Missbehavin26 – Moms Hot Friend Uve Been Sexting

Script: (Uve met an older woman via tinder, but now she shows up at ur house ! Turns out shes ur moms best friend !!! ) Hey, the last video i ordered from you was really hot. So i got a new one here if you could do this in POV/Virtual Style only would be great! I order for 30mins maybe you could this story more realistic and add from yourself something to it would be great :* Story: Moms hot friend. A boy aged 18 years love MILFs, but at the time both did not know anything about each other. So the boy started to search in some Love-Apps MILF’s / Older womens. He found MOMs hot friend. He started to text her. After a while she sent him hot pictures. (Maybe you could here film urself doing some Pictures with ur Phone and how u send it him about Snapchat or other App). Next day Mom had a visit. It was HER! The boy tried to hide but his Mom was like Hey son that my new Friend. She was really sexy dressed and after she saw him, she was shocked and speechless. All three sat at the table for dinner, Mom had to go to the bathroom. He was really horny and said to her such hot stuff, your Pictures was really hot yesterday. He tried to touched her tits. But she was very nervous and said stop your mother is here. He said stand up for me show me your figure in real now. She said okay but you have to stopp after this. She bended over for him showed him her ass. Mom was comming from the bathroom it was really close. Mom said im getting ready now for the lady night, im going under the shower fast be right back. After mom was away both were so horny so they started to have sex. She was so loud moaning and said i cant hold it if your Mom can hear us we are dead. Mom comes out of the bathroom and saw how Son comes on her ass. All three were speechless.

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Bettie Bondage – Teaching Mom to Twerk

You catch your mom in the living room after a few too many, trying to twerk. You have to admit, it’s pretty hot! You stand there and watch as she somewhat clumsily tries to shake her ass, before she turns her head and catches you staring! It doesn’t take long for you to realize she’s pretty horny, the way she’s looking at the tent you’ve pitched in your pants. You can’t help it! She may be your mom but she is hot as hell! She asks if you wouldn’t mind giving her some tips. “I’ve seen your browser history, sweetie, I know you love those twerking videos…” She’s right. You’ve seen the best. You’re not going to leave your mom hanging right? You watch as she twerks for you from different angles, keeping a watchful eye on your ever-hardening cock. She knows what she’s doing. She asks if you wouldn’t mind her practicing more, ahem…interactively. She’d just love to be able to practice twerking on a cock. Your cock. You watch as your mother drops down to her knees, taking you into her mouth before riding you reverse cowgirl, twerking her ass up and down on your cock, begging you to fuck her from behind and cum all over her thong!

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Download Bettie Bondage - Twerk Lesson For Mom Creampie Ending.mp4