Goddess Fiona – Mommas Valentine for Life

I’m your mommy/domme and I’m at home getting ready for our valentines day date, when you arrive quickly, wondering where I’m going. Hunny what are you talking about? We ALWAYS do valentines day together! You’re crazy. You explain to me that this year u actually have a girlfriend that you’re taking out but I ignore that and continue getting ready. You help me get my nylons on as you watch my sexy silk robe open up to reveal a perfectly toned body and a peek of my bald pussy. You are stunned by your mom as per usual, but are too focused on what’s going on with your girlfriend to notice your moms blatant arousal. I assure you that Valentines Day, is OUR day. And no girlfriend will ever change that. I have made sure of it. Valentines Day is our anniversary for many things hunny… you’re not going to bail on me, ever. We’re always going to be each other’s valentine. So… I took care of your gf. You don’t have one anymore. I’m your new girlfriend. Because you are a little bit pathetic and need to be owned by someone like me – your super hott mommydomme who you occasionally like to fuck as well. Baybee you’re going to be MINE forever, your momma is going to own you forever in all ways, so you’d just better get used to it! Eventually your boner starts to get the best of you and I take my shot… let me suck your cock baybee boy… I’m your mom, your #1 girl, and I will ALWAYS know you best. I just love our sexy little dominating relationship sweetheart. You are ALL MINE. Always and forever!Don’t ever even think about leaving me hunny. 1. You won’t make it. And 2. No girl alive will suck and fuck you the way your super hott mommee does! Happy valentines day, my son lover bawbee boy.

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Goddess Fiona – V Day Gift for Mamas Good Boy

You are such a good boy hunny! You know that? You are Momma’s very good, very big boy. So big in fact that…. Well I think the time has finally come for me to give you this very special Valentines Day gift hunny. I noticed recently that you’ve been getting, ahem, aroused around me. Don’t be embarassed! It’s totally normal. Especially with a hott m o m like yours! Hehe anyway, I noticed that your dick is getting especially hard lately, and I think its time that I show you what you need to do with it when that happens. I know how much you love your momma’s sensual touch baby boy. And I won’t be able to do this all the time, but I think it will be a very special and sensual bonding moment for us honey. For me to show you exactly how your dick should be stroked, and for you to find out what you need to say and do for momma so that I enjoy this just as much as you do. I give you JOI in great detail, allowing you to follow what I’m doing, while also doing it for you at some points of course. You need to experience a woman’s touch honey! And who better to show you than your dear sexy momma? You are so sweet, my good boy. I’m going to help you jerk your cock to completion, and allow you to cum alllll over me. What a good boy you are sweetheart…. and what an AMAZING valentines day this is!

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LauraKing – Be Mommys Valentine BJ Fuck and Creampie

Brunette MILF role plays your mommy who you’ve choosen to spend Valentine’s Day with. She’s so grateful to not spend the day alone she has to reward you. She’s made a special valentine just for you, her good boy! She gives it to you and then says she thinks you deserve more and doesn’t want you to end up with blue balls on Valentine’s Day just because you choose to spend it with her. She teases you with her big ass and tits before getting down on her knees and gives you a wet sloppy blowjob filled with eye contact and dirty taboo mommy talk. Once you give mommy a nice big facial. She still thinks you deserve more and wants to fuck you. She bounces up and down on your cock until she begs you to creampie mommys pussy. Mommy will make sure you have a good Valentine’s Day!

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EveYourApple – Fucking Mommy On Valentines Day

Mommy had a date today, but he cancelled at the last minute. Such a shame, because Mommy is all dressed up and feeling very horny… luckily, you, my son, are here! Come on son, admit it, you fancy Mommy; you want to fuck her. It’s natural to be attracted to your mother. Why don’t you fuck Mommy instead? I’m definitely wet and horny enough!

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Jasjaede – Mommies Valentine

its valentines day and you walk into your moms room and she’s upset. the guy she’s been seeing bailed on her. she’s dressed up in sexy lingerie and is complaining about how no one will get to see her in her sexy lingerie… so you tell her to show you, as she’s showing off, you get a boner… her being the kind mommy that she is decides to help you out, she gives you a sexy bj before teasing you and fingering her pussy, after she fucks your doggy and lets you come all over her ass.

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JocelynBaker – Mommy Is My Valentine

You just got home from class and as you’re walking in the door you hear your mother call out. She wants you to come in to the bedroom, and has a surprise for you? Weird, but okay. You walk in her room and realize she must think your dad is home – because she’s wearing nothing but a crotch less bodysuit and sheer robe while having wine. Before you can speak, she realizes that she made a mistake and texts your dad. Immediately she’s annoyed at his response, looks like he’s gotta work late and on Valentine’s Day of all days. You’re about to head out of the room when your mom asks if you can help her finish the expensive bottle of wine she bought. You don’t really have any plans for the evening and you could always use a glass, so you stay with her. You’re a bit nervous at the idea of getting tipsy with your mom in lingerie but you know she’ll be alone if you leave. She picks up on you being uncomfortable, and when you tell her it’s because of the lingerie she giggles while simultaneously slipping the robe off and exposing her giant, saggy breasts. WOW! You look away, out of respect for your Mother. But, she wants you to look. Mommy wants you to know that your father never takes care of her tits and she loves them being sucked on. You know you should probably leave, but you’ve fantasized about your moms tits since you first learned to jerk off. She puts them in your face and you suck on her little pink nipple, taking turns between each breast. Her moaning is getting you so excited you can’t control your hard on throbbing in your jeans. She sees that you’re excited and begs to touch it. Just for a second, she says. You do want to make Mommy happy, don’t you? You lay down on the bed and Mommy gets on her knees, stroking and playing with your dick before slipping it in her mouth and deep throating you. She confesses that sucking cock gets her pussy wet, and begins playing with herself in front of you. Mommy needs to be fucked by your thick veiny cock, and you can’t disobey her! She lies down on the bed and you get a perfect view of her bouncing titties as you slip your cock inside her. She’s SO tight, you never would have imagined it could feel this good. You’re using all of your control not to cum in her immediately, and she starts grinding her hips against you encouraging you to go as deep as you can. Once your balls deep and thrusting, she begs you to cum in her. She’s on birth control, besides if you did get her pregnant, she would tell your father it’s his. Hearing your Mom tell you to cum in her is too much and you shoot a hot load of spunk right inside her wet hole. She’s so happy, she wants to show you just how sloppy you made her. She squats down and you watch your cum rush out of her, all wet and used. You still haven’t realized what you’ve done when she asks you to cuddle her and go one more time, before your father gets home.

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Kelly Payne – Moms Sexy Red High Heels

Mommy Kelly is looking HOT! Wearing super sexy black lingerie, bra and panty set with sexy red heels. She is posing for the camera (POV camera viewpoint to start) bending over, forwards, and trying to get some sexy photos for a new dating app she wanted to try. You startle her when you come home early and catch her bent over in her lingerie. Your moms smoking hot, and enticed you ask her what she’s up to. She’s embarrassed and covers up admitting to not getting laid in awhile and was hoping these sexy photos would help since Valentines Day is coming up. Your surprised, tell your mom she could have anyone, even your friends are interested in fucking her. You notice her heels, complimenting mommy and seducing her. She’s embarrassed and tells you No, but you can tell she’s enticed so you continue to push and start to take out your cock. Deciding it’d maybe be okay to watch you play with your cock while mommy masturbates you both starts getting extremely aroused. You continue to push, how far will mommy let you go? Encouraging her to remove her bra, then her panties… using them around your cock to jerk off. Finally pulling mom in close spreading her legs and fucking her. Mommy doesn’t resist much, and orgasms all over your cock in different positions. Mommy starts begging for you to cum all over her pussy, but it feels so good having mommy’s wet pussy coming around your cock you explode inside of her. Opps… mom’s ovulating… that’s why she been so horny, hopefully you didn’t get mommy pregnant.

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Download Kelly Payne - Moms Sexy Red High Heels.mp4

Bettie Bondage – Valentines Day Mix-Up with Mom

You and your father both got hotel rooms for Valentine’s Day…and it seems that the keys got a little mixed up. When you enter your hotel room and see a blindfold waiting, you assume your girlfriend wants to get kinky…eyes closed, you hear her enter, and in moments, she has her warm, talented mouth wrapped around your cock. So talented…god, it feels so different when you’re unable to see anything at all…and then, the feeling of her warm, tight pussy. God, she’s riding you like her life depends on it! You can’t believe how amazing it feels, and as much as you’re enjoying this sensory deprivation, you have to admit you’re excited when the blindfold starts to slip. You did, after all, leave a really sexy lingerie set with the hotel key, and you’re excited to see her curves filling out the red lace…but…oh, no. What?! That’s not your girlfriend…that’s…jesus christ, how did this happen?! You both agree that this is horrible, a horrible mistake. But an honest mistake! You can’t beat yourself up, and besides, its not like it was an unpleasant experience, right? I mean, it actually felt, well, really, really good. In fact, you really liked it, you tell your humiliated mother. She blushes, telling you to stop it, not to lie, but you’re being one hundred percent serious. You lean forward to kiss her, knowing this is your only chance to make this happen. Her reluctance gives way, her body softens beneath you as you pull her towards you, leaning back onto the bed and pulling her atop your still rock-hard cock, watching your mother as she resumes riding your cock, in full view, her body glorious and gorgeous. Reaching around to grab her ass, you can’t help but work a finger towards her tightest hole. You did, after all, bring a certain new toy to try out. Even if it wasn’t meant for your mother to begin with, there’s no one else you’d rather see filled to the brim with a thick glass buttplug. You’re met with protests…at first. But you work a finger in, then another, and you can tell her defenses are dropping. She likes it, she loves all your attention, no matter the form, and before long, she is splayed before you, working that plug into her tight, virgin ass. Your mother, your Valentine, your anal slut.

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Brooke Woods – Valentines Day Fuck With Ur Friends Mom

it’s Valentine’s Day , your my son’s best friend , and we hang out while you wait for my son to get home and I wait for my husband to get off work . I offer you some champagne , and as we sip it , you confess to me your a virgin . I tell you older women are much more experienced , and then I come onto you . You can’t resist my big tits. I suck your cock and show off some more before we fuck hard . Best Valentine’s Day ever !!!

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