Chloeblossom – Mom Son Filthy Fuck Doll

Hello Son, now that you have used that magical transformation amulet on me enough times, I seem to be able to morph into your alternate mother more permanently. I accessed your recent porn indulgences and noticed a change in style you are attracted to. I decided to fashion myself to your likings and you will be happy to know I am not wearing panties either. You could..fuck me right now actually. I want and NEED you to fill my tight cunt up with your hot cum, I am BEGGING you to fill me up. Fuck me hard, fuck me rough, destroy this pussy and make me beg for your hot cock. I want this so bad, I love when you fill my pussy up.

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MaePeach – Sister Takes Your Virginity

You are hanging out with me, your older sister, and I catch you staring at my boobs. I let you see them, suggesting it may help you to stop obsessing over them. You tell me that you’re a virgin and I talk you into letting me take your virginity. I let you play with my tits and suck my nipples before i lay back and let you fuck me.

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Chloeblossom – Mommy Takes Sons Virginity

Honey, we need to have a chat. I see your awkward boners all the time, do you want your nudist mommy here to stop being naked all the time? Oh, you enjoy it? Aw okay, you’re a virgin? No way!! Let mommy help you with that and make you become a stud. I instruct you in detail how to caress, suck and play with my big beautiful milky breasts. I fuck you on top, I fuck you doggy style, I twerk on your cock, I have you finish in missionary and cum inside of me.. I am so proud of you son!

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Kelly Payne – Fucking Mom In The Dryer

Moms doing some laundry, when you walk in on her. She is wearing short shorts and a tank top bending over in the dryer and you can’t resist yourself. You come up behind her and push her further inside the dryer so she can’t move or get away. Pull down her shorts and push yourself inside of her tight wet pussy. She tries to resist the pleasure and orgasms, telling you to stop, but she continues to cum all over your cock, you pull her out of the dryer and convince her to sit on top of it so you can continue fucking her, bending her over the dryer until you cum. Shes horrified you came inside her so you suggest she brings herself to orgasm so it will all cum out. She sits on top of the dryer and brings herself to a squirting orgasms, your so turned on and hard again you tell her she has to let you cum again. She gets on her knees and helps you, until you explode all over her tits.

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jaybbgirl – Making Mommy Horny

Were you spying on me sweetie? It’s okay if you were. Men have needs and I guess I do have a fairly nice body, so I understand. If Mommy is being honest…it kind of turns me on. Makes me feel wanted. Oh fuck, now I’m all turned on. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it. Did it make you hard? Seeing Mommy naked. It did didn’t it. Do you want Mommy to touch your cock? Mommy wants to…I’m so horny now that I want to see, taste, and touch your cock. Come on sweetie. I love you so much, let me make you feel good.

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Sydney Harwin – Mom Son Friend

You and your best friend are having a competition on who can say the rudest word, when your mom walks in to ask if you are both okay. She spots you both giggling, hiding something and soon gets it out of you. She laughs when she hears the words you boys think are rude, and has some rude words of her own to spur you on… Then she has an idea! If you boys enjoy naughty competitions, she thinks you should compare your penis size just to see who’s is bigger. She promises she wont look, but she does, and excitedly notices that yours is a little bit bigger than your friends cock. She then takes things one step further… she wants you both to jerk those dicks and see who can cum quicker… but whoever cums first is the loser, and whoever can hold off the longest, gets a very special reward for showing her your stamina. It isn’t a surprise that at the mere sight of her pussy hole spread open, your friend has a little accident on the carpet, spilling cum everywhere. He is embarrassed, but your mom soon gives up the reward to her son, which is to fuck her cunt until she gushes squirt juice all over your cock! Your friend is instantly hard and tugging at it for a second time as he watches your mom use your dick as a play toy, sliding along it to make herself feel good. She moans and squeals and tightens around you, pumping away with her pussy, taking all of you in easily and banging hard against your balls. You cannot speak, you are fully enjoying the sensation, your mom using you as a masturbator. Your friend excitedly jerks, cumming again at the sight of what is happening in front of him. Your mom then pulls off you, taking your dick in her hand and wanks you off onto her pussy and swollen clit. She wants to SEE how much cum you can produce, and the faster she uses her hand, the faster you are pushed to the biggest fucking orgasm of your young life! You can feel the tip of your cock rubbing against her soaking wet, dripping cunt and you just can’t hold back any longer… Juice and biscuits anyone?

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Jessica Starling – Mommy Cant Resist Ur Cock

Mommy’s in the kitchen with a dress that shows off all of her assets. You can’t help but take a peak underneath while she’s washing the dishes! Taking a look at her bare ass and pussy is too much, and you take out your hard cock and begin to stroke. Mommy catches you, but she’s taken aback by your big, beautiful cock! She can’t resist it. She has to touch it. Mommy jerks you off, then gets on her knees to give you a blowjob. You then bend her over the counter and fuck mommy from behind. You lift mommy up onto the counter and you fuck her while watching her big tits bounce with every thrust. You give her a huge creampie!

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