Sydney Harwin – The Free Use Mommy Club

You are browsing mommy porn online one day, when you come across a strange website. You press “ENTER” and see that you’ve stumbled across a kind of special secret society. You quickly learn that this online group does more than just offer mommy porn videos. Before you know it, you are scrolling through endless REAL taboo vids! You notice that all the moms seem to be enjoying sex with their biological sons… REALLY enjoying it. You decide to take advantage of the “contact us” page to ask some questions about the authenticity of the movies in front of you, but before you can send your message, you have to fill out your contact details. You don’t really want to leave your mobile number (you want to remain anonymous) but you feel there’s no harm, plus, you feel this is all actually quite interesting! Almost straight away you get a phone call from a woman, who wants to know all about your mommy fetish. You don’t know why, but you open up to her about your most secret, filthy fantasies you have about your own mother. “What if I told you,” she said, “that if you paid me $5,000, I could make your real, biological mommy want to fuck you?”… You ask her how, and she replies- “We don’t release that sort of information. Now, do you wanna join the club or not?”…

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Kelly Payne – Confessing to Mom

Mom is relaxing after a long day, and notices you staring at her… You tell her you want to talk and confess you weren’t planning on going to your friends tonight you were actually planning on going to your girlfriends. Mom seems confused as why you wouldn’t just tell her, she doesn’t care. You then start to confess a little more… and more.. Mom tries her best to react with empathy and … love. She’s not judging… just… taking it all in… she’s shocked to find out your a virgin and have only kissed a girl. She’s even more shocked that you want your own mom to help you out as you seem to only get hard when your around your mom? She agrees to help you, but not fuck you. She undresses and masturbates bringing herself to many orgasms… pausing and encouraging you to stroke yourself… she refrains from looking at you…. at first, and doesn’t notice how close to her you’ve gotten… you can’t help yourself… you pull her in despite her disapproval in her voice… and shove yourself deep inside of her… you both are overwhelmed by pleasure and continue to enjoy one another until you explode inside of her… hopefully you didn’t just get your mom pregnant.

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silverxomunat – Impregnate Your Mommy

While you’re going to bed I ask if I can lay with you tonight. Mommy is so lonely. I start talking with you about what Mommy likes and I love taboo. I start kissing you and ask you to suck Mommy’s huge tits as I give you a hand job. I guide you on top of me and tell you how to thrust. Mommy loves your cock inside of her. Mommy wants you to impregnate her. Blow your huge load inside Mommy.

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KathiaNobili – Hot Tube and Hot Sex with Your Mom

Your mom has a really hard day at work…she always loves to come home to her boy…and even today she is happy to see you…but she needs now a little HER TIME!!! She would just love to enjoy her self in hot tube…alone! But it’s like you didn’t heard that detail ALONE!!! You’re much faster then her and already sitting in that hot water…and yes…mom gets surprise to see you IN!!! But you both know…how to relax the BEST WAY!!! Hot water and HOT SEX with her boy it’s way to relax and forget all the work stress! So give your mommy the best shoot you have!!!

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Ivy Wild – Breeding Mommy Impregnation Fantasy

After your Father had his secret vasectomy, Mommy has been feeling very betrayed and longing for another bab y of her own. She has noticed you have been looking at her more lately, holding her and touching her longer than usual…Mommy notices you want her badly and want to help give Mommy the bab y she so desires. Mommy strip teases for you, taking everything off until she is nude. She sucks your hard cock and gives you a tit wank while talking dirty about how much she needs her son to fill her fertile pussy with your spunk and impregnate her. You fuck mommy in a spooning postion, missionary and cowgirl before exploding inside her. Mommy shows you just how much you filled her up!

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Taboo Milf Kristi – Queen Mommy Thrones the New King

Kristi is the queen of a beautiful kingdom and life couldn’t be more perfect…. except for the king. Kristi absolutely despises him. He is an arrogant ruler and treats Kristi and her son as if they were mere peasants. Queen Kristi has finally had enough… she arranges a secret meeting with her son. When he arrives, she begins to tell him the plan. The king must be dethroned! There is only one way that will work… he must have an unfortunate accident so that Kristi’s handsome son will be throned the new king. It’s all part of her plan… she has lusted for her son for years and he is finally ready to be the new king… to be her lover… to put a baby… the future king into her belly! But first, she must make him a man… and there is only one way to do that!

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Faerylovely – Curious Boy Meets Milky Milf

I’m outside squirting my milk and plying with my boobs. It feels so good. I hear someone in the bushes. Why are you spying on me lil boy? Oh you curious about my milk. I invite him into my bedroom. I tell him he can try my milk if I can try his. I’ll show you what I main, but first we have to make your little dick nice and hard. I lick and suck your your cock. I squeeze my milk on it and tell you to stroke it while I get my panties off. I ride your dick while squirting my milk.

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MoRina – Best Friends Mom Seduction

You show up at your best friend’s house but instead find your best friend’s mom home alone. She’s very happy to see you and invites you in to chat. She sensually seduces you, showing you what a mature woman can give you compared to those immature girls. She bares her breasts and shows off her stocking legs…. She somehow produces a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs. Wow, you’ve never experienced a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants! And what she wants is your young seed…

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Bettie Bondage – Hot for Teachers Hungry Pussy

Spending the night at teacher’s house…what could go wrong?? She can’t just turn you out, when no one is at home to help you, and you have a broken leg. Of course, she’s on a teacher’s salary, so not exactly the type of place where there’s a guestroom. You’ll just have to share a bed…but then, you can’t go to bed unless your naked. Nether can she. What else is there to do but get under the covers and try to get through the night? It seems like it will pass innocently enough but then…you have this ache. Its a pain, really…in your crotch. You need help! you’re nearly crying! There’s only one thing she knows how to do. Can you keep a secret?

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