VieraMayXXX – 80s Step Mommy Helps Group Of Boys Cum

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VieraMayXXX – Waking Up With Mommy In Bed

I just woke up and notice you in my room. I invite you to get under the covers with me. I realize you might need help with that massive morning wood. I explain that it’s totally natural to get hard in the morning’s and that mommy is horny too. I give you a handjob and reach down to feel my wet pussy. Let’s play together son. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. You slide that big cock inside mommy’s pussy and beg to cum inside of me. I lean back and let you fuck my body like you own it. You cum inside of me and mommy helps get the last few drops out by grabbing the tip and watching the cum drip out. Good boy son! Mommy will help you anytime!

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VieraMayXXX – Mommy Finds Your Porn

I’m reading in my bedroom and you walk in to ask permission to go out. I explain that I need to talk to you about something I found before you leave. I found Mommy roleplay porn on your computer son. I also explain that It’s totally natural and I wouldn’t mind helping you jerk off. Mommy wants to help fulfill your fantasy’s. You start to jerk it while I strip down and show you my sexy ass. I play with myself by sliding my finger in and out of my wet pussy. I give us a cum countdown and we finish at the same time. I lean over and help you jerk out every last drop. Good boy! Mommy loves helping you cum! Let’s do this again soon! Make sure to keep it our little secret.

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VieraMayXXX – Mommy Found Your Viagra

I just discovered that you have been taking Viagra. I decide to confront you about it and let you know that you can play with Mommy instead of taking pills. You explain that it’s too late and you already took the Viagra just moments before I walked in. I tell you to take off those pants and show Mommy what the pills did to you. I will help you son. I give you jerk off instructions while I strip down and finger myself. I continue till you just can’t take it anymore. I give us both a cum countdown and we finish together. That was so much fun son. I love playing with you!

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Viera May – Fucking My Sons Best Friend

My son’s best friend manages to sneak up on me while I’m topless and thought I had the house to myself. I’m surprised and a little bit angry at first but I can see how turned on he is so I decide to help him out a little bit!! We have rough sex in a few different positions before I lay down and demand he pump all of his cum inside of me!!

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Viera May – Caught With Moms Panties

VieraMayXXX – Caught With Moms Panties- Handjob
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My son has been kinda lazy recently, I had to ask him several times to put the laundry away. When he finally did his job he happened to find some of my panties in the laundry basket that I had forgotten about. Apparently this turned him on so much that he couldn’t help himself and started jerking off with them. When I walked in the door he was really embarrassed, but I calmed him down and told him it was no big deal. Actually it was kinda cute lol. I decided I would help him out and started jerking him off with my panties wrapped around his cock. I was very supportive of him through the whole thing and really proud of him when he finished!

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