Chloeblossom – JOI Prudish Mom Becomes Sons Fuck Doll

While doing some weekend cleaning, his prudish mom stumbles upon a hard drive you he hidden under his bed. The HD is full of mother son taboo videos. And worst of all… there is a file containing candid pics of his mother in various daily activities! He has been infatuated with his mom’s tits and legs for as long as he can remember. This sexual obsession with his mother has grown so consuming, he can hardly imagine cumming for anyone but her… even now as she sternly lectures you, her heaving cleavage and shapely strong legs pulls your attention away from her words. This is your only chance… to finally have mommy… to take mommy. You hand her a mysterious amulet and speak a strange incantation. There’s a flash of bright light…mommy… changed. It worked! Her personality and physical appearance have drastically changed. Her huge tits are practically bursting out of sexy lingerie, her thick, bare, shiny, shapely legs are accessorized with stilettos. You feel your cock swell with pleasure… seeing your mother’s bare, smooth tits, legs and pussy for the first time. And that look in her dark, mascaraed eyes, a deep yearning, a ravenous sexual hunger for her son. Mommy finally wanted YOU… and she wastes no time seducing her boy with very dirty words. Mommy actually transformed into the sultry, mindless, cock-craving slut of your fantasies as she masturbates and uses a dildo in front of you providing plenty of JOI as she explodes with a loud orgasm. She continues on fucking her pussy with a dildo and cums a second time, while giving you more JOI, you then erupt with copious amounts of cum all over your mommy’s sexy legs. Mommy purrs, “I love cumming in front of my son. I’m a hot, slutty cunt. I live for him to get turned on by my body.” A bright flash of light… mommy is changed back to her old self and completely mortified by what just happen!

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Kylee Nash – Business Mom Bimbofied

You thought that when Mom started working from home it meant you would get to spend more time together. Instead, it now seems like all she does is work. You’re starting to worry because now that she doesn’t have to go to an office she sits around in baggy sweats all day and doesn’t take care of her appearance. So when she asks you to bring her a cup of coffee, you figure you’re doing her a favor when you slip a little something extra into the mug, something to help her loosen up and be more fun. Pretty soon Mom starts acting different. She has trouble focusing on her work, finding that she can no longer understand the spreadsheet she was looking at moments earlier. Realizing what a slob she’s become, Mom fixes her hair and puts on some slutty red lipstick. After another sip of coffee she starts to get hot and feels an overwhelming urge to take her clothes off. Noticing that you’ve done the same, she starts to get horny and suggests the two of you relieve some tension by masturbating together. The more aroused Mom gets, the dumber she gets as the coffee continues to work its magic. By the time you both orgasm, your formerly no-nonsense Business Mom has transformed into a babbling bimbo ready to do your bidding.

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Evil Alter Ego

Your mom has always taken this medicine. You’re not really sure exactly what it does, but you gather that without it, something would go wrong. Really wrong. If it were to go missing…things would happen. Bad things…and this morning, you’re going to learn all about them. You wake up to a feeling. Warm, wet…so hot…all over your cock…looking down you see…is that…mom? No, it can’t be…and what is she wearing? She looks sexy! Not frumpy and buttoned up like usual, but pouring out of lacy black lingerie. What is happening?! She sees your puzzled look and laughs. “Oh, you’re right, we haven’t met. I’m your mother’s “alter,”” she says, smirking, before going back to sucking and slurping at your cock like an absolute pro. Porno-level cock sucking! You can’t believe it. It feels so good, even if you shouldn’t be enjoying it. Far be it from you to stop her. Besides, maybe that’s dangerous? Like waking up someone when they’re sleepwalking? Better to just let her suck it…and do whatever else she wants. When your phone rings–your girlfriend, she calls every morning before school–your evil ‘mother’ refuses to stop sucking, instead getting louder, before taking the phone and chatting with your gf between long, deep thrusts down her throat. What is happening?!?! She even asks her, my god how’re you gonna explain this, if you’re any good at licking pussy!! Of course, your sweet and honest girlfriend answers her, and well, then your devious “mother” needs to see for herself, climbing atop you and grinding her delicious, dripping wet pussy against your mouth. But then she gets this idea, this dirty, filthy idea, to let your real mom back in. To let her see what she’s doing, to her sweet boy. And wow. You wish it didn’t turn you on so bad but seeing your mother, shocked, torn between feeling horrible and embarrassed and feeling fully fucked and fulfilled in a way she hasn’t been in ages…god, it almost makes you cum right then. But you’re going to hold off. You need to see how this pans out. You have a feeling things are going to get even wilder…more dirty…maybe the missing medication needs to stay missing for a little longer!

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Sydney Paige – Ghost Possesses Mom Fucks Son

Mom and son stay at grandma’s house and they don’t know it is haunted, mom is possessed in the middle of the night by a male spirit.

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Download Sydney Paige - Ghost Possesses Mom Fucks Son.mp4