Ashley Alban – Quarantine Makes Step Mom Crazy

It’s April 2020 and the world is in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. You have been sent home from college, and the remainder of your semester is being spent with your step-mom since your dad is at work at an essential job. You’re hanging out playing a video game, when your step-mom comes wandering over to see what you’re doing. You can tell that she’s buzzed (again) and she stands right in front of the TV, and starts ranting about how you only play video games all day and she’s so bored stuck at home with you. She even takes off her top and bends over asking if the squats are making a difference. While she is hot, you’re so annoyed that she interrupted you, plus she’s being such a mess. You can’t deal with it so you get up and go to your room. You barely get a minute of respite before she comes barging into your room. You try to just ignore her in hopes that she goes away. She explains that she’s just so bored cooped up at home. She can’t leave. Dad is gone pretty much all day every day and he’s exhausted when he is home. She still has need, and she knows you do too. She suggests a little arrangement since the two of you are home all day together. She takes off her tube top, and says that she knows you’re attracted to her. She turns and bounces her ass, saying that she has seen you trying to catch peeks of her coming out of the shower before. She pulls her leggings down and you can’t help but get hard when you see that juicy ass. She sees the tent you’re starting to pitch, so she tells you to get up and pull your dick out. She starts to suck, lick and gag on your dick. She loves it; she says this will definitely have to be a regular thing. She needs you in her pussy though, so she gets on all fours on the bed and pulls her thong down. You slide your cock inside her velvety, warm pussy. You fuck her and make her booty bounce until she cums. She says she’s too sensitive after she cums, so you pull out and jizz all over her ass.

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Cherie DeVille – Happy Birthday Virtual Sex

Mommy loves you so much and I think you’ve grown into an amazing young man. Do you remember when your dad suggested we have sex so I would have company? I saw you as his replacement and he let you in. You would never let your Mother go because what we have is too special and I want to spend my life with you. I put on this sexy outfit and your father paid for it because I wanted him involved when you saw it. It makes daddy is more pathetic when he buys the lingerie you’re going to fuck me in. (POV virtual implied) Take out your cock so I can face fuck myself. Gagging on your large cock, I always forget how much bigger it is than your dad’s shrimp dick. You fill me up in a way he never could. It’s time you cum inside me and I want to breed with you. No condom, so put your seed in me. Your precum makes Mama’s tight pussy even wetter! The more I orgasm, the more I will suck that jizz up and get pregnant. Pound your mommy because we make the best team and love each other so much that it can’t be wrong. I’m cumming all over your cock so fuck me harder doggystyle. You know how to satisfy me unlike your dad who has premature ejaculations. Go slowly so Momma can feel every inch. Let me ride you cowgirl style and my large boobs bouncing in your face. Don’t tell me to be quiet because I don’t care if your sissy daddy hears me yell your name. Worship my large tits and lick them like when you were younger. These are all yours because I haven’t fucked your father in years. My red fingernails grab onto my face and big breasts as I climax on your shaft. I cum by grinding my clit on you, so wait for me to shudder again. Put me on my back and this is how I want you to climax in me. Go deeper and blast your load in your Mum’s pussy. Look at me in the eyes because I love you so much. I’m rubbing your seed all over your Father’s side of the bed so he can smell what a real man smells like. My eyes roll to back of my head and blushing like a schoolgirl but I need your load. Go clean up and we can cuddle while I get this spunk deeper inside.

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Jessia Starling – An Accident With Mommy

Your mommy REALLY needs to learn how to knock before she comes into your room. You were in the middle of jerking off when she barged in your room and decided to cuddle with you. You soon learn mommy wasn’t wearing any panties when your still-erect cock accidentally slips inside her pussy! At first, you’re both shocked and panicked — but neither of you can deny how good it feels. Neither of you could resist the temptation. Your mommy tells you to fuck her, because she can’t believe how good her baby boy’s cock feels inside her. You fuck your mommy spooning, then facing each other. Next, she gets on top and rides your cock, her huge tits bouncing in your face as she does so. Finally, you get on top and pound your mommy’s pussy until you both cum.

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Bettie Bondage – Flirting with Mom Through The Decades

You and mom have been developing something, building something between you…it feels like it’s evolving over time. A look here, a glance there…a word, a touch…all of it, building and building, day after day, year after year, decades pas until the tension comes to a head, as your mother finally pulls off her clothes and reveals herself to you, exposing herself, baring her skin to her son and imploring you, begging you, to finally take her, touch her, cum with her!

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Evil Alter Ego

Your mom has always taken this medicine. You’re not really sure exactly what it does, but you gather that without it, something would go wrong. Really wrong. If it were to go missing…things would happen. Bad things…and this morning, you’re going to learn all about them. You wake up to a feeling. Warm, wet…so hot…all over your cock…looking down you see…is that…mom? No, it can’t be…and what is she wearing? She looks sexy! Not frumpy and buttoned up like usual, but pouring out of lacy black lingerie. What is happening?! She sees your puzzled look and laughs. “Oh, you’re right, we haven’t met. I’m your mother’s “alter,”” she says, smirking, before going back to sucking and slurping at your cock like an absolute pro. Porno-level cock sucking! You can’t believe it. It feels so good, even if you shouldn’t be enjoying it. Far be it from you to stop her. Besides, maybe that’s dangerous? Like waking up someone when they’re sleepwalking? Better to just let her suck it…and do whatever else she wants. When your phone rings–your girlfriend, she calls every morning before school–your evil ‘mother’ refuses to stop sucking, instead getting louder, before taking the phone and chatting with your gf between long, deep thrusts down her throat. What is happening?!?! She even asks her, my god how’re you gonna explain this, if you’re any good at licking pussy!! Of course, your sweet and honest girlfriend answers her, and well, then your devious “mother” needs to see for herself, climbing atop you and grinding her delicious, dripping wet pussy against your mouth. But then she gets this idea, this dirty, filthy idea, to let your real mom back in. To let her see what she’s doing, to her sweet boy. And wow. You wish it didn’t turn you on so bad but seeing your mother, shocked, torn between feeling horrible and embarrassed and feeling fully fucked and fulfilled in a way she hasn’t been in ages…god, it almost makes you cum right then. But you’re going to hold off. You need to see how this pans out. You have a feeling things are going to get even wilder…more dirty…maybe the missing medication needs to stay missing for a little longer!

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Jocelynbaker – Shower Sex With Mommy

You’re in your room, bored and horny. You start playing with your cock and decide it needs a little attention. You peak out in the living room and your dad is resting on the couch. Excellent because the attention you need will come from Mommy. You wander in her bathroom and hear the shower running so you check it out. There she is, completely naked and lathering up her tits with soap. You watch her for a minute or two before she realizes you’re there. Unfortunately, she’s not very happy to see you. Immediately she tells you that you need to get out, you two can ONLY play when Dad isn’t home. You point to your throbbing dick and she’s disgusted. NO means NO! You continue to tell her that you absolutely need to cum. Finally, she reluctantly agrees to blow you in the shower but only if you keep an eye on the door. No problem with that! You pull your dick out and Mommy teases you with that little mouth of hers before sucking your dick like you’ve craved. Her mouth is feeling so good but you know you won’t be able to cum unless you’re in her pussy. As she’s sucking you tell her that she’s going to give you blue balls. Mommy will NEVER leave you without cumming, and she lets you slide yourself inside her right in the shower. Her pussy is feeling so tight and wet on your cock, but Mommy suggests you finish in the bedroom where it’s more comfortable. As soon as you get on her bed, she climbs on top of you and mounts your dick. Slipping it balls deep inside her she begins to ride you while shoving those round titties right in your face. She knows that you won’t be able to hold back if she does that, and within minutes a hot load of spunk is getting sprayed inside her! Who cares, if she get’s pregnant she’ll just say it’s your dads. You’re about to leave, but Mommy wants you to taste her cum mixed with yours. She makes you get right up against her pussy as she feeds your cum to you and eats some for herself. It’s so damn good you’re already hard and wanting to fuck again. But Mommy is NOT having it, and suggests you take a shower to clean yourself up.

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Jocelynbaker – Getting Mommy Pregnant

Your dad is always working and doesn’t seem to value your moms time. Her and your dad have been trying to get pregnant for MONTHS with no success. They recently started IVF and just like with every thing else: he forgets the appointment due to being at the office. Your mom is livid, you can hear her through the walls. You try to ignore their fighting and continue playing your video game. A few minutes pass by, and your mom is knocking on the door of your bedroom. At first you think she’s going to take her anger out on you like usual but almost immediately you can tell it’s something else. She’s always nice when asking for things she wants from you, but what could she possibly need? She goes into the IVF troubles and how she’s ovulating. Since your dad missed this appointment they won’t get to try again until next month. Unless…you help her instead. You’re still not following, that is, until Mommy flat out asks you to help her make a baby. You’re stunned, speechless, and a little turned on. How can YOU help HER make a baby? She assures you that if you have sex with her it won’t be wrong, and that you can help in the creation of your new brother/sister. You can tell she really wants this and you love your mom too much to say no. Plus, you’re hard at the thought of being inside the woman who created you, so you agree. She strips out of her sun dress and shows you those glorious tits – the ones you always jerk off to. You follow her into her bedroom where she climbs on top of you and immediately you get a face full of her breasts. She’s really horny now, telling you how good your young hairy chest feels. Mentioning that your dad needs a Viagra just to get hard enough to fuck her, but you don’t. She mentions how she may need to do this with you again if it doesn’t work this first time and before you can reply she’s slid her hairy pussy over your aching dick. As she rides you get to taste those sweet pink nipples which helps her have an insane orgasm while riding you. When she’s finished she slows down and tells you it’s your turn. She lies back and you get on top of her wasting no time getting your cock back inside that glorious hole. You fuck her so hard her giant tits bounce up and down and the look on her face is too much to take, so you blow that hot load right inside her like she asks. When you’re finished she even lets you see the mess you made, before asking for a towel while she lays there with her legs up. She needs to make sure your sperm reaches her egg, and you certainly don’t mind.

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Tigger Rosey – Bad Babysitter Fucks Virgin

You roleplay as a babysitter, you show up in yoga pants saying you just came from the gym. Before we do anything else you say you have to stretch because you always stretch after the gym, so I watch you. After a little while you notice me staring at your butt as you bend over. You look back at me and say “are you checking out your babysitters butt?….You know, it’s not polite to stare.” in a sort of teasing way. You get on your hands and knees and rubbing your butt with one hand you ask if I want to touch it. You say it’s ok and that you won’t tell anybody as I come closer to touch it. As I touch it you tell me to rub it and squeeze it “ooh that feels nice.” you say and you notice I have a boner. You’re very surprised and ask if that has ever happened to me before and I say no. You poke at it, “wow, it’s really hard.” you tell me. You ask if I know what to do with it to make it go away and I say no. You think for a second and say “I guess I can show you.” You get on your back and slide off your pants and tell me to take mine off too. You “teach” me everything to do from there in missionary virtual sex.

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Bettie Bondage – Aunt Betties Pornhub Account

Ever since your Aunt Bettie moved in with you at your parents house, you’ve had this feeling, like she’s a total slut. She’s always dressed up like she knows she’s hot, and like she knows YOU notice! But this…finding her porn channel?? Even you didn’t expect such a sexual windfall. Obvoiusly it’s a secret, and that means…blackmail fodder. You couldn’t have dreamed up a better scenario! You decide you’re going to take her computer, and browse through her whole catalog. Of course, you’ll do this right when you know she’s getting home, and will be looking. Just as you planned, she comes barging in, demanding to know where her computer is…and she finds out. It’s right on your lap loudly playing her porn. And your cock is out. She can act indignant, outraged, but she’s got no choice. She’s going to be your slut for the evening…and if you learned anything from all those videos, she’s going to love it, too!!

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Bettie Bondage – Stealing Moms Panties Pays Off

You’ve been stuck inside with your mother for months, and try as you might, you’ve fallen back into old habits: stealing her panties. You did it all the time in high school but lately you can’t help yourself. You can’t see your girlfriend, your mother is always leaving her wet, dirty panties around! Its like she wants it! And god, do you want it. So you leave the bathroom door open one afternoon, during a nice long wanking session. You have a video queued up, of that one actress that looks just like mom, and you make sure to wrap a dirty pair of her panties around your cock as you settle in, knowing she’ll be coming back from her walk any minute. Of course, she comes right upstairs, and finds you. She pretends, at first, that you’re a dirty pervert, but its no use pretending anymore. She smirks, admitting that she’s left her panties around on purpose, desperately wanting you to use them, cum in them…but not as desperately as she wants you, your young stud cock, and most of all…your cum, deep inside her, buried in her, oozing out onto her dirty panties!

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