Sydney Harwin – A Mom And Son Affair

You have been having a secret affair with your Mommy for years, but your dad has been home from work lately, leaving you and your Mom no time for sex. Looks like you’ll both have to get creative. The first scene takes place in the kitchen and contains an under the table blowjob scene and cum in mouth play, but you have to be quiet because your father is just in the next room. The second scene is set on the sofa just as your dad has left the room to have a bath and you and your Mom quickly fuck whilst he is out of the room. You cum inside your Mom and make her orgasm. The third scene is split into two parts- part one is when you climb in bed on top of your Mom as your dad is dreaming next to you both. You slide your dick inside of her, trying to be quiet so you don’t wake dad. you fuck your Mom in missionary and cum inside of her. Part two is when your Mommy notices you are still hard after fucking her, so she gets on top of you and rides you until you cum deep inside of her again.

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Bettie Bondage – Sleepover Blackmail Gangbang

I never would have fucked him while his friends were over, but he was so hard! What am I supposed to do, just leave my son with a raging boner, desperate for release?? Of course, I didn’t know they were watching, standing there. Recording it all! It shouldn’t be such a surprise, to hear them say it: if I don’t fuck them, they’ll send this video of me making my son cum inside me to everyone on the PTA. All my friends. My BOSS! What choice do I have? No, there is nothing to be done, except to spread my legs and let them fuck me. Cum in me. Fill me completely with young, hard, thick, throbbing cock…with creamy, delicious cum!! Oh, but is that enough? Is it enough to make me their complete cum slut?? No! No, after all that, they bring my son in and make him fuck me again, fuck my pussy so filled with cum it oozes as he thrusts. I beg him to forgive me, plead with him to forgive me, desperate for him to understand…as I feel his cock twitch and dump yet another young load inside my horny cunt…

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Kelly Payne – Sons Friends Gang Bang Your Mom

Your having a spend the night with your three friends, your mom comes in and asks if you boys need anything. She’s a bit restless and seems,… overly friendly? Dad calls her over and asks if she’s taken her medication yet, oops. She forgot and runs to grab it and take one. But she’s run out. You over hear the conversation your parents are having and join the conversation in the other room. Mom swears she’ll be fine, but you and your dad think its best they go pick up your medication. Mom says goodbye to you and your dad and goes to check on your friends. She admits she has a heightened sex drive and has to take medication to keep herself in line and if they feel uncomfortable to just let her know, she’ll be in her room if they need anything. Mom lays down restlessly in her bed, repeating to herself.. i will not fuck my sons friends, trying to calm down and talk herself out of a gang bang with your friends she brings herself to a squirting orgasm and ponders, if no one knows… it wouldn’t matter… She enters your room wearing a sexy red lingerie gown and starts seducing your friends, they resist at first but your mom has her ways… striping and teasing them and enticing them to follow her into her room. Which they do. (POV son’s friends) She sucks their cocks, and lets them take turns fucking her in various positions, spit roasting her, and eventually DPing her, bringing her to multiple orgasms, she’s interrupted a few times with calls from her husband but she continues to have your friends fuck her during the calls, and playing it off as if everything is fine. Your friends cover her in their cum just in time, she’s able to sneak into the shower just before her son and husband arrive home.

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Bettie Bondage – Family Movie Night

Look, if you guys can’t decide on a movie, then we’ll just have to watch your brother masturbate for the family. I’ll get naked, too, wouldn’t that make you happy, honey? Watching Mommy’s naked body, the pussy you came from, while your whole family watches you stroke and ooze precum and ejaculate for us? It’s the perfect form of entertainment!

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Bettie Bondage – Fucking Your Girlfriends Hot Mom

You’re girlfriend is great. Really, she is. Hot, funny, totally slutty. But there is something about her mom…she’s irresistible. Sultry, mature, flirty. You feel like lately, even more so. She seems like she’s really coming on to you sometimes. Especially when you’re alone together…and today, she sends your girlfriend out on some errand. Ensuring that you two will be alone for quite some time. She saunters over, leaning forward, giving you gorgeous glimpses of her cleavage down her dressing gown, her stockings…she wants it, and you’re in no position to say no.

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ScarletEllie – Moms Breeding Lesson

You are home alone with mom .You and her have always been very honest with each other. You decide you want to ask her how to get a girl pregnant. She hesitates at first but then starts explaining. You start getting hard and she notices. You ask her to show you how to impregnate a girl. You both fuck with her guided direction. She tells you what a good boy you are and tells you to pull out or you will get her pregnant . You cant help yourself and you cum inside her anyway. Of course your mom is’nt mad at you.

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Goddess Fiona – Gym Mom Helps Out

I was just walking around looking for my weights when I happened to walk in on you JERKING OFF! OMG hunny I’m SO SORRY I SHOULD HAVE KNOCKED! But wait.. is that… is that MOM PORN!??!?! HUNNY! Omg! Wow like… did I have something to do with that? Haha okay… well… your dick is kinda getting way bigger now that I’m in here… do you want me to help out? I eagerly take your cock in my hand and my mouth and start stroking and sucking you. I can’t wait to make you cum!

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Sydney Harwin – Mom The Common Whore

The bathroom door is half open as you walk past. You don’t know why but you stop for a second and look in to see your mom taking half naked selfies on her phone. What the fuck? A few minutes go by until your mom spots you and quickly covers herself up. She reluctantly explains that she’s got herself a toy boy and is cheating on your dad. You can’t believe that your mom would risk breaking up the happy family like this, but she looks so good in that push up bra and lace panties… suddenly your mom pulls you into the bathroom and closes and locks the door. She admits that she has a sex addiction problem and has cheated on your dad with at least 25 men. She can’t help it, she just loves cock too much… and now she’s got her eye on yours. What a lucky boy you are.

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Kelly Payne – Lonely and Horny Mom

You are sitting at the table eating breakfast when your stepmom comes in ranting about how she cannot find her phone. She is clearly in a bad mood and you do your best to ignore her. She tells you she is late and when you tell her its already 9am she flips out. Telling you how its your fault she is late, you keep bringing home all those bimbo sluts over in the middle of the night and she cannot get any naps with all the moaning going on. She threatens to tell your father if you do not stop, and storms out of the room. The next day she is on the phone with your dad excited for him to finally be home and take her out, but he tells her he is not coming home until next weekend and ends the call quite quickly. That evening she is trying to nap but cannot, because you’re clearly fucking another one of your skanks, the moaning drives her crazy. The next day she is taking a nap in her underwear on the sofa, maybe on purpose? You notice right away and check her out while she naps. She wakes up and notices you watching her, she has been frustrated and so horny lately she starts putting her hand in her underwear and playing with herself. Your kind of shocked and not sure how to respond, resistant at first… she is your stepmom. Your easily persuaded as she strokes your cock, sucks you and lays down and invites you to fill her with your cum. You fuck her in multiple positions right there on the sofa until you fill her pussy with your cum, and then she tells you how you wont be inviting over any more of your little skanks, because you’ll be fucking her instead… and if you refuse she’ll tell your father what we did.

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Kelly Payne – Unexpected Punishment

Mom comes to check on you after her and dad had just been out on a date and left you home alone. She comes into your room and sees you trying to hide under the blanket, slightly embarrassed. She is not exactly sure what she just walked in on, but it becomes quite obvious as she notices your dirty napkins. Mom is pissed. You know the house rules, you know mom and dads’ rules. Nothing sexual should be happening in this house until you are married. Mom is so upset she starts scolding you and tells you how lucky you are she found you and not dad. She tells you to lay down. Your very confused but she is so upset you do as your told. Mom pulls back on your blanket and exposes your extremely hard cock, she angrily grabs it and starts stroking it, still telling you how disappointed she is. And that she is going to show you just how unready you are for such things. She strokes your cock, rides you, fucks you, sucks you, telling you not to cum. You better not cum! Women like to be pleased and if you think your ready to be such a pervert than mom is going to teach you how to do it right just like she taught your father. When she finally allows you to cum, she makes you cum inside her and as she gets dressed, she tells you that her and your dad have been trying for another chilld but it has not happened, so if you think your ready to procreate than you may as well help out the family. She confirms with you sternly…. We do not need to tell dad about this do we? No. She leaves the room still seemingly upset with you, did your mom just use you for your cum?

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