Thelochnesscumslut – Encouraging Mommy JOI

Oh, good morning sweetie! Mommy wasn’t expecting you see you this early, is something wrong? Oh, you’re really horny and want to have some fun with Mommy? Well lets both start touching ourselves, relax and just enjoy our time together! Don’t worry, Mommy will help guide you and encourage you to stroke and cum!

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Thelochnesscumslut – Mommy Encourage Your Loss of Masculinity

Get off of your younger brother! Seriously, can I not leave you alone for even two seconds without fighting?? Now sweetie, what did mommy tell you before about your sister? You need to admit defeat and submit to her… She is so much stronger now, she is the state wrestling champion after all, shes even beaten all the boys! Alright… Now now… Mommy knows how to make you feel all better, just let me stroke your penis. Oh… Oh my! Look how much smaller it is now! It must be because your sister has been emasculating you so much! You really need to submit now, sweetie!

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Thelochnesscumslut – Long Mommy JOI

I know you think you’ve been sneaky and that mommy won’t notice you staring at me whenever you get a chance, but I see you, I see you all the time. I’ve also heard you, late at night, jerking off and moaning for mommy! Well, I think it’s time that mommy did something about it! I want you to stroke for me while I strip down and start to show you all the sexy things mommy likes to wear under her clothes. Maybe Mommy will even let you see her breasts without anything covering them while you stroke and edge! Mommy knows you want to edge and follow along all of my instructions!

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Thelochnesscumslut – Mommy JOE

Mommy walks in to get you out of bed and finds you hiding under the covers jerking off! At first I’m feeling weird, but then I start to encourage you to just get it over with. Is it weird that your Mommy is actually kind of interested in watching you? If you’re good and finally cum at the end, getting ready for the day, Mommy just might reward you with a flash! Better get yourself finished!

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Thelochnesscumslut – Slutty Mommy Stories

Mommy has a secret that I’ve been keeping from you, sweetie. You see… Mommy is a huge slut and you just never knew until now! Mommy wants to tell you all about the fun, exciting things I’ve done in my life, I’ve even cheated on Dad. There is an added surprise thought, sweetie. Mommy has decided that it’s now your turn to be Mommy’s toy and satisfy all of my urges!

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Thelochnesscumslut – Mom JOI And CEI

I was just about to leave for the gym and caught you jerking off! You couldn’t wait until I had left already? But I have an excellent idea, I’m going to tell you exactly how to jerk off and maybe even give you a surprise the end! Since I was just about to go to the gym, I’m wearing my sports bra and a sexy pair of leggins! Just wait until the end, you’ll have so much fun with the extra surprise!

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