Pregnant Kelly – Pregnant Mom And Son Get Married

After getting your mom pregnant, she tells you she has a special surprise for you. She wants to be a real family, move away and get married and live as husband and wife. She knows you both can’t share a traditional wedding but getting married should be about the love between two people, and she wants to share that special moment and marriage with you. She tells you to go to her room and wait while she gets the surprise, she enters the room dressed in white lace lingerie and a veil… ready for our wedding night sweetheart?

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ImMeganLive – Mom Son Love Story Part 5: Wedding Day

Fast forwarding in the story to our Wedding Day, so by now, you already know that my answer to his proposal was YES So, I was getting ready in our bathroom when my son, my soon husband to be opened the door! “No! What are you doing here! It’s bad luck to see your wife before the Wedding!” He said he had a hard on that didn’t want to go away! I told him to take care of it, but he told me that he tried, but it didn’t work! It must be our Wedding that makes him horny like that. So I said ok … mommy is gonna take care of it and try to make it up for this bad luck superstition! So I went down on my knees and sucked his cock. But then, it got me excited as well. So I begged him to push it deep inside my pussy, I really want to feel it raw…and now. I sat on the counter with my wedding dress on and he fucked me like that. It was so good, but it was taking too long, so I had to do what he loves best, titjobs. I pulled out my big titties and titty fucked him good. When he was getting close to cumming I realized that I couldn’t have him cum between my titties and ruin the dress! I told him to cum into my mouth instead! (No visible cum – closed mouth) I swallowed every single drop of it, it was so delicious! “Oh god! We’re gonna be late! Get out!” I said looking at the time! And I threw his butt naked ass out of the bathroom!

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ImMeganLive – Mom Son Love Story Part 4: Proposal

A few months has passed since I got addicted to my son’s cock. We moved together into a new place. Our relationship evolved, we’re hooked and have fallen in love with each other. So intensely that I decided to take the necessary steps so we could become a real couple, I initiated the divorce procedure with his dad. Today, I just received the documents, the signed and approved divorced papers! This is now official, mom and son can finally be together! I went in the living room to tell my son this great news, well, my boyfriend now. I am so happy! We need to celebrate! I went down on my knees and pulled his cock out of his boxers. Started to jerk him off, spat on it, licked it and sucked it real good just how he likes it! For this special occasion, I want him to unload all over my face, giving me a nice facial, spreading all his love all over me. He stood up and I continued to suck his cock until he took over, grabbing it and shooting a big load all over my face. As I stood up and was about to go clean myself up, he kneeled down, looked up straight into the eyes and gave me this little box…it’s a wedding ring! OMG! He’s proposing to me!!! Are you crazy!? … Will I say YES…or… NO?

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Kathia Nobili – You Are Mommy’s Wedding Night Lover

What is it my baby boy! You know it is my wedding day…I’m marring your father! Yeah…sweetheart…I know how much you love all that satin on me! Believe me…..mommy will have a big surprise for you tonight! Good evening my baby! Look at mommy! Do you know why I was booking your hotel room just right next to my? I want you to be my wedding night man! And now tell me baby…do you like mommy all dressed up in wedding dress?! Mmm…sweetie…Of course mommy loves you the most and now….I want you to take me my baby boy! Right here…like this! I know you love to feel mommy’s satin all over you…..and now….in my wedding dress….ohhh baby, you have a lot of it! Let mommy tease you at first..making your cock nice, hard for me and then….let me feel your hardness my baby! It been all day….all day I was thinking about this moment…..when you will fuck your mommy in her wedding day! It so ..well…wrong…..but I need you inside me my baby! And I know you wish the same! Then take you mom baby! Just stick your hard cock inside me, feel how mommy’s pussy getting so wet for you! Ohh….you are so naughty…well…Mommy just sit on the top of you, sure…and ride your big cock! You wanna see me…my face how your make me goading your cock! And feel that silky satin all over you my baby! Mmmm…you are just the best lover of my life my son!!! But in this special day…I want something special from you! Mommy wants you inside…all your warm cum my baby! Cum…cum inside me my son!!!

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Reagan Lush – Mom And Son Get Married

Mom and son have been secret lovers for a while & they’ve finally gotten married, mom couldn’t be any happier – she doesn’t have to hide their love anymore & she doesn’t care what anyone else says, she’s loved her baby boy since he was young & she knew that they were soulmates, she tells him how much she loves him, she teases him with her beautiful mature body…

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Rae Knight xxx – Breed Mommy With Your Huge Young Dick

Taboo, Impregnation Fantasy, MILF, Wedding Fetish, Cuckolding
We have been sneaking around your dad’s back for 5 years since you know daddy can’t satisfy mommy. I think it’s time to stop sneaking around and let dad watch how a young, huge dick can please mommy. Mommy gets soooo wet thinking of getting preggo by you! You come home from work early and mommy is dressed so sexy in her white teddy, white sating gloves and wedding veil. Mommy explains to you that she is wet and the thought of having a baby out of inc est makes her crazy horny! She tells you that she is ovulating and her womb is ready!! Let’s make Daddy watch us make love and show him how wet mommy’s pussy gets from huge, young cock! Mommy now officially has a new man around here! You will fill your father’s shoes perfectly!!! Mommy wants your baby…now!

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