Emmas Secret Life – Seducing My Son Again

After that amazing experience with your son you cannot stop thinking about it and need to have him again. Its getting so bad that you can barely keep from touching yourself even in public when you think of it. On top of that he’s about to deploy and be away for quite a few months soon. Finally you make a decision and tell your husband that you’re going out for a weekend getaway with your girlfriends. What you really do is show up at your son’s place in a surprise visit and start the talk off innocently enough while feeling out whether he still wants you in the same manner. You tell him all of your dirty taboo thoughts like how you’ve almost slipped while talking with your friends, saying his name, etc. and its making you hornier and hornier just thinking about it night after night. You tell him that he’s about to have the best weekend of his life or something similarly seductive and the scene cuts. In the next segment if you could be wearing sexy lingerie and heels it would be perfect and you would slowly strip and tease your son until your gorgeous body is fully revealed and then the two of you have passionate sex. Towards the end though if you could ask your son to really give it to his naughty mother and punish her or something like that that would be amazing. IE some light spanking and really vigorous doggy or whatever you feel works best for a mom asking for a little bondage from her son for the first time.Like before, if you could do a fair amount of the taboo talk (i.e. “mother” “son”), dirty talk (take me, fuck me harder etc.), and moaning, that would be.

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Natalie Wonder – Nothing Like That Warm Cozy Feeling You Get From Spending The Night At Home With Mommy

Hey, and where are you rushing off to? Getting ready to go out and meet your friends? Let me guess…to go to a bar and find girls. Sweetie, I’m usually not this um, blunt, BUT it would mean SO MUCH if you stayed home with ME. I mean really, girls you’d meet at a bar aren’t the type to bring home to your mother. What you need is a good mom who brings out your very kinky naughty-boy side. Someone who you feel totally comfortable with. No need to go out searching for someone to satisfy your sexual needs when mommy’s right here. Imagine the night we can have together. Me teasing you, getting your cock all hard and horny ACHING for my pussy…while I strip and temp you with my private parts. Craving me until I allow you to touch. No girl is going to stir up your desires as much as I can. My boy can have anything he wants. Mmmm you haven’t moved a muscle. This must mean you enjoy seeing me slowly undress. Ooooo I don’t think I’ve ever sat down bare-assed on our staircase before. Kinky. Why does it feel so wrong yet so arousing to totally spread my legs for you like this. I’m wide open for you baby. Am I bad mom? Mmmmm GOOD. I promise you won’t regret staying home and cozying up INSIDE mommy…

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Natalie Wonder – Showing Mom Who Her Big Boy Really Is

I’m surprised it took you this long to catch on, sweetie. I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re always with your nose in a book. Such a studious boy. mommy’s proud of you. Your brother on the other hand, GOD, he is ALL muscle and ALL man and ooooooo he gives it to me good if you know what I mean. Lots of moms do it with their sons. No big deal. Don’t be jealous. You each were blessed with things that make you great in different ways. What did your brother get blessed with, you ask? I just told you…and well…a very BIG satisfying appendage. Mmmmm. Honey, have you seen it?? No way, there’s no way yours is bigger. You want to show it to me to prove it, you say? Impossible. Are you taking it out…? Is that…real?!! That’s some sort of big penis attachment you bought and put it on yourself. Show me your real penis. I’ll just pull this fake thing off myself. Omg, I’m tugging but it’s not coming off! This is really your cock? Woah. It’s humungous. Have I been fucking the wrong son this whole time? Sweetie, will you ever forgive me? I’ll do anything. I’m begging you. I NEED to feel your monster cock inside my pussy. I want you to fuck me so hard that I won’t be able to walk for days! Show me who mommy’s BIG boy REALLY is…

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Natalie Wonder – The Unforgettable One

Mom has found out that you had some inappropriate sexual relations with your Aunt…HER own Sister. All while she was resting in the very next room. The nerve! mom is a very jealous, competitive woman. Furthermore, SHE made you. NOT your Aunt. She sneaks into your room as you lay in bed resting. She straddles you. You’re about to be shown who the BETTER Sister really is… Oh hello sweetie. Nice of you to open your eyes. Why am I rubbing myself up against your private parts? I’m getting you nice and ready. I know what you did…at around this very time two weeks ago. I had told my Sister it was ok for her to stay in your room for the night since her house was flooded. Little did I know you’d be a VERY naughty boy. You fucked her! So I’m here to show you who’s the better one. You’re MINE and this penis only goes inside ME. And don’t you forget it…

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Natalie Wonder – Just Another Night In Our Perfectly Taboo Love Life

I love it when your father falls into deep rest. I come take sweet advantage of my boy & you let me because you LOVE when mommy does it. So…what are we gonna do tonight? Ooooo you ARE excited to see me. This is why I love you. You’re my son but so much more. You’re my everything. Do you have any idea how happy you make me? When I see you, when we get close…when I can touch you, smell you. You smell so good all the time. I would eat you if I could. Sweetie top worrying, your father is out. Remember, he’s caught us before. He won’t leave, trust me. I take care of the home & lots of other things for him. He brings home the bacon and does it well. It’s a win/win for our whole family. I love it when we have the night to ourselves. Oh my, your balls are so full. You’ve been saving it all for me. Fuck I love getting filled with your cum so much. I can’t wait. My pussy can’t wait. My mouth needs a tasty treat first. Do you think other moms make out with their son’s cock? Naughty boy, mothers aren’t supposed to put their mouths on their boy’s cocks…let alone ENJOY it. Mmm I could pleasure your body all day. Time to strip away my clothes. We’re skin to skin…my nipples rubbing up against your warm chest. Our nipples touching…my nipples tickling your cock. Teehee. Who else can I be this way with? Our deep connection and comfort level is unreal. I’m the luckiest mom in the world. Look sweetie, I’m showing off my naked body just for you. Open your mouth. Taste me. And we’re only getting started. Mmmm just another night in our perfectly taboo love life…

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Natalie Wonder – Mom Confiscates Your MILF Porn Stash And Then Makes Your Forbidden Fantasy A Reality

Hey sweetie, how was your day? Mine was very interesting. A nap? Okay. Don’t go looking for your porn stash ESPECIALLY that MILF PORN. I couldn’t believe my eyes! We need to talk about this. No, you can’t go to your room. My own son, the boy that I raised, jerks off to porn depicting mothers. Mothers doing SEXUAL ACTS with their sons! I have a pervert for a son? That is unacceptable under this roof. I understand you have needs. All guys look at porn and I’m ok with that. Go ahead and look at girls with big boobs or having penises in their mouths but MILF PORN!? Where did I go wrong? If my friends knew about this omg. It’s nasty. Let me guess, since I’m a MILF do you have a crush on me? Do you? Bad boy. I am your mother. That is forbidden. It’s dirty. We will continue this upstairs because your dad is coming home soon. March! Upstairs. Now! Dirty boy. I’m not done with you. You’re gonna get it GOOD from me. What’s the matter sweetie? I have the control now…straddling you…my body on top of yours. I bet it’s one of your dark fantasies…to be taken advantage of by your very own MILF…your mom. Enough looking at MILF porn. Don’t you want the real thing? Don’t you want…me? Your fantasy fulfilled by your dear sweet mother…

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Paintedrose – Fuck Your Mother Anal From Behind

Your Mom heard your porn playing on your computer this morning and after finding her panties in your room she decides to snoop on your pc. She is shocked and worried when she finds MILF porn and realizes you want to fuck her. She decides to confront you – this can’t be going on! She tells you she already knows and that you’re in big trouble if you lie so you might as well confess.. that you want to fuck her. You turn it around and convince her it’s not a big deal and get her to kiss your dick, afterall look what she is wearing in front of you. Mom tells you she likes Doggy after a blowjob and missionary entry. You start fucking her from behind and put her panties in her mouth. She says you can’t cum in her pussy so you fuck mom’s ass hole (simulated) and it’s so tight you give Mom and ass creampie! That’s what Mom gets for snooping and dressing sexy in front of you.

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Lady Fyre – Stepmom Takes Your Virginity

Sequel to “Keeping Stepmom’s Secret”. Your stepmom said that she couldn’t have sex with you, but as she stroked your cock, you could see how horny she was getting for it, and you knew her resolve would crumble. Since you’re so good at keeping secrets, she decided it would be okay if you have sex just this one time. It’s been so long, and your young cock has her lusting. You are a virgin, but you’re not afraid of having sex for the first time. You’ve been wanting her for so long, and this feels right. She rides you, her big breasts bouncing in your face, and then she orders you to cum deep inside her.

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Natalie Wonder – Two Bros One MILF

What is going on in here!? All you boys do is FIGHT. STOP IT. You’re stepbrothers. You’re supposed to love each other. Not say mean, nasty things. It makes me sad. I want to see you both laughing, hanging it, confiding in one another. There HAS to be something you two will do together that’ll bring you closer. Make your bond stronger. So, how can step-mommy help? I’m willing to do ANYTHING at this point. Any ideas? Why are you boys smirking. Come on, just tell me. I’ve seen and heard it all. If it’s going to bring you boys closer than I’m ALL FOR IT. Let me guess, it’s about a girl you BOTH have a crush on? Am I close? Oooooooo an OLDER woman? This is getting interesting. Just blurt it out already! You both want to….WHAT??!! You BOTH want to take turns fucking me?! I’m your stepmother you realize that, right? So if I let you both take turns sticking it in will there finally be some peace in this house? Will you boys act like loving siblings? Yes? Fine. So be it. A stepmother has to do what a stepmother has to do. Mmmm now who’s gonna fuck me better? Uh oh, let me not start another fight. That’s it boys, get naked. Take turns and share me. Sharing is caring. From this day on we will be one big happy FUCKING family…

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Natalie Wonder – Horny Size Queen MILF Loves Feeling How You Fill Her

Well hello there. You’re my son’s new friend who moved into town? Did he just leave you here by yourself? That was a bit rude. I’m sure he’ll be right back. So you liking it around here? You’ll make friends. You seem nice so far, good manners. Would you mind if I said you’re also VERY attractive? I’m allowed to hit on you. I’m older AND more confident. Don’t be shy. I won’t bite…unless you want me too. So, can I get you anything? I’m a mom, I love taking care of people ESPECIALLY my son’s hot friends. You’re fidgeting. Am I coming on too strong? Good because since my son left we have the house to ourselves. Guys like you are ALWAYS ready to fuck. Am I wrong? I’m sure you’re horny since you’re new in town and haven’t met a girl to have sex with yet. Does it matter that I’m a mother and maybe I should be the responsible one…not flirting or putting my hands on your chest like this. Ooooo nice. Mmmmm your nerves are getting the best of you…I can see that big bulge growing in your pants. How big is it? I’ll find out for myself. WOW. You are HUGE. Mmmm I’ve seen some big dicks in my day but yours takes the cake. Oh I just have to HAVE you. Seems it’s your first time around an older woman. That’s okay just follow my lead…

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