Wenona – Mother son wrestle and fuck

Scene One: Taunting to fuck
Wenona and her son Alex are watching wrestling after their morning work out. “I think we could do some of those moves” Wenona says, telling her son to get up. Alex isn’t too sure but it could be fun. “We should do it naked” Wenona suggests “Come on take your clothes off, it will be easier” she tells him. Alex watches as his mom strips naked in front of him. “You look a little distracted” she laughs at her son as he stares at her body.
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Wenona – Mom wants the remote

Scene One: Couch potato
Wenona, dressed in her tight black workout clothes, stretches on the couch next to her son Alex. He tries to stay focused on the TV but can’t help looking at his mom’s tight body displayed next to him. She gives him a disapproving look as she notices him. “Son, were you just checking your mother out?” she asks. “No I was just watching TV” he quickly tries to recover.
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Aunt wenona teach you to jerk off

Auntie Wenona, brunette, early 30’s with orthodonic braces, has noticed you checking her out earlier so she sneaks into your room while the rest of the family is out getting groceries for holiday dinner. So she sits on your bed & explains that going through puberty is a confusing time & she wants to teach you some stuff. Some stuff being how to jerk off effectively & a few different techniques on stroking it. She teases you with her pantyhose clad legs & there’s some nice upskirt surprises waiting for you too. IT just makes you harder and stroke it faster to your auntie!! Shhhh don’t tell anyone she’s teaching you how to jack off…
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