportunity to tell me about the crush you’ve always had on me; how you’ve wanted to get into my panties all year! Well, that’s not something I’d normally allow, but even headmistresses need to let their hair down every so often! Slipping out of my white panties, I slide my skirt off, allowing you to see my gorgeous, soft, round bottom. Do you want to worship it? Show me exactly what you have in mind? And now, are you absolutely sure you want to fuck me? I’m a powerful woman and I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Well, since you’re sure, why don’t you just lie back and let me do the work? I’m a mature, sophisticated woman of the world, after all. And I’m sure I can ride you to the orgasm of your life!

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Kitty – Only Young Cocks Make Me Horny

She was very glad to found these article “Spontaneous Erections of Young Boys” by a famous female scientist, to use it for her next sex education class for young boys. She likes boys cocks of all age, they just must get hard in front of her! That’s why she wears these outfits btw. Not to hard to achieve an erection as she shows her legs, plays and strokes her black pantyhose legs in front of you. She also says what she don’t like. Ladies don’t like saggy and hairy old men with saggy and hairy old cock and balls… Her dirty talk turns her so much on that she instantaneously has to grab her pussy under her pantyhose and masturbate over her young boys fantasies! So make your cock big eliminate those hairs from your private parts to jerk off as she masturbates and orgasms in front of you!

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Sydney Paige – How To Pleasure Mom

Young son is sent to a special boarding school where he will learn how to satisfy his mother’s every need – emotional, mental, & physical, it’s important that he reciprocate the love that he’s been given his entire life, Ms. Paige puts him through an intensive training course – he will refer to her as mom while she teaches him, she teaches him the importance of asking how his mother feels and communicating with her…

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Ryan Keely – Teacher JOI

Uh oh, you have a meeting with angry teacher and America’s favorite MILF, Ms. Ryan Keely. She is upset because you keep getting boners in class and are constantly rubbing yourself under your desk. Before telling your parents, Ms. Keely offers you one last chance to get your obsession with her out of your system. Showing off her voluptuous grown-woman body, she slides up her dress and pulls open her top, encouraging you to take in her beauty as you jerk yourself off. With a dazzling up-close and personal view of Ms. Keely’s spectacular boobs and neatly trimmed bush, she counts down from 5 and urges you to cum when she reaches 1. Lesson complete, she warns you to “keep that thing under control until I ask to see it again.”

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