Yourfantasy6190 – Mommy Caught Son with Her Toys

Mommy is so upset cause her son look though her stuff. He found all her vibrators and buttplugs. But she turns on when the towel she is wearing falls off.So she promise her son not to tell his dad about this if he promise not to tell him what it s going to happen brtween them. Son recieve his first blowjob and fucks mommy like a pro. He is even better that his dad.

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ScarletEllie – Found Mommys Toys then I get Lesson

You found mommy’s sex toys in her room. You are always going through her things. You show her what you found and want mommy to demonstrate how she plays with her naughty toys. Mommy is reluctant at first but finally agrees. Mommy cums twice for you and shows you how her toys make her feel so good.

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MILF1785 – Bad Mommy

Rachel’s husband is out of town, she becomes a cock hungry MILF. Her son doesn’t approve of his slutty mothers actions and watches in shock as she prances around him wearing the lingerie she was fucked in the night before. Bad mommy then masturbates and encourages you to jerk off for her.

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